CCNA Security: IPsec VPNs


    The Cisco Learning Network proudly presents a series of three video lectures on the topic of “CCNA Security: IPsec VPN’s”


    Are you studying for your CCNA Security exam? If so, or if you are considering a certification in security, one of the main topics that you will need to master is IPsec. In this recorded series, Brad Graham, who many of you may know from our study and discussion groups, answers some of the most frequent IPSec questions he encounters there including operation, configuration, and troubleshooting.


    For those new to IPsec, it is designed to protect traffic between two endpoints and is commonly deployed for point-to-point and remote access connections. It was developed to support IPv4 which was not originally designed for data integrity or encryption. It is an important topic covered in the CCNA Security exam.


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    CCNA Security: IPsec VPNs
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    Chapter 2

    Part 1: IPsec Overview and Configuration Fundamentals

    What is IPsec?
    How Does IPsec Work?
    What are components of an IPsec Connection?
    How do You Configure IPsec Phase 1?
    How do You Configure IPsec Phase 2?

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    Chapter 3

    Part 2: NAT & IPsec Coexistence

    What is NAT?
    What are the Problems With IPsec and NAT?
    How do you Configure IPsec and NAT coexistence on a Cisco IOS Router?

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    Chapter 2

    Part 3: Veryifying and Troubleshooting Site to Site IPsec VPNs

    What commands can I use to verify IPsec operation?
    What commands can I use to troubleshoot IPsec operation?
    What are some of the common problems I would face with IPsec configurations?

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    Brad, who also authors one of our weekly blogs, will be presenting three recorded video lectures on May 23rd, May 30th, and June 6th.  On each date the new lecture will become available and can be accessed through the links below.  Each lecture will be accompanied by a hosted discussion board.  These boards will be monitored by Brad where he will answer your questions on IPsec topics. Brad will check each board for one week after each lecture starting from May 23rd and finishing on June 13th.

    Brad Graham, fondly referred to as our very own “Brad the Security Guy”, has been a Cisco employee for 13 years and has worked as an Instructor, Course Developer, and Test Engineer.  At various stages in his career he has held CCNA, CCDA, CCNP, CCDP, CQS-Security, and CCSP certifications.  He has developed and taught many classes on subjects such as Enterprise Network Security, Data Centre Security, and SS7 Offload solutions, and has taught these classes at many global locations.  In addition to his many other activities he has authored and co-authored books on network security and telecommunications for Cisco Press.  He has also served as a technical editor for several other publications. He is a joint holder of US Patent #7,940,757 – Systems and Methods for Access Port ICMP Analysis with several other Cisco employees.