Cisco Certifications SME Recruitment Program - Qualifications and Requirements

    Qualifications and Requirements

    Acceptance into the program is based on meeting the following criteria:


    • You hold any current Cisco Career certification
    • You have a minimum of 2 years current experience in an appropriate job role (for example, network administrator, network engineer, network technician)
    • You sign a Participant Agreement
    • You are a registered Cisco Learning Network user. (Learn more about the Cisco Learning Network or register now)
    • You complete a short application form and submit your resume


    If you are accepted into the program, the Exam Program manager for the certification to which you apply will contact you and work with you on the following activities:


    • Item writing training
    • Topics selection and assignment
    • Timelines and quality metrics
    • Item authoring
    • Item technical review
    • Reward


    Please note that it might be several weeks before you are contacted. Applying to the program will add your name to a pool of experts to be utilized when exam projects require the use of SMEs. If there are no projects in progress, you will not be contacted until you are accepted for a specific project.


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