• Directed-Broadcast ip address-2

    Hi       PC-1# ping which directed-broadcast address will go ? for major network OR for subnetwork OR BOTH.   -------...
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  • Bought ICND1 & ICND2 labs. Any video link to get more explanation.

    Bought ICND1 & ICND2 labs. Any video link to get more explanation.   Making the most of your Cisco Learning Labs   doesn't work
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  • Do I need to pass two exams? CCNP V and CCNA V

    I am CCNA V and CCNP V those certifications are going to expire soon.   Do I need to take the 300-175 CIPTV2 exam AND the 210-065 CIVND for CCNA collaboration.   Would just pass the CIPTV2 only so my CCNP...
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  • Please explain how to apply  inbound and outbound Access list commands.

    Please explain how to apply  inbound and outbound Access list commands.
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  • Passed ICND2!

    It seems so long ago that I posted about passing my ICND1 in January.   I unfortunately got out of study mode (DONT MAKE THIS MISTAKE) and days turned into weeks and then months on the last time I cracked open m...
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  • Multi-Context ASA - Need single vlan on multiple interfaces for inside interface

    So this may not work as I envisioned but with the support forms down I am having issues locating information. I have a multi-context environment which I am going to create multiple firewalls on. I want each firewall t...
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  • The Cisco Learning Network Podcast

    Learn Where You Are To meet you where you are and provide you with educational opportunities in multiple ways, we can now officially invite you to an exciting new option: The Cisco Learning Network podcast! Subscribe ...
  • Cannot ping switch from remote machines

    Hi, Everyone.   May I request your assistance, I am trying to configure a simple network setup. Now the problem is any of the switches is not reachable from remote machines but the switches are reachable from wi...
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  • Binary Game

    In order to pass your CCENT or CCNA Routing and Switching exam, you need to be proficient at converting decimal numbers to binary numbers and binary numbers to decimal numbers-and do so quickly.   The Cisco Lear...
    Nicole Pfeiffer
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  • Significance of Type 2 LSA

    What is the significance of Type 2 LSA in OSPF? In the above diagram, both R2 and R3 are connected to the same ethernet segment and both advertise Type 1 LSA. In addition to Type 1 LSA, the DR advertises Type 2 LSA. I...
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  • DHCP in Intervlan

    Hey guys, When im learning CCNA lab stuff im found trouble (here i attach topology), the trouble is all pc in vlan 10 and 20 can't use DHCP, but all pc in vlan 30 and 40 being able to use DHCP....im already setting u...
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  • Facing 2 issues

    Hi   I am facing 2 issues need your help urgently   1. First issue is this cant connect after i simulate some nodes.     2. I cannot telnet inside the devices Connection is refused.   ...
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  • New CCDE Study Group - written/practical preparation

    Hi folks,   Together with a friend who recently passed CCIE  SPv4, we decided to pursue CCDE. That said, a new Slack group has been formed. Currently, there are two members only, both are dual CCIE in Routi...
    Marcin Kurek
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  • Directed-Broadcast ip address

    Hello Great Guys On The Great CLN Website iam really miss you   if we have all these ip addresses on same L2 Broadcast Domain :- with Directed-Broadcast ip address 10....
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  • Last call home check result was: Salt caller setup failed unexpectedly; likely misconfigured

    It is so frustrating !!! This is the third time I'm trying to new the VIRL license, and the third time having issue. The whole environment stopped working, my project got delayed !!!  Can cisco make change on thi...
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  • no valid source address for ipv6 multicast

    Hi Guys,   I am getting the follwoing message when i try to ping an IPv6 group address from PE inside a VRF, i did a little bit search but could not find any documentation on this. not sure if this is related to...
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  • Sdm template

    hi all 2 month back on working and im back on studies i have a question on sdm templates, firstly does all cisco switch support sdm template secondly i read from the book and some web mentioning it utilize t-cam w...
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  • Portfast edge, network and normal?

    I know what portfast does. But IOS 15 comes with these new portfast edge, portfast network, and portfast normal. Does anyone have a good explanation for them?     Switch(config)#spanning-tree portfast ? &n...
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  • CCIE RS Fail

    Dear Friends its very sad day for me. I failed in my CCIE lab Exam. no words to convey my pain. I got all the output as needed in the exam but still failed. very confused what went wrong. Need your advise on re-ver...
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  • Can't enroll into netacad?

    Hello everyone, I'm having an issue with actually enrolling into netacad. I know I was at one point but my email is no longer recognized and I have since created a new email account, but when I click to register the ...
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