• Switching, forwarding and routing

    Switching -moving a datagram from one interface to another within a device                   Example if 2 Computers connected to t...
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  • unable to run the ASAv image in VIRL, freezing my computer, all other works good

    Hello All,   I've recently purchased VIRL and all is working good when I run the router and switch images.  I've been able to create 20 node simulations with no hiccups.    Running 16GB RAM, 8co...
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  • OSPF E2 multipath, Inter VS intra area

    Regrading OSPF multipath preference. It is said in most documentation that Intra-area is preferred over Inter-area routes but that is not true when it comes to E2 routes. I have labbed it today and my conclusion was t...
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  • Marker field in BGP with Authentication!

    Hi,   I've setup simple topology with two routers in single AS and configured BGP peer relationship with "password"  on both the routers.   ###   R1(config-router)#neighbor password ...
    created by Ram
  • Demystifying ANSI

    In December 2012, Cisco was proud to announce that four of its certification programs – CCNA and CCNP R&S and CCNA and CCNP Security – had achieved accreditation from the American National Standards In...
  • The Future Of CyberOps

    I was reading through the topics for both CCNA level exams. I feel like a lot of these topics are similar to other company's topics for the steps of penetration testing and ethical hacking. If this cert goes into the ...
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  • Study Group for CCIE DC v2.0

    Hi All, Forming an online study group for the CCIE DC v2.0 written and lab exam. I hang my hat in Phoenix, Arizona and will start the journey February 1st, 2017.   Let me know if anyone is interested. &nb...
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  • Taking Control of the Programmable Network

    Digitization is changing the world. Businesses, organizations, and governments alike are harnessing the power of digitization to build trust, move faster, add greater value, and grow. As a result, the network is under...
    Antonella Corno
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  • Learn about Firewall

    Hi everyone,   I would like to go more depth in learning about Firewall. Where to start?   - Security Policy, "CIA"?   Thanks in advance
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  • What is the difference between Layer 3 Switch and Router

    Hi All,   Is there any difference between a layer 3 switch and a router ?     Regards, Rex
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  • CCNA Cyber Ops SECFND #210-250 Official Cert Guide  - ebook

    Hello everyone,   I don't know if anyone else noticed but Amazon have pulled the kindle version of the CCNA Cyber Ops SECFND #210-250 Official Cert Guide.   I'm not sure why it is no longer available (sear...
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  • Virl license to another working

    Is it possible to move my Virl application with license from one host to another?  The VM where I had Virl installed crashed and is unrecoverable.   Thank you.   Christian
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  • ASA order of operations (pre-8.3 and post 8.3)

    Hello   Since I have seen a plethora of contradicting posts and documentation regarding the ASA order of operations, I would like to clarify this topic regarding Routing, NAT, ACL on both pre-8.3 and post-8.3 A...
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  • CCIE Wireless 3.1 study group written + lab

    Hello everybody,   I'm looking peers to form a study group for the new CCIE Wireless vesion 3.1 written and lab .   My mail: nandomy@outlook.it Skype: nandomy
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  • This is me as bookworm @ciscopress.com , show me yours ?

      Hello there , This is me Sudip Lamichhane currently uncertified greeting you all from  27.6784474,85.4803590 // 27° 40' 42.41'' N,85° 28' 49.29'' E . Greet me back with what you've got ! I do...
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  • Is it possible to create an shared interface in ASA multi-context mode as access port?

    We have an multi-context routed mode 5585X firewall. I need to create a new shared interface and allocate to each context. I had intended to create it as a tagged interface but Ive been asked to make it work as an acc...
    created by Archon1973
  • BGP  IP route null0

    Dears ,   What the benefit of using ip route null0 command with bgp , I know that command will put the summary route for the subnet we need to advertised via bgp network command but what would be the point of ...
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  • Understanding EIGRP

    This is topology:                                  1- ...
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  • OSPF auto cost reference bandwidth

    Hello All,   I'm trying to understand OSPF design. In our OSPF configuration we are using the command "auto-cost reference-bandwidth 10000"   Can anybody help me to know: - What is the use of this comma...
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  • Deny TCP (no connection)-ASA

    What does it means ?     Is there any issue         6 Apr 30 2017 13:51:12 106015 443 64274 Deny TCP (no connection) from to flags ACK  ...
    created by raj