Get The Secret of Surviving and Thriving as a Self Study Student

    Have you ever wondered why you spend hours studying and you just don’t retain any of the material? If the answer is yes then we have the answer!  We are very excited to announce we are giving you full access to the recorded version of the ‘Surviving and Thriving’ webinar that was held on March 15. It was lead by two industry experts – Dr. Stephanie Burns, PhD who is an expert on learning and adult education and our very own VIP and CCIE, Keith Barker. If you want to dramatically improve your study habits and get results this recording is the key. In the first part of the recording, Stephanie and Keith confirm and discuss the challenges most of us face when learning. In addition, Stephanie explains why these challenges are common to many of us. In the second part of the recording, Stephanie and Keith break down how to avoid the mental road blocks and bad habits hampering effective learning as well as some solutions to get you over the hump. A couple examples they discuss include how to avoid overloading yourself, setting realistic study goals, and using your family as a resource to keep you focused on a positive end goal.  They also go through memorization tricks that you can use as you study. Keith adds to Stephanie’s strategies with a real life perspective on how study habits impact learning and the real life processes he used to achieve Cisco certifications and the role studying should play. This webinar is geared towards everyone, whether you’re at the beginning or middle of your certification journey we invite you to come take a listen. Don’t miss out!



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    Who Are Our Presenters:

    Stephanie Burns PhD in Adult Education



    For the past 25 years, Stephanie built a global reputation as one of the leaders in adult learning.  With over 100,000 people having attended her Learning To Learn program, and over 2000 her Training to Train program, Stephanie has authored 3 industry bestselling books “Great Lies We Live By”, “Artistry in Training” and “Move Closer Stay Longer”, completed her PhD with the University of South Australia focusing on the role of emotion in the learning process, and spent 10 years developing and running a series of successful online learning programs.


    In addition, Stephanie has been her own avid guinea pig for her research. She has applied the findings of her study to learn a host of skills and taught others to do the same. Stephanie has the academic rigour, practical experience and a reputation second to none.

    For more information about Stephanie Burns:

    Keith Barker CCIE and

    Cisco Learning Network VIP


    Keith Barker has earned two CCIEs so far and is thinking about a embarking on a third. He earned the first CCIE in 2001 and cites this accomplishment as probably the biggest catalyst in his work today as a network engineer and a trainer with authorized Cisco learning partner, Copper River Information Technology, LLC.

    Keith’s passion for technology and teaching is evident in his contributions to the Cisco Learning Network! Besides responding directly to a wide variety of posts in discussion forums, he has created a legacy of video tutorials that focus on key networking technology topics and answer questions posed by community members.  His YouTube

    channel—“Keith6783”—which he created back in 2010 just for that purpose of supporting this community now offers as

    many as 75 videos and has gotten more than 500,000 views. “I have been blown away by the response,” he notes. The community knows a good thing when it finds it!


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