• Up to date TSHOOT 300-135 topology

    Hi everyone, where can I find the TSHOOT topology on Cisco's website? I can't seem to find it, and google results show a post on one of the forums from 3 years back.
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  • Network Troubleshooting

    Hi,   As I am not troubleshooter but I am willing to as well as interview asked me question about troubleshooting.so i have question like this.   Q On Network devices like router and switch how to know throu...
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  • How to know ip location

    Hi,   Can anyone tell me how to know location of ip over worldwide like in which country and in which device it is configured w/o using any tool but mentioned ip is in network ..     Thanks, /Pradyumna
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    Hello Guys.   I have configured some IPSec Tunnels between one router and several remote routers, some remote routers are working fine, but a few routers are not establishing the IPSec VPN with the central site,...
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  • Asymmetric NAT rules matched for forward and reverse flows

    Help!   I am a route switch person who ia having a firewall/VPN issue   A remote user can connect to the VPN but cant access the inside network beyoned the VPN IP address it connects to. I am getting the fol...
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  • VIRL-CORE not latest version after running through 1.3->1.5 upgrade

    I ran through the upgrade procedure for an in-place upgrade from 1.3 -> 1.5 over the weekend and everything completed properly, but when I look at the code versions a number of them are not at the latest, including...
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  • VPN tunnel accessed via Cellular 4G

    I'm trying to setup a Cisco 800 series router in such a way that I can gain remote access to a client's site (over a 4G network), and also allow the client to access their network via an Iphone/Ipad in a similar manne...
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  • EIGRP loop-prevention route and default route propagated by eBGP

    Hey guys, I have a question about EIGRP loop-prevention route like below, The private network is running EIGRP, and the CE and PE routers are eBGP neighbors. As a edge, the CE router propagated a default route to i...
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  • Download Packet Tracer

    Hi -   I found the link for the actual download for packet tracer and a intro course for it.   https://www.netacad.com/about-networking-academy/packet-tracer/   Not hard to find and nice to have the...
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  • Cisco Cyber Ops Scholarship program: Region Question

    Hello All,   While updating my student record as required, I am not sure the correct answer to the region question.   I want to be 100% sure of the right answer, options are Americas, EMEAR, and APJ as sho...
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  • OSPF can't ping each other

    Hi Team   i have facing difficulty to ping each router . can you point out my miss take .   thanks
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  • ASA Privilege Levels

    ASA Privilege Levels  I've written up an article on how to restrict commands that a user can run on the ASA, for anyone who's interested.   This covers command policies, and how to integrate it with RADIUS...
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  • minion rejected by maser

    Hi, in need of some assistance.  I am receiving this error within VMMaestro when trying to launch a simulation. This is a new installation for a recent purchase.   My salt status looks good and a system tes...
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  • PAgP Dynamic Param Question

    When I change the duplex on port-channel for switch A I can see the duplex has changed for the neighboring port-channel on switch B. Is there anyway to make switch B the master with PAgP? Also does LACP have the same ...
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  • Physical Lab set-up for CCENT/CCNA

    Hello, I’ve been looking for days at posts and things on the internet on trying to build a physical lab to use next to CBT. I was thinking about using 2x 3750 Switches along with 2x routers. I cannot decide on w...
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  • What's Your Story: Ronald Boestfleisch, Jr.

    Going from Virtually Unnoticed—to Highly Visible  Ronald Boestfleisch, Jr. Network Engineer 2, Managed Services Operations, Ops Control   Industry ISP MSO for enterprise customers with network needs...
    Nicole Pfeiffer
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  • Review Applications

    Hi, does anyone know where to find the "Apps" listed on Table I-1 Page xli of ICDN1 100-105 Book? Key Topics Table App, Config Checklist app, Memory Table App etc. They are not in the Companion DVD...Thanks
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  • Joined Cisco CCNA Cyber Ops Certified community.

    Hello, I am glad to inform that, yesterday (17th Aug 2017) I took the SECOPS (210-255) exam and passed by scoring 857 marks. Today I received welcome message from Cisco stating that "Congratulations on successfully co...
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  • PAgP EtherChannel negotiation - dynamically change port configurations?

    I use Chris Bryants video series as one source of material, and in his brief EtherChannel Negotiation video he explains PAgP dynamically changes interfaces in the bundle if the switch detects a config change to any of...
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  • Disappointed at CISCO

    This is a might come off like a little rant, but I just needed to get this off my chest.   Background:   I having been going to school for cyber security since 2013.  I currently have 3 A.S degrees in...
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