LVCI Practical Exam (640-133) Topics

    Practical Exam Overview

    The Practical Exam for Cisco Virtual Classroom Instruction Specialist consists of a performance assessment that evaluates the candidate’s ability to lead a live virtual classroom session using the techniques and best practices of skilled virtual instructors. Candidates submit a 20- to 27-minute Cisco WebEx recording in which they demonstrate the skills listed in the Practical Exam Topics.  The recordings receive a Pass or Fail score. Candidates must pass both the 642-132 LVCI Written Exam and the 642-133 LVCIP Practical Exam to obtain certification.



    640-133 LVCI Practical Exam Topics

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    Recommended Training

    The following is the recommended training for this exam: Cisco Leading Virtual Classroom Instruction (LVCI) is a live, virtual instructor-led course that develops the skills to prepare and manage a virtual classroom, effectively deliver material online, and use collaboration tools and techniques to increase student participation and comprehension.  The course is appropriate for instructors in career training or academic environments, who are either new to virtual training or want to learn new skills to present engaging and impactful virtual sessions.  The course consists of 17 ½ hours of live virtual instruction, ~12 hours of self-paced activities and 6 hours of participant presentations, delivered over five consecutive days.   The course is presented by Cisco WebEx University instructors, who have collectively delivered over 40,000 virtual training sessions and have first-hand experience with the techniques and best practices covered in the course.



    Will be announced in mid March 2011.


    Practical Exam Specifications

    Detailed specifications for the practical demonstration will be released in mid March 2011.


    Grading of the Exam

    Each recorded demonstration will be reviewed by two independent certification specialists and scored according to the list of candidate expectations (Practical Exam Topics).  Each grader will assign a Pass or Fail score.  In cases where the two independent graders do not agree, a third grader will review the demonstration to determine the final outcome.  Candidates who do not receive a passing grade will receive a list of the areas in which they did not exhibit sufficient skill.  Results will be emailed to you by Pearson VUE within 6 weeks.  The length of time required to grade the exam is dependent on the schedules of the two or three graders required to review the recording.  Candidates can review your official exam results and certification status anytime by logging into the Certification Tracking System using the CSCO ID number that is assigned during registration for the very first Cisco certification exam.  Please use the same number for any and all subsequent exam attempts.



    Submitting Your Exam

    Only candidates that have a passing score on the written exam may register for and submit a practical demonstration recording.  Detailed instructions for submitting the practical demonstration will be released in mid March 2011.

    Additional Resources

    A variety of Cisco Press titles may be available for this exam. These titles can be purchased through the Cisco Marketplace Bookstore, or directly from Cisco Press.