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CCIE Routing & Switching Written Exam Study

Created on: Jan 25, 2008 4:02 PM by Adrie: Certifications Community Mgr. - Last Modified:  Jan 29, 2009 12:00 AM by Adrie: Certifications Community Mgr.

About Study/Learn The materials listed below can be helpful in preparing for exams. The list is only suggested, however, and other books or resources may also cover the same topics. h4. Written Exam Blueprint v3.0 The Routing and Switching written exam (#350-001) has 100 multiple-choice questions and is two hours in duration. The topic areas listed are general guidelines for the type of content that is likely to appear on the exam. Please note, however, that other relevant or related topic areas may also appear. *
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h4. Training h5. NEW! Cisco 360 Learning Program for CCIE Routing and Switching Designed with high-potential network professionals in mind, the Cisco 360 Learning Program for CCIE Routing and Switching is a comprehensive, blended learning program designed to accelerate expert-level competency and provide the skills and training needed to prepare candidates for the rigorous CCIE Routing and Switching exam. <p class="widget-a-wrap">[Find Out More |]</p> In addition, the list below contains Routing and Switching related training courses that may enhance your personal knowledge of the topics on the written exam blueprint. *
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h4. Reading List This page lists reading materials on topics appearing on the CCIE exam blueprints. They are not required study resources, however, they can be used to build knowledge in certain areas. *
{externalurl:url= |text=Reading List}
* Routing TCP/IP, Vol II (CiscoPress Sample Chapter) h4. Online Resources Similar to the book list, the list of online resources provides links to articles, white papers, and documentation on topics covered in the blueprint. * A compiled list of
{externalurl:url=|text=Online Resources}
* Cisco Product Support Documentation a central repository for all Cisco Documentation h4. Related Content * * * * * <br />

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