Operating Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) Free Book Download

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    Operating Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure


    Cisco's Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) provides powerful new ways to dynamically manage infrastructure in the modern world of IT automation and DevOps. Having the tools to change how infrastructure is built is one thing, but being able to effectively operate the infrastructure beyond the Day Zero build activities is crucial to long term effectiveness and efficiency. To effectively harness the power of ACI, organizations will need to understand how to incorporate ACI into their daily operations. This book examines some of the common operational activities that IT teams use to provide continued infrastructure operations and gives the reader exposure to the tools, methodologies, and processes that can be employed to support day 1+ operations within an ACI-based fabric.


    Cisco engineers guide you through critical ACI Networking topics such as:

    • Management Access
    • Scripting for Fabric Operations
    • Fault Management & Health Scores
    • Firmware Management
    • External Fabric Connectivity
    • Layer 4-7 Services


    This free eBook is your handy guide to operational excellence with Cisco ACI!


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