APIC Clustering and Upgrade: Lesson 3: ACI Upgrade Procedure



    Lesson 3: ACI Upgrade Procedure


    Lesson 3: ACI Upgrade Procedure



    In this free training video, James (Yong Hee) Lee describes in detail the proper upgrade prodedure for ACI. The following additional informational resources are provided in this lesson. Show Additional Information


    Upgrade Procedure

    • Download image from https://software.cisco.com
    • Check Upgrade Preparation (next section)
    • Upload Image to ACI
      • Admin > Firmware > Firmware Repository
    • Create Firmware Group
      • Fabric Node Firmware > Firmware Groups
    • Create Maintenance Group
      • Fabric Node Firmware > Maintenance Groups
    • Perform APIC Upgrade
      • Controller Firmware
    • Perform Fabric Node Upgrade
      • Fabric Node Firmware > Maintenance Groups
    • Upgrade status check
      • From APIC "show firmware upgrade status"


    Upgrade Common Issues

    • CIMC
      • TPM may get disabled after CIMC upgrade
        • Upgrade from 2.0(3i) > 2.0(9c)
        • Bug ID: CSCvc93090
        • Workaround: Access BIOS and change TPM setting
      • Memory Leak
        • CIMC running earlier than 1.5(4g) or 2.0(3i)
        • Bug ID: CSCun88303
        • Workaround: Powercycle by un-plugging the power
        • Fix: Upgrade CIMC to 2.0(3i) and above
    • APIC
      • APIC does not start upgrade (IPMI Hang)
      • APIC2/3 stuck at 75%
        • APIC 1 stuck on upgrade
        • Bug ID: CSCuv45740
        • Workaround:
          • Access APIC1 via KVM as "rescue-user" using last known admin password
          • Perform "acidiag restart mgmt"
        • APIC 2/3 does not recognize APIC1 finished upgrade
        • Bug ID: CSCvb94260 (more common than above)
        • Workaround:
          • "acidiag avread" to check version timestamp on each APIC1 and APIC2/3
          • acidiag restart mgmt


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