CCIEv5 DMVPN Quick Guide

    I create this 15 pages quick guide for DMVPN


    DMVPN is replacing Frame Relay and I assume you will see it everywhere in your CCIEv5 Lab exam (TS , Diag and Config sections ) this what I guessed after watching Mr.Bruno the CCIEv5 Lab designer live seminar .


    I tried to cover all three types (Phases) of DMVPN whatever mapping will be static or dynamic   and how to configure EIGRP/OSPF over each Phase .

    Also I show how to simulate Internet which tie hub & spokes together .

    Finally I tried to summarize the steps for how to secure DMVPN with IPsec.

    In the last page you will find a list of online resources helped me to create this guide.


    DMVPN is easy topic, just remember how frame relay was hard in the beginning then over time it became very basic & easy topic you can finish quickly during practicing and in Lab exam as well.


    for labs workbook :


    Good Luck


    CCSI : Yasser Auda