• Question about homelab CCNA --> CCNP --> CCNP Wireless Concentrations

    Lately, I was asking/wondering about making my home lab, but everyone I spoke with (Or almost everyone), says its a waste of money. Maybe I had some misconceptions, but I used to believe that Cisco is heavy on Layer 1...
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  • ICND2 cleared

    Hello everyone   I am so happy to share with you all that i have cleared my CCNA R &S certification successfully and both ICND1 And ICND2 in the very first attempts.   And now a Member of Cisco Family...
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  • ip nat translation timeout 28800

    hi engineers what will do if I implement this command in my router ?
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  • Cisco Three Tier Model

    @Hello Everyone, I was having a refreshing session on Cisco 3 Tier model and got a doubt running in my mind. Core Layer: The Backbone layer and is a Reliable and Scalable layer. Reliable: Reliability th...
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  • IP SLA: threshold and timeout

    Hello all,   I'm on IP SLA threshold and timeout again.   In this Youtube video 32 Path Control Using IP SLA - YouTube, Jeremy said timeout is per ping or per frequency. threshold is the (IP SLA) probe as ...
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  • Data Encoding & Data Model in 5 Minutes

    Encoding is the process of converting the data or a given sequence of characters, symbols, alphabets etc., into a specified format.   Data Encoding: is how data will be represented such as saying What is up ? ...
  • Reg Redistribution of IGP into BGP

    Hi ,   I need some help reg redistribution of IGP into BGP concept.   As IGP is unstable and any fluctuation in the IGP network would case the BGP   updates to be sent frequently to the BGP peers...
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  • switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q did not work in Cisco Packet tracer, attempting to replicate challenge 15 lab

    This is second command that working in lab environment but not using Cisco Packet Tracer.   SW1(config)# int e0/0 SW1(config-if)# switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q SW1(config-if)# switchport mode trunk   ...
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  • Reg VDC

    Hi,   Could you please help me in understanding the following:-   1. What's the Difference between Default VDC and Admin VDC ?   2. How many VDCs can we create for a N7K depends on the no of Supervis...
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  • Is the Cisco WSA a dying breed?

    is cisco focusing shift to their FTD/FP code rather than developing the WSA anymore? I imagine there are still features in the WSA that are not in the FTD/FP code. Thoughts?
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  • CCNP Study group?

    Hello guys,   If you are going for CCNP R&S cert, would you be interested in joining a Facebook CCNP study group to keep each other motivated?
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  • Cisco WLC lab practice sessions

    Hi everyone,   I am reading Chapter 29 (Building a Wireless LAN) of the Wendell's new book for 200-301 CCNA (Official Cert Guide volume 1). It talks about WLC GUI configuration with a couple of pictures. But I c...
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  • Arista vEOS image on VIRL

    Since it seems like it's not possible to add comments to the old thread with the same topic, that was migrated from the old forum, I'll start a new discussion   I updated the script that has been developed in A...
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  • the fragment table has reached its maximum threshold 16

    guys   I have internet router and I am  facing frequent disconnection of internet all the time the when i show logging give me this massage     the fragment table has reached its maximum thresh...
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  • Not succeeded on SWITCH exam!

                 Folks! How are you doing ?                I am regret to inform you  that...
    Ismael da Silva Mariano
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  • Topology-2

    Hi CLN can we say this topology is "physical star topology"  and "logical Bus topology" ?   edmond clint
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  • Topology

    Hi CLN   can we call this topology "logical star topology" and "physical point-to-point topology" ?   clint sdavid
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  • the new ccna

    hello so because of financial reasons im not going to be able to afford taking the CCNA before new one comes out. My understanding is that the new one is introducing network programming. I can find a study guide or to...
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  • FLP with auto-negotiation

    Hi CLN       if we enable (auto negotiation)feature for speed and disable it for duplex mode , is that means (auto negotiation) won`t use FLP ?
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  • Should I wait for the New Exam or try to Get the Current CCNA

    I just begin studying for the CCNA cert and realized there is an new test coming in Feb 2020. I need any advice I can get.   I worked in IT for 10 years and have a lot of experience working with Cisco devices. ...
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