• Cisco CE Credits

    I obtained CISCO CCNA Security in April 2018.   Glad to hear CISCO will be implementing the CE Credit concept towards renewing certifications.    Question is if I want to work towards renewing...
    created by Glendon
  • Reg Atomic Aggregate

    Hi,   Could you please explain what is Atomic Aggregate ?.   I was able to understand the role of aggregator i.e. the router which does the aggregation (summarization) of prefixes before advertising to eBG...
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  • More Salary Evidence That Cloud Is Hot

    Cloud Certification Further Brightens the Salary Picture  Last week we sported some cloud salary figures that offer promise that cloud could be a successful journey for IT professionals wanting career momentum. ...
    Gary Pfitzer
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  • TCP-reassembling in L3 and L4

    Hi CLN i know in ip header there is a field which is called "Fragment offset" and this field is used to re-arrange ip packets at the correct orders when it go to the final DST but i read before that in TCP the SEQ N...
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  • Cloud Salaries: Six Figures, Anyone?

    Cloud Ranks High in 2015 Salary Report  A couple posts ago, I broached the subject of a cloud skills gap. It’s not surprising that, accompanying such a skills gap, would come some relatively competitive sa...
    Gary Pfitzer
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  • Passed ICND 2 today!!

    Hi guys,   Finally after 3 months of studying, i passed the exam.   I want to thank you all for taking your time helping me and others answering our questions !!   I used official cert guide, Pearso...
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  • Final exam preparation tasks

    Hey Guys,   I thought it would be a good idea to ask what final preparation tasks people use in the last few days leading up to one of their CCNP exams? Any advice would be great to hear  
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  • IT Salaries Around the World

    Since the inception of the “Talking Tech with Cisco” blog last September, I’ve written about IT salaries five or six times. Those particular blog posts are interesting to a lot of you, not surprising...
    Gary Pfitzer
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  • im confused with snmp ro and rw.

    I'm setting up snmp v2 on my router and made two community strings cisco1 RO and cisco2 RW and when using the command snmp-server host  and community why cant i add both or can you only use one then snmp...
    dolan Duck
    created by dolan Duck
  • My current CCNA Security certification expires on march and I am planning for CCNP, will we get grace period on the current certification before taking new exam

    My current CCNA Security certification expires on march 2020 and I am planning for CCNP, will we get grace period on the current certification before taking new exam
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  • Lab Practice plan with packet Tracer 7.3

    Hello Team,   I started studying for my ccna 200-301 early this month and i have reached chapter 6 of vol 1 which means there is serious need to start labs. I enrolled for the free packet tracer course on netwo...
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  • Cybersecurity Challenges and Opportunity Are Ginormous

    Not that you need further convincing about the urgency surrounding cybersecurity in our increasingly interconnected world, or about the burning need for your cybersecurity skills … … but the wealth of ev...
    Gary Pfitzer
    created by Gary Pfitzer
  • EIGRP route filtering with ACL

    Hello all,   The CCNP Route OCG page 197 has this example on using ACL to do route filtering.     WAN1 uses the following ACL on a distribute-list to filter routes to be sent to branches.   a...
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  • CCNA Routing and Switching Gets an Update: What's It All About?

    It’s been a few years since the Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching certification was updated, and a lot has happened in that time. In 2013, digital business transformation, network programmability, software-define...
    Gary Pfitzer
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  • Ask Yourself, 'Are My Responsibilities Moving in the Right Direction … at the Right Speed?'

    Every year, Learning@Cisco surveys our global base of Cisco-certified professionals. We ask a range of questions, probing such areas as class and exam satisfaction, content and modality preferences, learning and caree...
    Mark Leary
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  • VIRL 2.0 EFT Update!

    Good Afternoon!   I just wanted to share an update on how the VIRL/CML 2.0 EFT has been going.   We've had over 60 participants working with the software for 4 weeks now.   In that process, w...
    Vernon Palango
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  • First attempt at 200-355 failed!

    So I just got back from the test center.  I fell about a 100 points short of the passing score.  This was after having spent 2 months studying for the exam day and night.  I studied the OCG front to bac...
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  • Passed CCNA! About 200-301...

    Well guys, yesterday I passed CCNA, Im really happy about it. What I'd like to ask you is if you would get the new 200-301 Cert Library to update yourselves about the new topics since I'm short of time to search arou...
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  • MST Port Role Selection for R-PVST Inter-operation

    Hi guys,   I have configured a simple topology in my lab used for MST inter-region and R-PVST inter-operation. I am having a few issues working out the outcome of port roles after convergence.   Lab topo...
    Ben Gillies
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  • Upcoming Cisco DNA ATX Sessions

    View all January Sessions View all February Sessions March Sessions Coming Soon Register Now for Upcoming Cisco DNA ATX Sessions Have a question or need assistance? Contact us     AMER / LATAM ...
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