A Passion for Cisco and Voice Technology: Farman Mir

    Cisco Certification Success Story




    Job Title and Responsibilities:  Solution Architect for unified communications with a technology company in Canada



    Cisco Certifications Held: Cisco CCNA, CCVP, CCIE Voice



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    Quote: "I see a difference in my life because of having a CCIE certification. I wouldn't have my current job without having the industry respect that comes with being a CCIE."



    As a solution architect, Farman Mir helps design, manage, and troubleshoot Cisco Unified Communications solutions for enterprise customers. His networking career has already taken him many places-from India to Saudi Arabia to Canada, and from supporting LANs to designing and managing enterprise voice systems. Throughout his career, Cisco certifications have helped Farman move into new jobs and technology areas, with increasing responsibilities and higher rewards.



    "Voice technologies require specialists, and currently there is a shortage of people who have VoIP knowledge and voice certifications," says Farman. "I see a difference in my life because of achieving a CCIE certification. I wouldn't have my current job without the industry respect that comes with being a CCIE."



    Farman studied computer networking in college and his first job involved supporting LANs. After learning about Cisco data products as part of a new job, he gained CCNA certification to enhance his work experience. In this job, Farman helped to support a very large network of 2000 routers and switches.



    Another job move introduced him to Cisco wireless and voice technologies, and Farman decided to pursue the Cisco CCVP and CCIE Voice certifications.



    Farman's real-life, hands-on experience with voice networking systems is essential to his current job. With his knowledge about complex voice communications, he can help customers design and optimize voice services within their IP networks. In-depth knowledge of Cisco voice solutions such as Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco Unity, and mobility and presence applications also helps Farman when he implements and supports customer systems.



    Farman plans to continue his focus on voice because this is an area that he expects will offer many exciting technical innovations and career opportunities. "I enjoy working with Cisco products every day in my job, and I want to continue learning about new Cisco technologies," he says.



    Farman says his personal anecdote about how close Cisco technology is to his life was revealed when he and his family visited a friend's new baby. When he asked his 3-year old son Abdallah what they should name the new baby, his son replied (to the chagrin of his parents), "Cisco." "It must have been because he often hears me talking about work, but it's still amazing to me and my wife how much a part of our lives Cisco is. I want him to grow up with a solid knowledge of both his ABCs as well as his TCP/IP," Farman adds with a smile.