At the Crossroads of Recertification

    For professionals who hold a Cisco certification, there comes the inevitable decision about when and whether to recertify. Subject to forces of rapid industry change and with a vast number of technologies to keep abreast of, networking professionals must navigate an extremely dynamic industry. The three Cisco CCIEs you'll meet and talk with here on the Cisco Learning Network are at various stages in their careers. How did each of them decide to recertify and why?
    Join Denise Donohue from ePlus Technology, Ayanna Hogan from Cisco Systems, and Leah Lynch from Spirent Communications as they host a live discussion with the Cisco Learning Network community. They'll share their stories about why they've recertified, the factors that affected their decisions, and how their decisions affected and were affected by their work-life balance choices and obligations.
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    About Denise Donohue
    Denise Donohue, CCIE #9566 (Routing and Switching), has been a senior solutions architect for ePlus Technology since November 2006. Denise fell in love with computers when she took her first Fortran class in college, Denise entered the networking world through Netware and Microsoft. She discovered her interest in networking infrastructure after she started a network consulting business. On a dare from a friend, she got her CCNA in 1999, and in the process found out how much she preferred Cisco products to competitor offerings.
    In 2000, Denise sold her business, took a job as an instructor with Chesapeake Computer Systems/Mentor Technologies, and ended up at Global Knowledge where she was a Cisco instructor for four years. She taught the CCNA course, the four CCNP courses, and the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) course. She also helped write and direct the Building Scalable Cisco Internetworks (BSCI) routing course. She also continued to do consulting work on the side.
    Denise then moved on to work for SBC as a presales systems engineer responsible for designing data and unified communications. After two years at SBC (which included SBC's buyout of AT&T), Denise moved to ePlus Technology, where she is still a senior systems architect. Denise has co-authored seven books including, Cisco Voice Gateways and Gatekeepers . Routing remains her first love (BGP is her favorite protocol).
    About Ayanna Hogan
    Ayanna Hogan, CCIE#19585 (Routing and Switching), is 24 years old. She passed her CCIE in routing and switching in December 2007. She graduated from Old Dominion University with a bachelor's degree in information technology. After graduating, her first job was as a contractor for the Department of Defense, programming internal applications using ASP.Net, VB.Net, and SQL.
    Ayanna currently works for Cisco as a systems engineer. As an associate engineer during her first year with Cisco, Ayanna was given the opportunity to focus on completing her CCIE. Ayanna will tell you that passing this exam was an extraordinary milestone in her career. Born and raised in the Newport News/Hampton area of Virginia, Ayanna currently lives in Columbia, Maryland.
    About Leah Lynch
    Leah Lynch, CCIE #7220 (Routing and Switching), is a product manager at Spirent Communications for routing, switching, Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), and Carrier Ethernet protocol emulation test technologies on the Spirent TestCenter platform. Leah has more than 13 years of experience in the IT industry, with eight years specializing in heterogeneous network environments for a wide variety of sectors, including banking, retail, medical, government, manufacturing, as well as for network service provider, telecommunications, and mobile and wireless networks.
    Leah coauthored the BGP and quality-of-service (QoS) sections of CCIE Practical Studies, Volume II, and was a technical editor for several books in the Cisco Press CCIE Professional Development series. She also holds several other Cisco certifications and is currently working on her CCDE exam. Leah is most passionate about large-scale enterprise and service provider network planning and design.
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