Meet the Author – Lessons Learned From Unique Data Center Builds

    Lessons Learned From Unique Data Center Builds


    Author Douglas Alger presents lessons learned from unique data center builds around the world.


    As the author of The Art of the Data Center: A Look Inside the World's Most Innovative and Compelling Computing Environments, Douglas will share valuable insights and cool stories he has learned from his unique approach to the subject matter. Join us as we take a holistic look at today's state-of-the-art in Data Center builds.


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    The Art of the Data Center

    The Art of the Data Center: A Look Inside the World's Most Innovative and Compelling Computing Environments

    By Douglas Alger.


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    The Art of the Data Center, Cisco's Douglas Alger takes you behind the scenes at eighteen of the world's most innovative data centers. Through interviews with their designers, Alger reveals why key decisions were made, and shows how construction and other challenges were overcome. He goes behind the scenes with pioneering companies like Cisco, eBay, Facebook, and Yahoo! presenting design lessons that can be applied in widely diverse environments.


    Douglas Alger is Cisco’s IT Architect for Physical Infrastructure. He develops architecture roadmaps, solutions and policies for the physical infrastructure of the company’s Data Centers and other critical facilities around the world.


    Doug has more than 20 years of varied professional experience including more than 12 years in Data Center physical design, Data Center operations, IT project management, construction project management and IT infrastructure management. He has participated in more than 80 major Data Center projects, from all-new construction to substantially retrofitting existing facilities, and is the author of two Data Center design books, Grow a Greener Data Center and Build the Best Data Center Facility for Your Business.


    Doug is a popular speaker, with more than 250 corporate customer engagements and dozens of presentations at various Data Center industry conferences. Prior to joining Cisco, Doug was a writer and editor in the News & Publications office of Syracuse University and, before that, a full-time stringer for the Los Angeles Times. He has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from San Jose State University.



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