• Nexus 7K management IP address

    Hello All,   I am reading on Nexus 7K VDCs and something that has got me confused is VDC management. As per Cisco configuration guide, VDCs can have overlapping management IP addresses, but as far as I understan...
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  • Passed my SECOPS 210-255 Today

    Hey Gang!   I passed my SECOPS exam today! Woohoo! It was a tough one. It's hard to guage whether more challenging than SECFND, because it may depend on your experience with various technologies... I took both o...
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  • vPC Split Brain Failure Scenario

    Hello All,   Need one more help on the vPC split brain failure scenarios. I have below doubts on this:   a. If we are using 7K-5K-Server design with 5Ks running vPC with servers and layer3 boundary at 7K. ...
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  • design default gateway for ring newtorks

    Hi,   I have a network as below:     Devices  on RING (A)  SW11, SW12, SW13, SW14, and SW 15 are in the same vlan 19. At the moment, I set up a default gateway for vlan 19 at SW1. ...
    Loc Nguyen
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  • Network Design 101: Scratching the surface

    IntroductionMost of us have been several times in that place where we - as network engineers - contemplate a network diagram and have several questions come to us like lightning strikes: “Is this the best way to...
    David P.
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  • ISIS ATT Bit

    All,   Playing around with ISIS and multiple ISIS Instances in my Lab and the L1/L2 router is not setting the ATT bit into the Level 1, my understanding is that the L1/L2 router will set the ATT bit into the L1 ...
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  • Where can I find the Cisco IP Subnet calculator?

    I tried looking on cisco.com but it seems to be down. Has it moved to another location? If this one isn't available do you know how the Boson IP subnet calculator fairs?   Thanks
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  • Jabber Configuration Error !

    I just deployed Cisco IM & Presence server. Also configured the Jabber windows client. All working great, but I have the following error:            Any idea ho...
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  • Apply First Hop Redundancy Protocol (FHRP) in real world

    Hi,   Could we apply FHRP for the topology below?   We need  PC 11  and PC 12 can ping Core switch's LAN when the links between SW1 and SW2, SW11 and SW12 are cut.   Note: core switch, SW 1 ...
    Loc Nguyen
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  • BGP dsable-connected-check

    Hi CLN R1(config)#ip route R1)#router bgp 1 R1(config-router)#neighbor remote-as 2 )#nei disable-connected-check   R2(config)#ip route ...
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  • Unable to Discover APs in New WLC

    Unable to discover APs on New WLC:   Please find logs:   (Cisco Controller) >debug capwap events disable     (Cisco Controller) > (Cisco Controller) >debug capwap events enable   ...
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  • the processing of different subnets

    Hi Friend,        I has two  laptop  and  one router and one 3 layer switch,        1. A laptop IP :, GW, connect r...
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  • AMD Ryzen 7 1700 and VIRL

    Does anyone know if the AMD Ryzen  7 1700 processor and VIRL will work.   This processor supports virtualization, but will it work for all intent purposes for this particular application?   Utiliz...
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  • VDC Reload and Restart

    I have gone through a lots of forums and documents on this, but unfortunately could not get a clear resolution. I am not able to conclude what would each of the above VDC ha-policy do. I understand, one of these will ...
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  • CCIE Security Study - Slack Group

    Just using an idea from one of our CCIE: SP brethren lol. If you'd like to join the CCIE Security Slack group, PM me your email and I'll send an invite.
    Jon Major CCIE# 47884
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    Hi Need help on my cisco ccie 360 Lab , every time , I do the lab even though i copy the command result from the ccie 360 lab , my 7965 SIP phone always failed to register Here is my command , need urgent hlep .pleas...
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  • trying to build a S2S tunnel over 4g c819 router.

    Hi All,   i have been trying to get a 4G c819 Cisco router to build a Site 2 Site tunnel back to our Primary ASA at our HQ. However no ISAKMP phase 1 SA are getting built which leads to no PHASE 2 IPSEC.  ...
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  • ICND2 6 hours from now!

    guys please pray for me so I can pass my ICND2 on first attempt.     thank you guys.   amethama
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  • Any active CCENT study group?

    As I am taking CCENT exam using e-learning and some books from Ciscopress, I hope to join some active CCENT study group to me motivate through this period of self studying.   Look forward to hearing from anyone ...
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  • Airmagnet airwise requirements

    Hi guys, I recently started my IT career in a company that does IT services for other and they kinda made me responsible for wifi implementations (site surveys and implementations cisco and meraki).   I've got a...