• Just Passed CCNA/ICND2 exam!!

    Just passed the CCNA/ICND2 exam after 3 attempts. Feels good!!
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  • Just Passed CCNA/ICND2 exam!!

    Just passed the CCNA/ICND2 exam after 3 attempts. I kept churning at it and finally got it.
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  • Using AutoNetKit custom_config_global for adding ASA default route

    Using AutoNetKit custom_config_global I was able to setup some default routes for IOS devices. The line in the .virl file looked like this:   <entry key="AutoNetkit.custom_config_global" type="String">ip r...
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  • virl not getting IP address

    Hi, Greetings !   It was working fine the last time i logged in and all of a sudden i am not getting the IP address through the Auto Bridged network adapter. I tried turning off  windows firewall with no ...
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  • Virtual Link Configuration

    What is the configuration for this topology for virtual link? I thought it was R3 to R1 and R2 to R1 but doesnt seem to work...i have no use for this nor build my networks this way but was playing around with it to be...
    Steven Williams
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  • ASA obj_any in NAT rules

    Hello Experts   I was doing the cleanup on Cisco ASA version 9.8, I found below weird nat statement and objects. I really appreciate if someone can explain below and let me know if I can delete them safely? &nb...
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  • IT Training Videos

    Live Webinar Registration Pages CCIE Wireless Training Videos: Register for live webinars and review training videos covering Configure and Troubleshoot Identity Management, CWA (Central Web Authentication), QoS (Qua...
    Nicole Pfeiffer
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  • General advice

    Hi guys,   I'm Looking for some career advice. I have been in the British military for the last 8 years as a tech/net eng/radio eng/everything els eng lol. In that time I have gained lots of experience with a w...
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  • Upcoming Webinars - Cisco DNA

    Register Now for Upcoming Cisco DNA Live Webinars Date / Time Cisco DNA Center Overview February 12th, 2019 10:00am PT  
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  • Rspan

    Hi,   I want to mirror a port using Rspan, what is the best practice to do this?   if I want to monitor traffic out and in should I use e.g. monitor session 1 filter packet-type good BOTH instead of RX ?
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  • hello plz tell me Does CCNA security 210-260 exam have lab simulation exam like ccna RS??

    hello plz tell me Does CCNA security 210-260 exam have lab simulation exam like ccna RS??
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  • My CCENT Exam after 15 days

    Hello everyone, I have CCENT exam in 2 Feb, after 15 days from now, and I actually feel I studied very hard but still I think there is something but I don’t know what it is, any advice to pass the exam, also wha...
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  • About Us - VIPs

    About the Cisco Designated VIP Program  The Cisco Designated VIP program recognizes exceptional contributors among Cisco online communities, including the Cisco Learning Network and the Cisco Support Community. ...
    Andrew: Cisco Team
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  • I passed!!!

    Well, after 2 long years of fears and procrastination, i finally decided to schedule and take the ICND1 exam   Today was the day, and, guess what?  I PASSED!!!! it's a really great feeling to see the "Congr...
    Israel C.
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  • Finished the Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices, Part 1 (ICND1) v3.0, now what?

    Hi I was wanting to know what my next step should be, I just completed the Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices, Part 1 (ICND1) v3.0 online course from the Cisco Learning Store, should I purchase the Cisco Certifi...
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  • OSPF PE_CE Routing Lab

    Goals Implement intranet for Customers 1 and 2 Make sure Redundant Paths are used in case of Failure Routes from same Customer should not appear as external routes in OSPF The routing between Site 4 and Site 3 sho...
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  • encapsulation dot1Q VLAN ID

    Dear All,   I have seen one configuration in our office router, its the interface connecting ISP from my branch router, Can somebody show me the topology, how this will work, there is no VLAN 633 configured in ...
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  • CCDE: Los Pilares de la Tierra - Parte 2

    Consideración de diseño: EscalabilidadEn el primer blog de la serie “Pilares de la Tierra”, he cubierto la restricción más predominante en el diseño de redes: Costo. En este ...
  • Cisco ID vs Pearson Vue's Cisco ID

    I received my discount voucher and it is linked with my Cisco ID. It says very specifically that only the account associated with this ID can use this voucher.   Then I'm forced to make an account with Pearson V...
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  • DHCP in GNS3 not working via Ethernetswitch

    Hi   I am trying to get DHCP to work in a simple setup in relation to running TACACS gui. This is in relation to study for ICND2 using the Wendell Odom book.   I am seeing a problem where I am unable to ge...
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