• No Email

    Hi No  email for me how could i know my result?
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  • csr1000v throughput issue

    So I am continuing to bring this issue up here. 100kbps thoughput is far from sufficient. It's not even enough for network control traffic as the complexity grows, not to mention scripting some snmpwalk/netflow export...
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  • Anyone from Africa got Accepted?

    I Scored 91.7 % and completed the last step. But still no message from Cisco I am from Ghana .... Africa
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  • route question

    Hi,     For internet  should go through the  fw for a particular network it should go through R1 and both should have access to the network behind R1 How can I do that       &nbs...
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  • DUAL DMVPN eigrp OSPF problem

    Router MPLS <-->  Hub 1 dual DMVPN <--> Spoke1 MPLS is running OSPF and Hub1 see mpls ospf as external   Hub1 is doing mutual Redistributed  between OSPF and eigrp. HUB only has one active ...
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  • Is there a way to get live VIRL assistance?

    I'm about to yank the last bits of my hair out trying to get a simulation running with VIRL.   The closest I can get it getting a single IOSv node to boot. All nodes remain as Active-Unreachable and only one of ...
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  • Confirmation Letters

    Congratulations to ALL who have been confirmed. I guess i'm one of the 'only-ones' who got left out. Nevertheless, resources permitting, i definitely hope, (once the Ciscopress certification training guides become a...
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  • md 5 authentication on vtp

    Hi,   I just wanted to know about the md5 authentication if i configured on vtp domain in switch setup.   Scenario 1:   One vtp server switch and one is client mode in the same domain.   if i c...
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  • Force Local AAA User To Be Bound To CLI Parser View RBAC

    Hi all,   I'm trying to configure local users to be limited to commands that are assigned to a CLI parser view on a Catalyst 3560.   Here's what I've got so far:   ENABLE AAA aaa new-model aaa auth...
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  • BGP Data

    Dear Friends !   According to Some topics i got this aim that BGP cant uses as internal Routing Protocol in an organization ! but when i practice Full mesh BGP Design i saw that it can uses as Internal Protocol...
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  • CCNA Routing and Switching Refresh

    Cisco has just announced the ICND1 and ICND2 exam refresh from version 2.0 to 3.0. With this update, what has actually changed? The Cisco Learning Network Team has provided a list of delta’s that help outline wh...
    Karlo Bobiles
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  • Just received an e-mail starting with Congratulations

    From Learning@cisco I'm in! Very happy and surprised, but reserved just to stay focused.  Good luck to all!
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  • The New CCNA R&S: Measuring Knowledge and Skills for Today’s Engineer

        Since the launch of the revised CCNA Routing & Switching exams, the #CertsandLabs team has worked hard to listen to your questions, concerns and feedback on the revision. From the initial announceme...
  • Has anyone been contacted about applying to the next step?

    Hello everyone!   I just finished the CCNA R&S not too long ago and I'm really interested in the CCNA Cyber Ops as I just started a new job as a SOC Analyst.   That being said, I received an Email back...
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  • ssh enabled using aaa new-model versus login local

    ssh can can be enabled to use the local username and password with the global config command; aaa new-model.... it can also be enabled to use the username and password by simply using the login local command in the vt...
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  • SRND

    I am a solution architect. I would like to read the SRND  (Solution Reference Network Designs) for all the architectures. I have  been searching the internet for them but could not find. Not even on  Ci...
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  • Girls in Cybersecurity

    Hi! Lets see how many girls have been already accepted!? Do you have any prior cybersecurity experience? Lets know each other)     PS: cheers to  all who has been accepted and wish luck for those ...
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  • Real Talk; How to close the wage gap

    It's often uncomfortable to talk about, but even more uncomfortable to live under. I'm talking about the gender wage gap. As a double minority, I am poised to live with some of the lowest wages, regardless of how hard...
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  • Does GRE over IPSec have the same function as IPSec/VPN ?

    Hi  everyone , this question is confusing me , so I would like to ask you guys some questions :   1) In the IPSec/VPN environment , and GRE/IPSec , they both provide the tunnel with encryption , authorizati...
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  • Questions about wan connections

    Hi Guys i have a some questions from my last interview ..... all of these questions around about one concept i think 1- if i have 2 internet lines from 2 different ISP, how i can configure them to become active pass...
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