Introduction to FirePOWER Services and the Next-Generation Firewalls: Lesson 1: Deployment Options


    Deployment Options

    This Introduction to FirePOWER Services and Next-Generation Firewalls series is brought to you by Cisco Press author Omar Santos. Omar begins by explaining the difference between Firepower and FirePOWER nomenclature, the latter referring to services running on an Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA). Highlighting key components such as Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) and Intrusion Prevention Services (IPS), Omar introduces the Integrated Threat Defense across the attack continuum chart, a reference guide to before, during, and after an attack takes place. Omar presents various deployment options, listing different Cisco ASA and Firepower models, theoretical maximum Application Visibility and Control (AVC) throughputs, virtual support, features, benefits, and upgrade paths.


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