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Dynamips .net file | INE v5 topology | For use with real switches

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Created on: Jan 8, 2011 8:03 PM by tnewshott - Last Modified:  Jan 26, 2011 12:59 PM by tnewshott

This is based on the .net template I am using for my CCIE R&S lab studies. I am using INE's product so this is based off of INE's v5 .net.  I have made some adjustments to include:


  • Removed the 4 "switch" instances as I run 4 3550s.
  • Tied "switch" interfaces to real NICs via NIO definitions.  Current file shows Linux format, can easily be adapted for Windows use as well.
  • Utilizes a single hypervisor only. I run a 64-bit Linux OS distribution, so if you run 32bit Linux or Windows and run into issues - keep that in mind!
  • Pre-loads the config on R1 - R6 to make it easier to log into and work with them.  I create a new .net for each lab so this path is unique to each startup config.  INE ships them in .txt format, I have a script that renames them all to .cfg.  
  • Pre-loads BB1/BB2/BB3 dynamips configs from INE onto those routers. 





I have made a few minor edits:

  • I forgot to change the device names to lowercase letters in the config path.   Fixed.
    • Reason: INE ships out initial configs with lowercase host name.
  • Updated upper banner with description/formatting corrections.
  • The .net is now Windows friendly, however you will need to update the NIO definitions to match Windows format.


If you catch any mistakes or errors, or have suggestions on how to improve this, please leave a comment! 

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