The Cisco Learning Network VIP program

    What is the Cisco Designated VIP Program?

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    The Cisco Designated VIP program recognizes the top contributors among Cisco online communities, including the Cisco Learning Network and the Cisco Support Community. Our VIPs are recognized for their expertise and tireless contributions. Wherever you see an online community member identified as a “Cisco Designated VIP,” you can trust their experience and the quality of their contributions.



    What are some of the benefits of becoming a Cisco Learning Network VIP?


    A selection of the many benefits of our program include (Subject to change.):

    • All access pass to Cisco Live (US, EMAR or Mexico)
    • One exam voucher of your choice each year
    • Yearly “All Access” pass to Cisco Technical Education service
    • Invitations to exclusive events with Cisco executives
    • Access to private online spaces within Cisco
    • Industry recognition through a Cisco VIP badge for your online profile


    What are the opportunities for influence by Cisco Learning Network VIPs?


    VIPs on the Cisco Learning Network have the opportunity to play a strong leadership role. They are frequently involved in working with the Cisco Learning Network team in the development of our online communities and our evolving learning strategy. They also have the opportunity to:

    • Create study content for the Cisco Learning Network.
    • Craft blogs, editorials, and to publish white papers.
    • Produce podcasts, videos, and to host technical seminars.


    Who is eligible to become a Cisco Designated VIP?


    Registered members of the Cisco Support Community or the Cisco Learning Network are eligible for selection. You must also be at least 18 years of age to participate and cannot be contracted or employed by a Cisco competitor. Because this program is intended to recognize Cisco customers and partners, Cisco employees are not eligible to be Cisco Designated VIPs. VIP members are reviewed annually from a process by Cisco management, and Cisco reserves the right to award or remove VIP status.


    Additional Requirements include:

    • Minimum 750 points
    • Active Cisco Certification at the Professional level or higher
    • Active contributor on the Cisco Learning Network within the last three months
    • Accept the Terms & Conditions and Non-Disclosure Agreement
    • Demonstrated maturity, professionalism, experience and ability to help nurture an environment of safe-learning for IT students


    Where can I get more information?


    If you have any questions or comments regarding the VIP program, please email