CCIE Community Technical Webinars – Self-Learning Networks (November 2016)

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    CCIE Community Event

    Webcast Date : November 16, 2016


    For the past couple of years Cisco has been working on a ground breaking self-learning technology and architecture to recognize security vulnerabilities, 0-day attacks or general network behavior that deviates from the norm.


    Self-Learning Networks (SLN) is fundamentally a hyper distributed analytics platform combining cutting edge distributed analytics with advanced networking technologies targeted at solving a variety of issues. The SLN architecture provides advanced visibility on the traffic and application in the network and detecting a wide range of anomalies triggered by malware attempting for example to compromise a device for data exfiltration. SLN and the corresponding distributed analytics is complementary to the use of firewalls, intrusion detection systems (IDS) that rely on contexts and signatures, and other advanced technologies.


    This presentation provides an introductory overview of the architecture and technologies used in SLN and is highly relevant to both Service Provider and Enterprise networks.