CCIE/CCDE Evolving Technologies Study Guide (100% Free)

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    Hi everyone,


    This is a study guide for the new Evolving Technologies section of the CCIE/CCDE blueprint. This is a FREE document with no copyright or distribution restrictions, so feel free to share it with your friends. I respectfully ask that you direct your friends to this page rather than send them the file directly. This affords them the opportunity to comment and ask questions.




    I've stopped maintaining this book as a legacy document and modernized it. Here's what I've done, I call it "Book as code":


    1. Book re-written in LaTeX for fancy formatting

    2. Code maintained in Github for version control:

    3. Automated testing and compilation in Travis CI:

    4. Upload PDF artifact to AWS S3 bucket

    5. PDF can be downloaded via HTTP:


    I will occasionally update this webpage with artifact PDFs, although I strongly recommend downloading the newest version of the document using the link in step 5 above.


    I've added AWS CLI, Terraform, paramiko, netmiko, and Nornir in the past few months, and I'm adding new content every few weeks. Happy studies, and please let me know what topics you'd like to see added in the future! Special thanks to Angelos Vassiliou (twitter @ipmess) and Leonid Danilov (twitter @iosxrqna) for their outstanding support in reviewing these updates.


    -- Nick Russo