I attended Narbik’s bootcamp that ended in Dubai 9th Sept, 2011 and it was the best
    investment I have made on the journey towards my number. I want to share the true story of my experience at the bootcamp. Please mark my words, no single exaggeration. It was fun!


    The training started with a brief introduction of each participant. We introduced ourselves generally, names, our weak and strong areas of the blueprint. During my introduction, I could not pin-point any area of my weakness because I have done a lot of studies & labbing using different vendor materials. But right from the 1st day of the bootcamp, Narbik started revealing my weak points to me. He started his teaching in a traditional way that anyone can understand, without a PowerPoint slide (I was like very soon this man will show us something on the projector, no matter how little, but alas he DIDN’T; I was amazed!). He made the so called confusing technologies like Qos, Multicast & MPLS extremely simple! I now have a good UNDERSTANDING of these technologies like never before. Someone says, ‘if you can’t explain it, you don’t understand it enough’ - Very true saying. This man Narbik understand it more than enough.


    After the bootcamp I concluded that Narbik, is simply an AUTHORITY. He pulls out CISCO COMMANDS from a source that I cannot comprehend, without missing these commands. I think the network world should nick-name him NARBIK- MOBILE IOS .…. lol …. Do I have anyone in this Group Study to second this MOTION? He will NEVER look at a router or switch before he write commands on the whiteboard. You know another thing that amazed me more was that, he will tell you commands that are hidden and the reason why they are hidden. I was dumbfounded! How can a man know these much of commands without missing-words! Narbik, I doff my CAP for you! I am sure the attendees will have similar story if not same to tell.


    One great thing about Narbik that I observed is that, he uses LIFE scenarios to explain a particular technology. (you need to listen to Narbik when he was explaining Multicast, he used an Estate Agent, a Landlord and an individual searching for a house to rent . . . it was explained in a such a way that any dummy can understand and NEVER forget and many others like that). I enjoyed myself real good! It was fun all through, believe me!


    Narbik is a very humorous man. It is difficult to be bored in his class. Sleeping is not an option . . lol; It was an experience that is most beneficial and enjoyable to me. I was so excited! It really enhanced the depth of my knowledge; it gave me a boost morally and increased my confidence. Everyone in attendance had one positive comment or the other to make. We kept discussing him during the break, that everyone who wishes to have his\her CCIE number should go this route. It is a STATIC route with the lowest administrative distance. . . lol


    I strongly recommend everyone there on this CCIE journey to have a budget to attend NARBIK’S BOOTCAMP, it is a must to attend. I bet you it will never be a regret. Attending this bootcamp at any stage to me is not a bad idea, especially when it is not too close to your date, because Narbik will expose you to so MANY things in the technology that you will wish you have more time before your date to lab it out enough.


    Honestly, I wish the bootcamp could be extended for more days but at the same cost anyway  . . lol, because I was just enjoying and learning a lot and a lot each day from this Mentor, (he says his relationship starts when the bootcamp ends . . amazing!) I was impressed! At some points in the class he will stop and give a fatherly advice with life scenarios. . oh . . . how I wish the bootcamp did not end. Well, for me it is not over. I will attend his bootcamp again before I hit CISCO and they will not have any choice than to give me my number, sure!


    What an experience! Good value for money.




    Please hear this saying “You need a FATHER to go FAR, you need a LADDER to see FURTHER, you also need a FATHER to move FARTHER and ultimately you need a MENTOR to MEND you to your number” . . . lol; I believe that father, that ladder and that mentor is NARBIK!


    Please, can anyone that has attended Narbik’s bootcamp elsewhere in the world testify to this experience???


    Thank you.


    Tannie  - Alabi Kunle