CCIE/CCDE Evolving Technologies Study Guide (100% Free)

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    Hi everyone,


    This is a study guide for the new Evolving Technologies section of the CCIE/CCDE blueprint. Because the document is multi-purpose, I kept it generic yet detailed. This is a FREE document with no copyright or distribution restrictions, so feel free to share it with your friends. I respectfully ask that you direct your friends to this page rather than send them the file directly. This affords them the opportunity to comment and ask questions.


    Note the Evolving Technologies blueprint changes from 1.0 to is built for the version 1.1 soon. All of the old 1.0 topics are contained at the end in supplementary chapters. Nothing has been removed from this study guide. The details of the blueprint change can be found here:


    The newest study guide version (July 2018, v2.0) has additional information on the following topics:


    - Minimal working Viptela example

    - Minimal working SVN example

    - Minimal working AWS CodeCommit + AWS CodeBuild example

    - Minimal working local NFVIS management example

    - Minimal working DNA-C + NFVIS example

    - Minimal working IOS-XR gRPC example

    - Minimal working Docker example

    - Minimal working Kubernetes example (with AWS EKS discussion)

    - Inclusion of production Ansible playbook references

    - SDA discussion

    - NFVI, VIM, and VTS discussion

    - Cloud Center discussion

    - IoT PHY protocol discussion and comparison (LEACH, PEGASIS, MTE, TEEN, DEEC, etc)

    - Cisco DMo discussion

    - IoT Threat Defense solution (security)


    Here are some candidate topics for the next version to be released around December 2018. Many of these are hands-on and require extensive testing/research to properly document, so no guarantees that they'll make it in the next version:


    - AWS EKS demo with a fully-containerized application

    - Minimal working SDA example

    - Minimal working ACI example

    - Minimal working NFVI/VIM/VTS example

    - Minimal working Puppet example

    - Minimal working Chef example

    - Minimal working Cloud Center example

    - Minimal working VMware ESXi or KVM demo (virtual machines)

    - SaltStack discussion

    - Minimal working SaltStack example


    Happy studies, and please let me know what topics you'd like to see added in the future! Special thanks to Angelos Vassiliou (twitter @ipmess) and Leonid Danilov (twitter @iosxrqna) for their outstanding support in reviewing these updates.


    -- Nick Russo