Changes Coming to the Connections Section

    Retrofitting the Cisco Learning Network


    Over the next several months, we will be streamlining the Cisco Learning Network, beginning with the Connections section. To begin this process, we will:


    1. Freeze all current discussion threads in Connections and all of its subsections.
    2. Archive discussions for which no contribution has been made since December 2010.
    3. Move remaining discussions and documents to other sections of Cisco Learning Netwok based on appropriate content alignment.
    4. Remove low-trafficked sections, based on community feedback, including: Featured Blogs, Featured Groups, and Community All Stars
    5. Relocate remaining subsections to Careers and Learning Center for better content alignment including: Games Arcade, Cisco User's Group Int'l (CUGi),
    6. Reinforce that navigation to international sections is available via the top-right-corner "Languages" menu from any page.


    Please note that:


    • We will not be making changes to Certification exam prep content or discussions.
    • Changes to the Connections sections will result in menu changes.
    • Your bookmarks may no longer go to the correct location; so you may have to search to locate material of interest, navigate to it manuallyand reset your bookmarks.
    • Please create all new discussions and documents in other (topic-appropriate) sections of the site.


    As we complete each of these steps, we will document it below.


    If you have questions or suggestions, please enter it them in the Suggestion Box.


    The Cisco Learning Network Team thanks you for your support!