Vid7_H323 Inter-site Dialing.mp4

    Here's the next video demonstrating how to make IP phone/POTS dial-peer phone calls; the difference in this one is that we're making POTS phone calls to the opposite side callmanager cluster "without" the use of either a PRI circuit or an FXO line.  Yes, our ip phones were able to call between clusters (as expected), but it was interesting as to how the POTS lines (ext. 1008<--->ext 2008) were able to dial each other "and" ip phone extensions as well (ext 1004<--->ext 2004).


    I won't spoil the explanation here, mainly because it requires me to do more typing than necessary and takes away from the point of making videos in the first place :-)


    *heh*  Anyway, take a look, and enjoy yourself...