CCIE Community Technical Webinars – Do IT with DevOps (October 2016)

    Do IT with DevOps


    CCIE Community Event

    Webcast Date : October 6, 2016


    It is said that Mr. Norris doesn't write code; he just stares at a computer screen until he gets the results he wants. For the rest of us, we make our lives easier through the combination of Software Development and Operations, or DevOps.


    In this session we'll cover the DevOps concept. Where did it start? How has it evolved? What are the tools, systems and skills needed in a DevOps-equipped environment? Where do we see Network Programmability heading in the future? We'll cover various programmatic interfaces that exist in Cisco products to introduce you to EEM, NETCONF, REST, and Python.


    The attendee will be encouraged and empowered in moving from manual 'Finger Defined Networks' to Software Defined Networks using their new DevOps understanding. The session will also cover the importance of using a Service Catalog (portal) in concert with IT Process Automation to tie multiple systems together in a unified service delivery system. It will explore Cisco Prime Service Catalog and Cisco Process Orchestrator, making the attendee familiar with their functions and comfortable with basic portal and workflow development.