Fundamentals of Multi-Tenancy in VXLAN: Lesson 1: Introduction




    Cisco Press Authors - David Jansen and Lukas Krattiger


    Fundamentals of Multi-Tenancy in VXLAN: Lesson 1: IntroductionIn this first video from the Fundamentals of Multi-Tenancy in VXLAN series, CCIE Cisco Press author David Jansen introduces the overlay-based data center fabric known as VXLAN. David starts by listing key consumer benefits, such as full cross-sectional bandwidth, which allows bidirectional communication through the spine, leaf, and node roles. David then details the different Virtual Tunnel Endpoint (VTEP) roles, citing three typical deployments: Network, Host, and Hybrid, with key differences laying in where encapsulation and de-encapsulation of Layer-2 MAC and Layer-3 IP traffic gateway functionalities occur.


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