Introduction to FirePOWER & FireSIGHT Policies

    Table of Contents for attached PDF file:


    • Introduction to FirePOWER & AMP

    Products Overview

    Management Products

    FireSIGHT  & FirePOWER Licensing


    • Terminology


    • FirePOWER Placement Overview


    • Introduction to Cisco FirePOWER Policies

    Intrusion policy

    File Policy 

    Access Control Policy

    Network Discovery Policy 

    Correlation Policy

    NAT policy

    System Policy

    Helath Policy

    SSL Policy

    Network Anlysis Policy

    DNS Policy

    Identity Policy


    • Road Map  for Configuring   FirePOWER


    • FirePOWER Resources



    Next few days will share with you two documents:

    Understanding FireSIGHT 5.4 & 6.0.SSL policy

    Installing FirePOWER for ASA            


    Good Luck

    Yasser Auda