CCIE Wireless v3 Preparation Tips

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    ebook_promo_140x92.jpgCCIE Wireless Preparation Tips

    Since the introduction of the CCIE® Wireless certification in 2009, there has been a path to be recognized as a Wireless Expert. The journey to become a CCIE Wireless will not be one of the easiest or shortest activities you will ever venture into. However, from the defining moment that you make that decision, you will also find many rewards along the way; from increasing your knowledge and technical ability across a variety of technologies, to gaining peer recognition as a wireless expert once you obtain those sought after CCIE “digits”.

    To become a CCIE Wireless, you must pass both a written qualification exam and a hands-on lab exam which, since the introduction of version 3 in late 2015, it now also includes a one hour diagnostic module.


    With the ever-growing proliferation of the Internet and mass information sharing across shared communities, there should be a lot of preparation material available. However, as wireless is a relatively new track in comparison to other CCIE exams, you might feel that there is not as much material available as for other tracks. In any case, try to be selective and choose preparation materials that offer hands-on approach using configuration & troubleshooting skills by taking a “pragmatic” approach.

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