What’s Your Story: Pablo Barriga Road to Cisco




    Cisco Learning Network Member Since:  June 2008



    What's your first name?




    Where do you live?





    When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?


    I wanted to be an Archeologist just like Indiana Jones; being an astronaut was my second choice.



    What's your job title now and why did you chose this job?


    My title now is IP Specialistand I think this job chose me. First, I started working in the company as part of the Internet Operation Team. I was working with servers all the time, but then the company offered me a career in Cisco to become CCNP certified, so I competed with other people in the company an also with outsiders and I won the opportunity to study and work, but with a main focus on my studies. It was hard but, last year I got my CCNP and in December 2008 I got my CCIP and CCDP on 2009. I love challenges.


    What's really cool about your job?


    I love technology. I can manage edge routers, participate in the desing of clients' complex networks, develop scripts to manage the routers or switches, implement new monitoring systems based on Linux or other platforms.


    What was the path to your current job?


    It was a long path. I first started working in the University developing some web applications then I started working for my current company as part of an internship program from my university. During that program, I was working in the Internet Operations Area managing Solaris, Linux, Windows Servers and services such as email and hosting. Then I signed up for the Young Professional Program and that's when my Cisco career started. I worked as a Project Manager for 8 months and finally to moved to the the Technology area to work as an IP Specialist.


    What education and training (including certification) led you to where you are now?


    Well I have a bacherlors degree in Computer Science and I have a certification in Linux. And I am proud to also have my CCNP,CCIP,CCDP and ITIL Foundations V3


    Where would you like to go next in your career?


    I like Security, so I might study to get a security certification. But CCIE its my ultimate goal.



    If you could invent something that would change the world for the better, what would it be?


    Teletransportation! So I could be in any part of the world when ever I want. I would like to be part of a project that creates a network able to live without any human interaction.



    Who are / were your role models (real people, historical figures, movie or book characters) and what did you learn from them?


    My father Santiago and my Mother Patricia, they are my heroes.


    I am shown here with the other Young Professionals of the company. We all became CCNP certified in 2007 (Ecuador-Colombia-Venezuela).