CCNA to Senior Network Engineer: Michael D. Bowling

    CCNA Success


    Michael D. Bowling enjoys making things work and showing others how it's done!


    Job Title & Responsibilities:Senior Network Engineer, Miami University, Ohio
    Certification(s) Held:CCNAand Cisco Wireless LAN Specialist Certifications in Site Survey and Field Engineering
    Up Next: Michael is working towards a CCNP.

    “I enjoy making things work the way they were designed to and then showing others how it’s done," says Michael D. Bowling, who began his career in IT while serving in the United States Navy. I was doing wireless from aboard Navy ships before it was even fashionable.” Michael remembers.


    Michael was born with a deep curiosity about how things work. Now a seasoned veteran in the world of networking, he comes to IT completely self-taught, without a formal degree, having studied his way towards certification. He successfully completed his CCNA certification as well as two Cisco Wireless LAN specialist certifications in Site Survey and Field Engineering. “The gear I worked with throughout the years has always been Cisco, and I thought it best to obtain their more challenging certifications."


    Presently, Michael works for Miami University in Ohio as a Senior Network Engineer, where he is responsible for all facets of internetwork connectivity and network management. Clearly, Michael has parlayed his curiosity and advanced skills in wireless into a rewarding career. “In the college environment, there is always something to do that helps young people learn,” explained Michael. “I have been all over the world, but the scenery of the campus is what keeps me around.”


    With many of his colleagues also Cisco certified, there are constant incentives to pursue higher certifications and he is encouraged to continue his education to become even more knowledgeable in the realm of networking. Michael is planning to get his CCNP certification, with a CCIE certification very likely on the horizon.


    Off campus, Michael is a family man. He frequently organizes weekend fishing trips with his 9-year-old son and enjoys playing guitar in his free time.










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