Workload Portability: Lesson 1: Introduction to Workload Portability



    Lesson 1: Introduction to Workload Portability


    Lesson 1: Introduction to Workload PortabilityIn this free training video, Nadir Lakhani, a Technical Solutions Architect for WW Tetration Analytics, provides an overview of workload portability as it relates to evolving technologies. The following additional informational resources are provided in this lesson.Show Additional Information


    Evolving Technologies Blue Print for Cloud

    • Compare and contrast Cloud deployment models

      • Infrastructure, platform, and software services (XaaS)

      • Performance and reliability

      • Security and privacy

      • Scalability and interoperability

    • Describe Cloud Implementations and Operations

      • Automation and orchestration

      • Workload Portability

      • Troubleshooting and management

      • OpenStack components



    • Introduction – Workload Portability

    • Emergence of Hybrid Cloud

    • Application Evolution

    • Hybrid Cloud Solutions

    • Conclusion


    Introduction – Workload Portability

    • Workload is an amount of work performed by an entity at a given time with the resources provided

    • Ability to move an entity from one environment to another and back again is called portability

    • Workloads can be referred as: Physical Machine, Virtual Machine (VM), Container, and An Application + Data

    • Portability can be to and from:Physical to Virtual, Virtual to Cloud, and Cloud to Cloud


    Lesson 1: Introduction to Workload Portability

    Lesson 2: Emergence of Hybrid Cloud

    Lesson 3: Application Evolution

    Lesson 4: Hybrid Cloud Solutions

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