Changes Coming to the Connections Section



    Over the next several months of 2011, the Cisco Learning Network Team will be streamlining this Connections section of the community. These efforts are a result of input you gave us last year (Suggestion Box discussion thread and other usability studies we conducted) on how to make the community more a more effective tool for your learning needs.


    (We see the community as a small city that offers "bridges" to knowledge and learning. Our process can be thought of as a kind of "retrofitting" to adjust the community to your learning needs which have changed over time.)


    Some of the menu items you see here in the Connections section navigation menu (on the left side of this page) may be removed or folded into  other areas of the site (for example our Careers or Learning Center areas).


    While this work is in progress, these changes will not affect bookmarks you have created or main navigation to any core learning materials. These changes will affect discussions that you create here in Connections. While we're working on streamlining the Discussions functionality here, we ask that you use other spaces to start discussions.


    If you have suggestions or feedback for the team, please feel free to send one of us a private message.


    Thank you for your support,


    The Cisco Learning Network Team