• Spanning Tree Root Primary/Secondary

    Good evening all,   As I was typing this I actually answered my own question.   I am working a spanning tree lab. I have three 2950 switches wired as below. I understand the concept of spanning tree bu...
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  • Network devices in VIRL can't access Host IP's connected on vmnic2 / eth1

    Hi   I've setup VIRL multiple times now. Both in VMware workstation and on VMware Fusion. Also tried the iso installation and the older version.   I get the same results every time. Salt is good, also the...
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  • very urgent: vpn site to site

    Is it doable if i want LAN at R1 uses:   ip address to vpn site to site with R3 and to vpn site to site with R4   it is very urgent so i deeply appreciate if you have any suggestio...
    Loc Nguyen
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  • Cheating Cisco

    Hiii Everyone,   I came around my exam. There is question in CCNP Route Exam which the configuration changes and what the books taught us is different. And when I complained about it, I received a reply that B...
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  • Man in the Middle Attack

    can any one tell me about the MAN in the MIDDLE ATTACK(replay attack) using kali linux (used in  virtual box) on same system.....please anyone having VIDEO or PDF related things
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  • eigrp - filter a subnet

    I have a connection between 2 sites and I am using 2 SVIs /30 to advertise my EIGRP routing. Everything works fine. Site A can see subnets from site B and vice versa. Now I have one subnet (configured in a SVI) from s...
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    HI EVERYONE IN CLN     R1#SHow RUNning-config INterface Ethernet 0/0   interface Ethernet0/0 ip address no ip route-cache no cdp log mismatch duplex end R2#SHow RUNning-...
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  • Dear Rigo and Matt...................

    Happy New Year..................      Me in the 2nd Cohort .................... Can you tell me that for practicing whether we can make our own lab in the LAPTOP or we have to practice in the ...
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  • sub-interface configurations

    Hi everyone into CLN     if i want to build this lab , what is configurations i need to put into R2?
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  • Devote time and attention to gain Knowledge on CCIE Datacenter Version 2

    HI Folk's   I am currently studying for CCIE Datacenter V2. Was generally going through various recent post's and heard lot's of people planning to join as study partner's.   Just an invitation to all memb...
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  • Study Group for CCIE DC v2.0

    Hi All, Forming an online study group for the CCIE DC v2.0 written and lab exam. I hang my hat in Phoenix, Arizona and will start the journey February 1st, 2017.   Let me know if anyone is interested. &nb...
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  • Will passing a CCNP Security exam recertify CCNP R&S if I don't have CCNA: Security?

    Hi Guys,   As the title says I guess   My CCNP R&S expires in a few months, but rather than wasting money on an exam I've already done, I want to start doing the CCNP Security exams. I won't have time...
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  • CCNA Routing and Switching Refresh

    Cisco has just announced the ICND1 and ICND2 exam refresh from version 2.0 to 3.0. With this update, what has actually changed? The Cisco Learning Network Team has provided a list of delta’s that help outline wh...
    Karlo Bobiles
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  • CCNP R&S Exam Refresh?

    I had a look on the CLN today and can see the CCIE R&S refresh has started. So that means both CCNA and CCIE R&S has occurred this year. Can we expect the CCNP to be refreshed anytime soon also? I ask because ...
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  • PEC Gold Labs

    For those of us who work for Cisco partners, I highly recommend making use of the Cisco PEC Gold Labs for practicing for your lab.  Free sure beats what the rack rentals from other sources will cost you.  &n...
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  • Feasible Routes with load balancing across three networks.

    Looking at the lowest FD to determine what can be added to the routing table and and applying the variance command with EIGRP vs OSPF. I modified the last network the RIP, OSPF and EIGRP configured. First EIGRP:::...
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  • Public ip address

    Hi,   I have a public ip range /28 and I used all of them.   I asked the ISP for a bigger subnet.  The ISP approved and  provided us a new /27 subnet and an additional /30 subnet.   A ISP'...
    Loc Nguyen
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  • which is the best exam practice book for ICND 1(100-105) certification?not the theory materials,pure question and answers ,previous exam question answers. Thanks

    Which is the best exam practice book for ICND 1(100-105) certification?Pure question and answers ,previous exam question answers.I have the theory materials to study but I dont have any question answers materials. I a...
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  • How is a Rogue AP attached to the wire detected

    Detection of rogues seems simple - you see frames in the air that do not belong to your network (other APs) or are not associated with your network (other wireless clients).   As I understand it,the WLC make...
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  • VIRL - unable to access UWM

    I'm currently unable to access the UWM for my VIRL server. This was working earlier today. The issue started after I tried to initiate updates within the UWM. When I try to access the UWM page I received the following...
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