Introduction to Containers with Jim Bugwadia: Lesson 1: Introduction to Containers



    Lesson 1: Introduction to Containers


    Lesson 1: Introduction to ContainersIn this free training video, Jim Bugwadia presents an Introduction to Containers. The following additional informational resources are provided in this lesson.Show Additional Information



    • What are containers

    • Why containers matter

      • The evolution to containers

      • Why developers love containers

    • Containers basics

      • Building container images

      • Running containers

      • Container networking options

    • Advanced topics

      • Managing containerized applications at scale

      • Network micro-segmentation and containers


    Containers are 2 things

    • 1. An image

      • Typically built by a Dev or a CI/CD pipeline

      • Self-contained

      • Has a unique ID (digest)

      • Stored in a central registry

    • 2. A runtime

      • Image

      • Run command

      • Envvariables

      • Network and storage


    Open Container Intiative (OCI)

    • OCI Runtime Spec how to run containers

    • OCI Image Format Spec


    Why containers?

    • Continuous Delivery

      • DevOps Infrastructure as Cattle

      • Immutable images

      • Microservices in Containers


    Containers enable enterprise DevOps!

    • Immutable and portable application images

    • Separation of concerns between Ops and Dev

    • Microservices-style applications


    Lesson 1: Introduction to Containers

    Lesson 2: Container Images Demo

    Lesson 3: Container Runtimes Demo

    Lesson 4: Container Networking and Container Storage

    Lesson 5: Containers at Scale and Q&A

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