• Question on route distribution among 3 routing protocols?

    Hello all,   This route redistribution lab models after figure 10-17 in Chapter 10, CCNP OCG page 455.   The book sample on page 456 shows output on RD2. While RD2 has a route to reach in ...
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  • Typical Tickets/Tasks you get on a daily basis as a Senior Systems Eng.?

    Hello,   I have two questions, I would greatly appreciate if more than one member replies to this question, It can give me a broader view 1- List 10 or more tickets you get on a daily basis as an individual who d...
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  • Stack Overflow for Network technicians/engineers

    Hi eveyone,   New as I am I wonder if there is a Stack Overflow similar internet forum/community for network technicians/engineers?   All the best, Ramy
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  • IOS for Python & GNS3

    Hi All,   I am trying to connect Python with GNS3, But I struck, when I make link or connection with IOS/GNS3. can anyone tell me which(types) of IOS should I use, to make communication with my Python program O...
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  • CCNP R&S studies advice

    Hello everyone,   I've been a CCNA R&S certified since almost 1 year, and I've started a job as a IT Help Desk and a Tech Instructor(Programming, Networking) in a school since 3 weeks. I would like to sta...
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  • Mobile CCIE Labs Overview

    Mobile CCIE Labs provide greater access to take your CCIE Lab exam  Mobile CCIE Labs provide candidates with convenient and cost-effective access to lab testing in all technology tracks by greatly reducing trave...
    Madhukar: Cisco Team
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  • HSRP tracking its link

    Hi experts,   What other missing configs I can do to achieve this problem? My only problem is  the tracking of R-HSRP to R2-hsrp. I've provided a diagram to see a clear picture of my network   MLS-hsr...
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  • LACP question

    I have a question about LACP. I am taking my first attempt at my CCNA this Friday, I don't see how to post an image, but if someone could DM me that understands LACP that would be awesome. I will try to explain the qu...
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  • 【Top Out Human Capital 株式会社】 シスコラーニングパートナーアソシエイト~アーカイブス

    Top Out Human Capitalのアップデート情報はこちら(当サイト内ページ) Top Out Human Capitalの会社概要についてはこちら(当サイト内ページ)   -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
    Top Out Human Capital
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  • 【Top Out Human Capital 株式会社】 シスコラーニングパートナーアソシエイト~アップデート情報

    Top Out Human Capitalの会社概要についてはこちら(当サイト内ページ) Top Out Human Capitalの過去のキャンペーンやお知らせについてはこちら(アーカイブス - 当サイト内ページ)   Contents シスコ認定トレーニング 受講者の声を掲載 ACIモードのCisco Nexus 9000 シリーズ スイッチを設定/管理する方法についてのトレーニング 「DCAC9...
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  • Resetting VIRL Server Console Password

    Hi all, I have forgot the VIRL server console password. is there a way to reset the password. I still have access to uwmadmin portal login, do you guys know anyway to reset the server console password using the uwm...
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  • Connect Ostinato 1.0 to Virl 1.6.65

    I need help with step by step instructions on how to connect Ostinato 1.0 to Virl 1.6.65.  Please DO NOT refer me to older YouTube video and forum links from 2017 and 2018.  They do not work and I am unable ...
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  • CCIE R&S: Multiple fails - where to go now?

    Hi all,   So, the subject of this thread kind of states what this is about. I took my 5th attempt at the CCIE R&S lab yesterday and failed again.   My 5 attempt score reports are as follows:-   1...
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  • Connect Ostinato 1.0 to Virl 1.6.65

    I need help with step by step instructions on how connect Ostinato 1.0 to VIrl 1.6.65.  I am unable to find anything in these forums or through the search engines such as Google how to do it.  Please do not ...
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  • CCNA R&S Certification

    Hi all,   I'm relatively inexperienced with Routing & Switching having only taken a couple of R&S courses through the college I worked at several years ago.  My question is - how much time is recom...
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  • GNS3 Testing IN Progress !

    Well, I decided to play a bit with GNS3; have a bit of Fun with it;  I will update the progress every week, so check in often.   PC is new Intel i7 (4 cores & 4 HT); only 4 GB RAM (for now), SATA, and W...
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  • RS LAB exam in Sydney

    Can anyone tell me how many exams in one month in Sydney? I cannot find an available exam in January in Sydney. so, Does anyone same as me? How to solve this problem?
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  • Richardson Availability

    Is it an error or are there really no more available seats left at Richardson from now until next year - excluding the seats available next week? I was hoping to make another attempt in the next 30 days without going ...
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  • Points not working again?

    Hi all!   Is anyone else noticing their unread notifications continuing to be unread even after reading them and posts that would give points not giving points?   I have refreshed, closed browsers, restart...
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  • 11.5 Challenge 8 API

    Hi,   When I need to run PATCH or PUT requests in RESTCONF/Postman, am I supposed to write the JSON body myself? Or is there a built-in tool which are supposed to use?   I checked the answer for the ip rou...
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