Anish Kunisetty:  Inspired to Excel in IT

    Cisco Certification Success Story 





    “From my early childhood, I remember hearing this quotation and even in my career today, I still feel it is important. The quotation states:  ‘Don’t run after success, look into knowledge. When you have the knowledge, success will follow.' ”


    Job Title and Responsibilities: Systems Engineer. The company I work for offered me the opportunity to gain the ability to administer a small or medium-size business infrastructure on my own after my first two years. I’m also working at growing my expertise to become a subject matter expert (SME). I have a lot of freedom to implement my ideas, and I receive good guidance from more experienced engineers in my company.


    Anish Kunisetty is a 24-years old systems engineer who had a very strong passion to become successful in the IT field starting when he was a teenager. His passion was inspired by several key role models including his mother, the Indian prime minister and scientist, Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, and Steve Jobs.


    "I lost my father in my childhood and watched as my mother, who had no knowledge of the business world, develop the courage to enter the workforce while also being the head of the family. She struggled to make ends meet and was simultaneously successful in making us good citizens while excelling in her career. She is now a department head at her company. Dr. Kalam had the right moral values and he instilled the youth in India to dream big and achieve those dreams. He also came from a poor family yet ended up being the president of India. Steve Jobs is an icon and pioneer in the computer industry. What he has done for computing is revolutionary. He has created the cult of Macintosh, " said Kunisetty.


    After graduating from Bapatla Engineering College with an IT degree, Kunisetty chose to pursue a Cisco CCNA by taking education courses through Cisco Authorized Learning Partner, NIIT. His early passion for the field made him keenly aware of the breadth of the Cisco technology and the continuous state of change happening with technology. He is grateful for that early interest in learning everything he could about technology because now in his work he has the freedom to approach technology creatively while still getting good guidance from more experienced engineers.


    Kunisetty believes that many people who want to work in network design and management channelall their efforts to obtain highly recognized certifications such as the CCNA. Recognizing that Cisco certifications easily can make the difference between a prosperous, lucrative career in design and an average, low-rewarding job as a programmer, he says, “I discourage people who are preparing to get certified simply to have the certification. An individual has to be strong in fundamentals and has to know how a production environment would actually work. It is critical to get good, hands-on experience using the devices and experiencing them in the lab setting.”


    Up Next:  After two years, I hope to gain the ability to handle a small or medium-size business infrastructure on my own and to develop my skills to become a subject matter expert (SME).