Community Spotlight Awards

    Community Spotlight Awards

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    What are Community Spotlight Awards?

    The Community Spotlight Awards recognize members of Cisco's online communities—including the Cisco Learning Network, Cisco Support Community , and the Cisco Developers Network —who demonstrate leadership and commitment to peers by making a significant contribution of time and expertise within their respective communities.




    Community Spotlight Awards highlight and extend appreciation to those community members whose efforts help make Cisco’s online communities the premier destination for Cisco enthusiasts. Awards categories my differ slightly among communities.




    Who is eligible to receive a Community Spotlight Award?

    All registered community members—except for Cisco Designated VIPs—are eligible for Community Spotlight Awards.


    What are the Community Spotlight Award categories?

    The Cisco Learning Network will award two (2) key Community Spotlight Awards :

    • The Technical Excellence Award for contributing valuable online technical content; recipients will be determined by the Cisco Designated VIPs who support the Cisco Learning Network.
    • The Community Impact Award for contributing online content that has a positive impact on the community; recipients will be determined by Cisco Learning Network Community Managers and business staff.


    Contributed content may include submitted videos, whitepapers, detailed responses to questions in discussion threads, that help the community prepare for and pass their Cisco professional certifications, and other such contributions. Additional details about each award’s specific criteria will be posted shortly.


    How long is a Community Spotlight Award active?

    Most Community Spotlight Awards are active for one quarter (approximately three months). However, spans may vary by award and community.


    What are the benefits of receiving a Community Spotlight Award? community-spotlight-16x16.png

    Community Spotlight Award recipients will be highlighted and recognized throughout their community. They will also receive an electronic "badge" placed next to their username to announce the achievement.


    Questions / Comments?

    If you have questions or comments regarding the Community Spotlight Awards, please contact us.


    Thank you for your interest and support!