Part Six: Overcoming Procrastination and Myths

    Part Six: Overcoming Procrastination and Myths

    Up until now, this webinar series has been focused on how to maximize your efforts when it comes to studying. These techniques will help you learn things faster and more efficiently by making things memorable.


    In this webinar, we switch gears and talk about the actual ‘act’ of studying regardless of how you go about it.


    All too often, people will be derailed by procrastination or lack of motivation. In these lessons Dr. Burns explains what procrastination is and how to combat its influence in your study efforts. Numerous, concrete methods are presented that you can use today!


    And she concludes this series by talking about another psychological phenomenon that all of us as learners need to overcome. People often live by a collection of beliefs that are not true and regularly limit our potential.


    We hope you'll enjoy this final part in the series and wish you the best in your learning efforts.


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    Part Six: Overcoming Procrastination and Myths

    Chapter 6.1Lesson One: Introduction: How and Why We Procrastinate
    • Stephanie peels away the layers of what procrastination is and why we do it
    • Striving to learn something new often has us participating in activities that aren't much fun
    • We need to take frequent and consistent actions to continually learn and to prevent quitting
    • Understanding that procrastination is a natural phenomenon – to move away from discomfort
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    Chapter 6.2Lesson Two: Strategy: Take New Action and How to Think About the Task
    • Understanding that some things aren't “fun”
    • Initiating a new action and sustaining it long enough
    • Stephanie shares a surprising statistic about how often people will “quit” instead of continuing on
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    Chapter 6.3Lesson Three: Strategy: Just Start and Decide Later
    • Stephanie outlines the strategies that effective learners use
    • Don't think about it
    • Do think about it but in a particular way
    • Commit to a short period of time and then decide if you want to continue after fulfilling that time commitment
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    Chapter 6.4Lesson Four: Strategy: Procrastination Prevention Checklist
    • Setting up a consistent times and locations for studying
    • Creating external tension
    • Don't do too much in a given session
    • Creating a learning map – a plan of attack
    • Measuring results at the conclusion of a session
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    Chapter 6.5Lesson Five: Strategy: I am Too Old to Learn and Other Myths Explained
    • I'm too old, not talented, can't read fast enough, have a bad memory and other myths we live by
    • Dr. Burns takes these “Great Lies” apart one-by-one and explains why they aren't true
    • Final thoughts on the webinar series
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