• Just passed DCICT 200-155

    Finally passed both exams and have my CCNA DC cert! Just wanted to open this discussion to share my thoughts and advice.   First, I really wouldn't recommend getting the official cert guide for either of the exa...
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  • ASA using Anyconnect Traceroute hops not displayed

    Background, ASA has approx 400 DAP policies, trying to get trace route to work correctly for one group. They are connecting using anyconnect   access-list Business_Connexion extended permit object-gr...
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  • Switch Packet Forwarding Decision

    Hi,   How does a switch ( L3 or L2 switch) decide whether it has to look its routing table or mac table in forwarding the packet ?   Thanks,   Yugandhar.
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  • View EIGRP non-FC conditional routes

    Dear All, I have read many times in CCIE book and other blogs that   We can check all Passive route which is verified the FC condition with a command "Show IP eigrp topology". My LAB: Yes, I can verify.  ...
    Deepak Kumar
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  • DHCP Snooping

    What is DHCP Snooping and why using it ?
    Suresh Rewar
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  • Easy CCNA exam to get Recert

    I am would like to know what is the easiest of the Cisco exams to take for recertification by Aug 2019.   I am a CCNA I prepared at least 6 months and falied two times so I am a little desperate.   My...
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  • Close but not close enough

    Morning All,   So took the ICND 1 in January and scored 816. So close, but yet to far. Took it mid Feb....800, took it yesterday and again 816.   Really starting to frustrate me and honestly not sure wha...
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  • recertification CCNA R&S

    Hi All,   was wondering if you could give me some clarification about recertification of CCNA R&S. I passed the exam last year and cert should be valid for 3 years, right? Well, I already got an email offer...
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  • About CCNA recertification and CCNP

    Hello people.   I have the next "problem" In 12/28/2015 i pass the certification test of CCNA R&S, now 12/28/2018 the cerfification expires.   I study for the exam 300-115 and i going to take the test...
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  • Tools and Tips for Maximizing Your Lab Experience: Lesson 3: Three Phases in Your CCIE Studies

      Three Phases in Your CCIE Studies With Bruce Caslow and Rimma Gounares   Go to: CCIE Routing and Switching Tech Seminars Page   Previous Lesson    Next Lesson
    Nicole Pfeiffer
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  • Best study material for CCNP route?

    Hello, It's time to go for my first CCNP certification and I wanted to know what is the best study material for it. I will start studying to get the CCNP R&S 300-101 ROUTE certification.   Is CCNP Routing a...
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  • How to Reset a Cisco 3750 To Default Factory Settings

    still one of the most popular article and video i've done   As a consultant/contractor I usually run into the following scenario where I’m given equipment to configure and it currently has a password. Even ...
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  • Cisco customer success manager specialist certification

    I am from Delhi, India and want to undertake this course..Please guide. Unable to locate any Cisco authorized institute giving training on this course of if any online option too available ?   This certification...
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  • Cisco e900 router:>Status>Internet IP Address = My Public IP Address?

    Hello All,   Thank you all for your help!   I am struggling to reach out to my server via public IP address. My setup>   Server Private IP Address = 192,.168.1.107   My Public IP Address (A...
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  • Programming for Network Engineers ?

    As a kind of a starter in the certification path of cisco who just passed the CCNA exam, I've been reading a lot about how much it's positively required to have knowledge of programming. So that raise a question, as n...
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  • Online TV Channel

    dfgrfthdfhg   Nodes stuck in Active-unreachable
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  • DHCP Snooping - What am i missing

    Previous to enabling DHCP snooping, my DHCP server / PC requests worked fine.   Topology is as follows:   Focusing on Dist1 and Access 1 at present. The PC attached on VLAN 10 is no longer able to pick u...
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  • VTP Issues

    Hi Friends,   I've question on the below setup.   Setup is working fine, all switches are in same domain and no issues for the vlans 1-200. When new vlans are added to the server switch, these new vlans a...
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  • Internet QoS

    Hi All,   We have  a 1 Gig Internet pipe and would like to guarantee 90% of it to a specific NATed IP (let's call this IP A) behind our router and 10% to the rest which is NATed via IP B.   If:  ...
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  • How to remove and IP address on a router's physical interface port

    So here is my situation i added and ip address to gig0/0/0 on a router, but i wanted to add the ip address to a sub interface instead.   How do i go about removing the ip address on the physical interface on th...
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