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Experience the Next Network Evolution with Cisco Network Programmability Training

Created on: Sep 26, 2013 5:57 PM by Madhukar: Cisco Team - Last Modified:  Apr 9, 2014 4:44 PM by Madhukar: Cisco Team

With the introduction of open network infrastructures, where networks can be programmatically accessed and business applications better integrated, the way IT professionals operate and design architectures will change. The new technologies will bring tremendous benefits in terms of applications and infrastructure integration adding flexibility, simplification and cost-effectiveness.

Job Roles

As this evolution takes place, it's having a major effect on networking jobs roles. New careers in IT are being built, focusing more on complex services and architectures rather than systems. With this shift, new talent needs arise for IT professionals as industry job roles evolve. Cisco is leading this shift, offering a comprehensive curriculum that will continue to expand and grow. The curriculum addresses four industry job roles that will continue to evolve. The new Architect or Network Designer will build on their foundation and enhance their skillset to be able to offer new opportunities to customers, cooperating with developers, and engineers to build new open architectures.



The traditional IT professional job roles will evolve into the following software enabled network roles:


Network Programmability Engineer : The network programmability engineer will be responsible for deploying the network applications into the programmable environment and making them operational. The engineer will receive the network application and the infrastructure design from the network programmability designer to deploy, install, and troubleshoot.


Network Programmability Designer : In an architect role, this individual will collect the customer requirements, be knowledgeable about the applications that leverage the infrastructure, and translate the customer requirements into a recommended open infrastructure. This individual will provide the functional specifications of the network applications to the network programmability developer.


Network Programmability Developer : The network programmability developer will be responsible for developing network applications in the programmable environment such as Cisco Open Network Environment (ONE). This is a new role focused on the development of the network applications layer, which can live in any of the Cisco provided programmable components, and will enable service provider, campus, and data center use cases. This individual is a software programmer able to program in Python, C, or other languages in an open networking environment.


Business Application Developer : This individual develops business applications such as for SAP and Oracle, leveraging the programmability capability of the new open network environment. This individual will also leverage API capabilities in order to collect information from the network.


These new skills and job roles require a deeper understanding of deployments and troubleshooting of programmable network architectures, as well as familiarity with programmable network specific tools and programming environment.


Learning@Cisco is creating education and certification programs to help our community evolve skills in order to continue to be the driving force of innovation in networking. Software developers, network architects, and IT staff will all benefit from this program, as they see their skill sets expanded and enhanced to cover the new technologies in the network programmability environment.

Recommended Training Courses

The following four training courses will be available to get you started.


Additional Resources

Designing with Cisco Network Programmability (NPDE) - available May 2014

For Network Programmability Designers and Architects who would like to enhance their ability to design an infrastructure based on application integration requirements, leveraging the potential of the network programmability.


This training will include the following topics:


  • Cisco ONE and other programming environments and their integration with Business applications and orchestrations
  • Understanding of Cisco ONE environment API's and their interactions with the infrastructure
  • Familiarity with virtualized environments such as KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) and LXC (LinuX Containers)
  • Understanding of distributed systems architectures
  • Understand High Availability requirements


Pre-requisites: It is recommended that individuals will have passed any CCIE certification, possess knowledge equivalent to the Network Programmability Fundamentals course, have knowledge of programming environments like Java and Python and C, and have Operating systems knowledge


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Developing with Cisco Network Programmability (NPDV) - available May 2014

For Developers who would like to enhance their ability to develop network applications within the Cisco ONE environment and beyond, understand the network Programmability environment, and seamlessly integrating applications and networks.


This training will include the following topics:


  • Network Programming API and development environment
  • Knowledge of tools for integrated development environment
  • Operating systems knowledge


Pre-requisites: Individuals will need to have level of knowledge equivalent to CCNA RS, knowledge of Java, Python, C programming language and Network Programmability Fundamentals. Understanding of virtualized environments such as KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) and LXC (LinuX Containers) is required.


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Supporting Cisco Network Programmability (NPSU) - available May 2014

For Network Programmability Engineers who would like to enhance their ability to deploy network applications integrated into an infrastructure and application environment.


This training will include the following topics:


  • Installation, deployment, and troubleshooting of the network infrastructure, and Cisco ONE components and applications
  • Debugging in a software environment


Pre-requisites: Individuals will need to have level of knowledge equivalent to CCNP, and the topics covered in the Network Programmability Fundamentals Exam. The will need to have hands on Operating System experience, understanding of debug and troubleshooting tools specific to a virtualized, software and programmable environment.


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