• Site-to-Site VPN Connection

    hi, I have two site that I want to connect using Ipsec Vpn. The topology on both sites are: Site A: --> ISP router --> Cisco ASA 5505 --> Cisco Switch 3560 --> Linux PC Site B: --> ISP router --> ...
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  • Login Problems

    I have been unable to login into the online lab today. It`s been 5 hours now. Has anyone else had the same problem?
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  • Bandwidth restriction by SP in MPLS VPN

    Hi all,   My organization has branches at distant locations,and we have a MPLS VPN mesh WAN connectivity throughout the locations. Branches have different bandwidths depending upon the strength of employees at t...
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  • OSPF versus EIGRP in the ring

    I have a ring topology scenario and I was thinking of implementing EIGRP as the dynamic routing protocol. But thinking about the EIGRP queries, I am not sure if it is a good fit for the ring. I am not an expert with O...
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  • EIGRP failover routes

    I have 3 sites that use eigrp as dynamic protocol and each site has 2 leased lines from 2 different ISPs.  We use one as a primary link and the other as a backup link in case the primary go down. I used delay on ...
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  • IPv6 over Frame Relay

    Hello Folks,   In a dual stack, one end I have multi-point subinterface and other end point to point sub interface. The configuration goes below R1:   FR Switch   R2:   interface Serial0/0.234...
    Crazy Xplorer
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  • Cisco Packet Tracer : DHCP Snooping

    Hello     Above is the topology in my Packet Tracer. I am trying to simulate a lab environment where DHCP Snooping is enforced. TECH-ROTR-01 is currently leasing DHCP address for VLAN 100. TECH-ROTR-01...
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  • AAA Authentication Server

    Hi Everyone In CLN       iam studying this topic into ccna book 200-105 , but there`re some ambiguity about this topic and i need you to help me aaa server have 2 methods:- 1-when any user need...
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  • CCNA Security home lab requirements?

    I'm going straight to the security track after finishing CCNA R&S and I was wondering what equipment would be required to gain experience with all the topics covered in the CCNA Security exam?   I'd like re...
    Robert M.
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  • Routes not learning when int is put in vrf

    Hi Team, Am practising MPLS VPN and MPBGP on this lab. The problem is when I put the int eth0/0s on R2 and R5 in vrf A, the OSPF routes from and to  R1 and R6 respectively stops showin in routing tables of other...
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  • Transcript 1-IPsec Overview and Configuration Fundamentals

    CCNA Security: IPsec VPNs  Duration Media Type Access Now Part 1: IPsec Overview and Configuration Fundamentals 42:38 Watch Now     Hello Everyone.  My name is Bradley Graham and I work in...
    Divya Panchal
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  • multiple protocol in one packet

    Hi, I am working for fundamentals of networking to simplfy network structure. I need some help to clerify how messages(it means datagrams, packets, frames by means of all PDUs) work or use multiple protocol. e.g. does...
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  • ask the community : How to manage your time effectively?

    Hello,   One year ago, i spent a few month studying full time for the ICND1, and it was comfortable to manage my time. I have the time to read the book, watch videos, labs and to do exams preparation I started...
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  • Router instead of Server

    xxgood day,   I'm using VMware Workstation, Windows server 2012 r2, CUCM 10.5, and IM&P 10.5 for a virtual lab at home. A Cisco 2811 is functioning as an NTP server and a 3750 POE as a switch and power sour...
    Talal M. Abbas
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  • Virl of Packet

    Hi All,   I wanted to confirm if Virl can be now deployed on Packet resources in a reasonable amount of time. Last time I tried which was a few months ago it was going on and on for hours without successful depl...
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  • Route Materials

    Dear All, I am a newer to this group, i have plan to take my CCNP router exam at first then Switch and T-shoot, could you please, give me materials for preparation of 300-101 ?
    Mohd Essa Rahemi
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  • How to ping from source in a cisco switches and routers ?

    I have two interfaces  fa0/0  and fa0/1 and both are connected to different network from the router..   I want to test pinging  mentioning  the source and destination from router,,  ...
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  • tshoot 300-135 question about previous/back button

    I have this test scheduled for next week.   I understand the exam is setup so that you read a ticket with the stated problem, then question 1 of the ticket is to pick the device with the issue, then pick the tec...
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  • WSA Server

    Dear Friends !   i am a little confuse about Internet Security Server   if i go to a big organization which has more than 10000s of Clients and servers and they ask me for Internet Security from Company to...
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  • My Experience with the ARCH v3.0 300-320 exam - Stay away it's bad! Anyone else feel the same?

    Hi,   First let me apologize for the rather confusing discussion topic. What i mean is that I just had the unpleasant experience of taking the new CCDP ARCH (300-320) V3.0 exam. Secondly, I am always trying to ...
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