IPv6 for CCNAs with Anthony Sequeira

    Students of the CCNA certification from Cisco are often intimidated by the fact that it includes IPv6. After all, there is certainly enough to master with IP version 4! Another complicating factor is that students are confused by the scope of their required study for the IPv6 suite of protocols. After all, one could certainly dedicate an entire course the size of the CCNA itself just to the topic of IPv6.


    In this video series created specifically for the Cisco Learning Network, Anthony Sequeira of StormWind.com walks students through the exact material they should know for the CCNA certification.


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    Lesson 1:
    Why IPv6?
    Is it just about a shortage of IPv4 addresses? Is that why everyone is so excited about IPv6? Learn the answers to these questions here.
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    Lesson 2:
    IPv6 Addressing
    This video details what a CCNA needs to know about the new IPv6 addresses.
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    Lesson 3:
    Technological Requirements
    How can we smoothly migrate to an IPv6 environment? Learn how in this video.
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