Jared Hainline - Cisco Designated VIP (2014, 2013, 2012, 2011)


    Jared Hainline

    Cisco Designated VIP (2014, 2013, 2012, 2011)

    Jared HainlineRaised on a steady diet of science fiction and a die-hard Transformers fan, Jared Hainline always knew he would end up doing something with technology. He had considered pursuing a career as a musician for a brief period, but as a teen he suffered too many cases of stage fright, and reverted back to the comfort of his first choice: Technology.


    Technology met Jared’s personal goal of working in a field that would provide job opportunities for years to come and one in which he wouldn’t get bored. When it came to succeeding, he followed the profound advice of his college professor, Dr. Sessions: No one can make you succeed except you! And Jared certainly has.


    Jared began his dedicated technology training after losing his help desk support job and finding himself too financially strapped to go back to college. He decided instead to take classes at an applied technology school. This was back in the day when a Novell CNE certification was the hot thing, he reports. He worked his way up to the Master CNE level and then earned a project management certification from CompTIA. It was getting his CCNA, however, that garnered him his first job promotion. Although Jared is mostly self-taught, he did take a couple of online classes from fellow Cisco Designated VIP Anthony Sequeira on his path to earning his CCNP in Route Switch and a CCNA Wireless.


    Working in various roles in IT for the past 14 years, what Jared enjoys most about his current Senior Network Specialist position is getting to dabble in a number of different areas—routing, switching, security, voice and wireless—providing many opportunities to acquire new skills. He’s even been able to gain experience in non-technical areas such as business process flow and project management. He notes, “Everything is tied to IT is some way, shape or form."


    While a good part of his job involves project management and working with other departments to complete a project, Jared is still having too much fun with technology to make a full-time project management role seem attractive now. He’d rather continue concentrating his extra efforts in technology and in the time he dedicates to helping others on the Cisco Learning Network.


    As the volunteer lead of the CCNA Wireless Study Group, Jared started discussions and responded to questions by other study group members—he also made a lot of good friends. When he passed his CCNA Wireless exam, he took more of a back seat roll to pursue other certifications, although he still does participate in that group occasionally--for which the other study group members are clearly appreciative.


    Jared points to the video contributions of fellow VIPs Keith Barker and Anthony Sequeira as awesome resources on the Cisco Learning Network. “Video is a talent I haven't quite picked up yet,” he admits. Jared also participates in the VIP Perspectives blog—which he cites as a great resource for those preparing for a certification exam or wanting to learn more about the IT networking field. “You can tell they [the blog posts] affect people by the comments that are made and the number of hits they get,” notes Jared. “CLN really is a great community.” Jared is one of the people who make it great!


    Perhaps you’ll catch up with Jared at an upcoming Cisco Live. Don’t be surprised if he’s got a piece of pizza in his hand. After all, it is his favorite food.