CCIE Security GET VPN Quick Overview

    i will try in this guide explain to you GET VPN


    Table of Content :

    Why we need GETVPN?

    What are the components of GETVPN?

    How GDOI protocol working?

    How GETVPN components act with each other’s?

    TEK & KEK Keys & rekey Distributed Methods

    GET VPN & IPv6

    Lab 1 GETVPN with single KS

    GET VPN Multi KS (COOP)

    Lab 2 GETVPN with Dual KS

    GETVPN Show Commands

    Lab 3 secure DMVPN with GETVPN

    GET VPN VRF Aware

    Lab 4 GET VPN VRF Aware


    kindly before you start Lab4 in this guide , try to refersh your mind with VRF Lite Concept first , you can read my below article about it .



    good luck

    Yasser Ramzy Auda