Anthony Sequeira - Cisco Designated VIP


    Anthony Sequeira

    Cisco Designated VIP


    When Anthony Sequeira (CCIE No. 15626) was growing up, he wanted to be a teacher. And that is exactly what he became--a very high-end, specialized teacher. Anthony is a special instructor and writer of materials for Certification Exam preparation for one of Cisco's authorized Learning Partners, StormWindLive.


    Anthony was always fascinated with computers and networking technology. He began his career in the information technology industry in 1994 with IBM in Tampa, Florida. He quickly formed his own computer consultancy, Computer Solutions, and then discovered his true passion—teaching and writing about Microsoft and Cisco technologies. Anthony already holds a CCIE in Routing and Switching and is currently pursuing his second CCIE in Security and a VMware Certified Professional certification as well.


    Anthony joined the Cisco Learning Network in November of 2008--the community site's first year and, since then, he has racked up a respectable 886 points and has made a significant number of contributions to the site, including a number of well-received training videos he created just for the Cisco Learning Network community (see an example: CLN Videos: The Missing Link - Multicast!)


    Anthony is delighted to be providing assistance to others in the community who are just getting started and is inspired by the amount of support that seasoned IT professionals provide on the site. "I absolutely love the discussion forums," Anthony exclaimed "It is amazing to see the awesome level of support that people from around the world receive there from some of the giants in the industry."


    Asked what advice he would give someone considering a similar career / certification path, Anthony's response is very clear: "Set a goal--so, for example, "CCIE R&S by Dec X, of 201Y." Then build a detailed study plan in order to achieve that lofty goal."


    We're very pleased to have Anthony join the ranks of Cisco Designated VIP on the Cisco Learning Network. Congratulations, Anthony! Thanks for all your support thus far and we look forward to continuing the great relationship!




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