Introduction to FirePOWER Services and the Next-Generation Firewalls: Lesson 3: Management Platform Options


    Management Platform Options

    This Introduction to FirePOWER Services and Next-Generation Firewalls series is brought to you by Cisco Press author Omar Santos. Omar begins with an overview of Cisco Firepower Management Center, a unified administration console to govern firewalls, application control, intrusion prevention, URL filtering, and advanced malware protection. From there, Omar talks about the new Cisco Defense Orchestrator, a cloud-based offering that enables the user to administer policies for device onboarding, object and policy analysis, configuring security templates, and more to accelerate the management and ease deployment over the network. Omar concludes by answering various viewer questions, such as: Does FirePOWER have any predefined templates to cover OWASP Top 10? The short answer to that is Yes; FirePOWER offers capabilities for detecting and blocking different vulnerabilities.



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