• DMVPN Question-12

    Hi CLN   int tunnel 1 ip nhrp network-id 1   what is the meaning of this command? can we use the same network-id 1 command  on multiple tunnel interfaces ?if yes, what does this means? ----------...
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  • IPv6 Deployment in Data centre

    Team,   I have one query regarding IPv6 deployment in our Data Center.   Attached is the scenario.   Our IPv6 gateway is on firewall.   We are planning to assign Global IPv6 pool on Web/ Appln...
    Darpan Patel
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  • CIVND 210-065 and general exam rant

    All,   I just wanted to take a few moments to air my views on the CIVND 210-065 exam and a general certification rant...   I have worked very hard for about 4 or so years going from CCNA Voice to CCNP Coll...
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  • how to connect ACS to active directory

    hello   i'm working on project to authenticate users via ACS with external databse( active directory. i implemented 802.1x and it works perfect when i created internal users in ACS . the issue is the authenti...
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  • EIGRP Wide Metrics Migration Challenges:

    Hello Folks,   I have the following challenge before and after migration to EIGRP Wide metrics   EIGRP Classical: R3#sh ipv6 eigrp topology | se FD00:10:1:4::/64 P FD00:10:1:4::/64, 2 successors, FD is 3...
    Crazy Xplorer
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  • RFC 1583 Vs RFC 2328

    Hey guys! I wan to apply loop and suboptimal routing protection in my OSPF network. I know that exists 2 RFC's 1583 (used to sumarizarion) and 2328. But I don't know which one I could to use... Furthermore I would li...
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  • Breaking a stack switch (with SVIs as gateway) - using HSRP

    Hi all,   I have a stack of 2x 3850 L3 Cisco switches. This stack has multiple SVIs created for several VLANs and is use mainly for distribution (inter-vlan routing). The problem with the stack is that I can't ...
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  • QOS for Branch Router

    Dear All,   One of my client has configured below configuration in their branch router and they said that still there is slowness in the application. I felt there is wrong in the policy-map. can you check every ...
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  • For a router to create a self-signed certificate it needs to have a domain name.

    Documentation says....   For a router to create a self-signed certificate it needs to have a host name and domain.     My understanding is that for a router to create a self-signed certificate you run...
    Doug Kenline
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  • OSPF LSA clarification needed

    Hello Everyone,   Good Day !!!!   I have the situation. Could please go through the attached image and share your thought.   FYI: no static route or default information originate applied.   ...
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  • How link-local address routing works

    Hello friends. I'm nearly finished with my CCENT studies and am having a bit of trouble with some of the nuances of IPv6. Wendell Odom says that packets sent to a link-local address destination will not be forwarded. ...
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  • What happened to the VIRL Deployment Guides?

    The links to the newbies documents on the side is still there but the URL don't seem to be working? Is the hosting server down?
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  • 3.3  Map the organization stakeholders against the NIST  IR  categories (C2M2,  NIST.SP800-61 r2)

    The above heading is from the SEC-OPS 210-255 Exam blueprint.   NIST does not have a publication for "IR" categories.   C2M2, ES-C2M2, and ONG-C2M2 refer to the following roles: Decision Makers Leaders ...
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  • provider public IP address

    I got a /23 public subnet from my provider with their gateway within that subnet x.x.91.1/23. I configured my FW with an IP address from that subnet x.x.90.1 and ping is allowed on the FW outside interface, I am tryin...
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  • CCNP RS 300-115 Exam Prep

    Hi all,   I'm cramming to take this test within two months and fear the deadline, don't think I can read through all the recommended material and lab in that amount of time. I do have the Cisco Press RS 300-115 ...
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  • Bugs in ccnp tshoot 300-135  exam

    Hi all, I took ccnp tshoot exam recently, i noticed there are alot of bugs in exam. This is not cheap exam it cost 300$. Cisco is well known certification. They better fix many issues in exam. Now i am worried may be...
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  • skype reading hour for ccna

    I am starting a skype reading hour straight from the cisco and sybex study guides so if you are interested , send me a message. this is for those who want to get the most out of their reading and really accelerate how...
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  • DMVPN Question-13

    Hi CLN Where is " Tunnel Key" ????i don`t see it     R1#show running-config interface tunnel 1 Building configuration...     Current configuration : 244 bytes ! interface Tunnel1 ip address 10.0.0...
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  • Nexus VPC Peer Link - does it carry unicast traffic?

    Hi all,   Read from the doc that the VPC peer link only carry multicast/broadcast traffic under normal circumstances ->     The vPC peer link carries control traffic between two vPC switches ...
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  • ip flow-cache timeout inactive 600

    I thought I could use this to keep my inactive flows from timing out....   But I have the command on the router.   And it appears that my inactive flow is still timing out.     R17#show run | in...
    Doug Kenline
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