Workload Portability: Lesson 2: Emergence of Hybrid Cloud



    Lesson 2: Emergence of Hybrid Cloud


    Lesson 2: Emergence of Hybrid CloudIn this free training video, Nadir Lakhani, a Technical Solutions Architect for WW Tetration Analytics, introduces the emergence of hybrid cloud. The following additional informational resources are provided in this lesson.Show Additional Information


    Defining the Hybrid Cloud

    • Organizations are subscribing to multiple cloud services from different cloud service providers for different IT or business requirements; therefore, they believe they have a hybrid cloud.

    • Organizations believe that hybrid cloud is simply an IT environment that uses a mix of public cloud services and dedicated IT assets including virtualization and private cloud.

    • Hybrid cloud is a cloud computing environment which uses a mix of on-premises, private cloud and, public cloud services with orchestration between the two platforms. By allowing workloads to move between private and public clouds as computing needs and costs change, hybrid cloud gives businesses greater flexibility and more data deployment options.


    IDC Cloud View, April, 2017

    • 85% of companies are evaluating or using the public cloud

    • 87% of companies using the cloud have taken steps towards a hybrid cloud strategy

    • 94% of companies using the cloud plan to use multiple clouds


    Benefit of Hybrid Cloud

    • Business Continuity

    • Room for Innovation

    • Scalability

    • Speed to Market

    • Risk Management


    Challenges of Hybrid Cloud

    • Cloud Management

    • Operational Cost

    • Security

    • No Common Ground

    • Lack of Expertise


    A Widening Cloud Gap

    • Between what cloud applications require... and what IT is capable of reliable and confidently supporting today


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    Lesson 2: Emergence of Hybrid Cloud

    Lesson 3: Application Evolution

    Lesson 4: Hybrid Cloud Solutions

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