APIC Clustering and Upgrade: Lesson 2: ACI Upgrade Preparation



    Lesson 2: ACI Upgrade Preparation


    Lesson 2: ACI Upgrade Preparation



    In this free training video, James (Yong Hee) Lee continues his exploration of APIC Clustering and Upgrades by delving into upgrade preparation. The following additional informational resources are provided in this lesson. Show Additional Information


    Upgrade Preparation: Fabric Cluster - "acidiag" commands

    • acidiag avread
      • Information on registered APIC in the cluster
      • Information on Replication on Shard
    • acidiag rvread <svc> <shard> <replica>
      • Information on Relication on Shard
    • man acidiag
      • Can find information on Svc ID
    • acidiag fnvread
      • Information on fabric node
    • "show" commands
      • show controller
      • show switch
    • Ping TEP of APICs
    • Image compatibility - Release Note on CCO
      • Check current Cisco documented ACI upgrade compatible version from Release
    • Image size - md5sum value
      • Go to /firmware/fwrepos/fwrepo directory
        • Md5sum [image]
    • /firmware directory - Less than 75%
      • "df -h" from APIC
    • CIMC accessibility - have CIMC ready
      • CIMC GUI
      • Setup via Console
        • Press <F8> when booting up
        • If set already, IP of CIMC displayed on Boot Screen
    • CIMC version - recommended version
      • Check current Cisco documented ACI compatible CIMC version from CCO
    • TPM enabled - Check before upgrade
      • TPM Module should be "enabled"
    • IPMI Process Check
      • IPMI should be communicating with AE process in every 10 second
      • APIC CLI: date; less var/log/dme/log/svc_ifc_ae.bin.log | grep ipmi | tail


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    Lesson 2: ACI Upgrade Preparation

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