Security Specialist Certifications Announced

    New Security Specialist Certifications Announced

    Cisco announces three new Cisco Security Specialist Certifications offering a convenient validation of skills and competency for network security solutions.


    The  curriculum emphasizes the real-world best practices of network security engineering, utilizing the following products: Cisco IOS software, Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances, Cisco secure VPN connectivity, Cisco Intrusion Prevention Systems and Cisco security management tools.


    The programs are two-year certifications intended to recognize the Cisco network security specialists who have the necessary skills to test, deploy, configure, maintain, and troubleshoot Cisco network security appliances and Cisco IOS Software devices that establish the security posture of the network. Prior to attempting the Cisco Network Security Specialist certification or any of its associated specializations, individuals must meet the requirements for the Cisco CCNA® Security certification and have at least one to three years of experience in the field of network security.


    Learn More about all of our Security Specialist Certifications in our new program overview and Security Specialist FAQ.


    To find a training partner to attend instructor-led training, visit the Global Learning Locator.

    "As the leader in security technology for the network... Cisco continues to evolve skills development for security professionals to match changing business requirements and new job roles."—Jeanne Beliveau-Dunn, vice president and general manager, Learning@Cisco


    View the February 2, 2011 Press Release for additional information.

    Cisco Firewall Security Specialist

    The Cisco Firewall Security Specialist is a focused certification that validates skills and knowledge in implementing perimeter security solutions using Cisco security appliances. These certified specialists are actively involved in developing secure business solutions and designing and delivering multiple levels of secure access to the network.

    Cisco IOS Security Specialist

    The Cisco IOS Software Security Specialist demonstrates the hands-on knowledge and skills required to secure networks using Cisco IOS Software security features embedded in the latest Cisco routers and switches as well as the widely deployed Cisco security appliances.

    Cisco VPN Security Specialist

    Cisco VPN Security Specialists can configure, maintain, troubleshoot, and support various VPN solutions using Cisco IOS Software and the robust Cisco ASA adaptive security appliance.