Essentials of CCNP Webinar

    The Essentials of CCNP Webinar


    Cisco is pleased to present The Essentials of CCNP Webinar. This informative, 90-minute recorded webinar highlights the technologies and topics an individual will need to know to achieve their Cisco CCNP® certification.


    In addition, The Essentials of CCNP Webinar reviews the latest training methods and content available for CCNP certification, including the new Cisco Learning Labs for CCNP and the certifications and career paths available after becoming CCNP certified. You’ll also hear from Cisco Subject Matter Experts who developed the actual CCNP exam and course materials.


    The webinar is free and is recommended for individuals who are thinking of becoming CCNP certified, or have just started preparing to take their CCNP exams. Click here to access the webinar. You must be registered on the Cisco Learning Network to access this recorded event.


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