Learn More - CCNA Security: SSL VPNs

    The five webinars in this CCNA: Security series on SSL VPNs will help provide additional material for you in studying for your exam. As enterprise networks require more and more mobility, users must be able to access resources from an increasing number of locations. SSL VPNs provide flexibility in the fact that they require only a SSL-enabled web browser for access. There is support for both Clientless SSL VPN and Client-Based SSL VPN to ensure that users have support for any network application



    This CCNA: Security study video series is for anyone who is interested in security and SSL VPNs, or who is studying for their CCNA: Security certification.



    These videos presume that you have

    • A foundation in IP and network security.
    • Knowledge of basic ASA firewall operation and configuration.


    Lesson Overview


    Lecture 1 begins with an introduction to SSL VPNs and compares and contrasts SSL VPNs and IPsec VPNS.  Through this introduction Brad will talk about how to select the correct technology for your implementation, and he also talks about the different kinds of SSL VPNs that are available.


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    Lecture 2 examines Clientless SSL VPNs and how to configure them using the ASDM.  Brad will cover the SSL VPN configuration wizard and also how to verify that the VPNs are functioning correctly using both ASDM and Web Browser methods


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    Lecture 3 moves on to how to customize Clientless SSL VPNs using the ASDM.  After Brad has given some examples he will talk through how to verify that the SSL VPN Web Portals are functioning correctly.  He’ll also begin to discuss some important caveats when using Clientless SSL VPNs.


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    Lecture 4 moves on from Clientless based solutions to examining Client Based options.  Brad will discuss configuring these using the SSL VPN configuration wizard and also how to add the Cisco AnyConnect SSL VPN Client Software.  Verifying these Client Based SSL VPNs is discussed using both ASDM and the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client


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    Lecture 5, the final in this series, examines customization options for Client Based SSL VPNs with ASDM.  Brad will cover Tunnel and Group Locking, Multiple Default Routes, and Split Tunneling.  He concludes by showing how to verify a customized Client Based SSL VPN using both ASDM and Cisco AnyConnect


         Available August 8