Part One: Techniques for Making Learning Memorable

    Part One: Techniques for Making Learning Memorable

    How can people get the most out of their learning efforts as they strive for Cisco Certifications? This is a common question on the Cisco Learning Network discussion boards. To help answer this, we brought in an expert to break down a variety of effective learning strategies for our community to use as they strive for their certifications.


    Dr. Stephanie Burns has a PhD in Adult Learning and has studied the habits and strategies that successful students use to reach their learning goals. She's the author of several books and lectures around the globe.


    In Part One: Techniques for Making Learning Memorable, Dr. Burns explains how it is that people effortlessly make things memorable in their daily lives and how these same skills can be applied in studying for Cisco certifications.


    We recommend that everyone start with this webinar first as it provides some basic skills and vocabulary that will be used throughout the rest of the series. After viewing this webinar, you’ll have the building blocks to improve reading comprehension, vocabulary mastery and more.


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    Part One: Techniques for Making Learning Memorable

    Chapter 1.1Lesson One: Introduction: Making What I Study Memorable
    • Exploring what successful adult learners do differently than others and achieve their goals
    • Breaking learning down to base components
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    Chapter 1.2Lesson Two: How Do I Know All the Things I Already Know?
    • Understanding that all learners already know certain things
    • Breaking these things down to understand why that is - that we do know what we know
    • Visualization, comparisons, adding certainty
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    Chapter 1.3Lesson Three: How Does My Mind Work?
    • Visualization techniques
    • Using mental maps
    • Identifying gaps and why one needs to focus on the gaps in understanding concepts
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    Chapter 1.4Lesson Four: Technique: Remembering Terms, Facts, Numbers
    • Understanding that making things memorable is key
    • Explaining “no one has a bad memory” and why
    • Exercises showing you how to make things memorable
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    Chapter 1.5Lesson Five: Technique: Remembering Lists and Processes
    • A step by step exercise that Stephanie walks Brett through for remembering a list of items
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    Chapter 1.6Lesson Six: How Do I Apply These Techniques When Studying for a Cisco Exam?
    • Stephanie turns her attention to Cisco topics
    • Using the previous skills, she shows Brett how she would go about memorizing some common Cisco networking information
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    Chapter 1.7Lesson Seven: Next Steps and Avoiding Pitfalls When Using the Memory Techniques
    • Wrap up to this first section
    • Looking at common pitfalls including: understanding task size, the importance of reinforcement, stopping to test oneself and more
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