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    Hi everyone,


    This is a study guide for the new CCDE v2.1 written exam which includes "Evolving Technologies". It is also relevant for all CCIE version X.1 tracks (CCIE RS v5.1, CCIE SP v4.1, CCIE Security v5.1, etc). Because the document is multi-purpose, I kept it generic yet detailed. This is a FREE document with no copyright or distribution restrictions, so feel free to share it with your friends. I respectfully ask that you direct your friends to this page rather than send them the file directly. This affords them the opportunity to comment and ask questions.


    The newest version (v1.2) has additional information on the following topics:


    -Full working Python example

    -Full working Ansible example with Cisco CSR1000v

    -Full working REST API call to Cisco CSR1000v

    -Full working RESTCONF example with CSR1000v

    -Textual examples of YAML, JSON, XML, and YANG

    -Additional XaaS examples

    -Cloud service comparison between AWS, Azure,GCP, and OpenStack


    Here are some candidate topics for the next version to be released in Dec 2017. Many of these are hands-on and require extensive testing/research to properly document, so no guarantees that they'll make it in the next version:

    -Full working OpenStack example using packstack

    -Full working RPL and/or 6LoWPAN examples

    -Full working Puppet example

    -Full working Chef example

    -Full working IWAN example

    -Full working ACI example

    -Full working Open Daylight/Open Flow examples


    Happy studies, and please let me know what topics you'd like to see added in the future!