CCDE Practical Exam Overview

    CCDE Practical Exam Overview

    The CCDE Practical exam is a design-scenario exam that tests your ability to perform design analysis, justify design requirements, and develop a design implementation based on best practices. The exam will assess your ability to apply your specific body of knowledge into current business problems of technical network design.


    Only candidates that have a passing score on the CCDE Written Exan may regiser for the CCDE Practical Exam.  The topics covered in the Practical exam are located within the exam topics. The exam scenarios will change each instance the exam is delivered, however, the topics will remain the same.

    Practical Exam Topics

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    CCDE Practical Exam Topics

    CCDE Practical Exam Expanded Checklist


    Upcoming Dates & Locations:

    Review the Take the Practical Exam tab for more information.



    The Practical exam cost does not including travel and lodging expenses. Costs may vary due to exchange rates and local taxes (VAT, GST). You are responsible for any fees your financial institution charges to complete the payment transaction.


    Price not confirmed and is subject to change until full payment is made. Please reference the CCDE Policies for more information.


    Exam Environment

    The exam is only offered at select professional testing centers. The Pearson Professional Centers Video Tour offers a look at one of the actual testing environments that is used to deliver the CCDE Practical Exam.



    The CCDE Practical exam does not require configuration or manipulation of networking devices. The exam includes reference materials for the design scenarios, which are displayed on a standard personal computer. All reference materials, information sources, and explanations of design scenarios are included in the CCDE Practical exam test kit.



    The delivery of the CCDE Practical exam takes place on specific dates and at predetermined, specially-equipped test centers to protect the integrity of the exam and its participants. These test centers incorporate the latest technologies and best practices for security and extended-period testing.



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