• trunk native vlan

    Suppose the following configuration:   SW1 interface Ethernet0/0 switchport access vlan 300 switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q switchport trunk allowed vlan 100,200,300 switchport mode trunk duplex ...
  • vrf-lite question

    Hi all, I have the following topology:   I can't seem to form neighbourship between the 'common' router and 'voice' router. Here is my configurations:   common router ip vrf VOICE !   interface...
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  • Broadcast Address Configuration Register Bit Combinations

    Hi to all members of CLN,   I'm studying a configuration register in detail. But I came across a moment which is unclear to me.     what is meant by "<zeroes" and "<ones>" here?   Her...
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  • SCP: Couldn't perform a file copying by means of WinSCP

    Hello friends,   I tried to copy any file from a switch by means of WinSCP which results in failure.   Here is my basic configuration:     Here are some screenshots from WinSCP:    ...
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  • automatic isp failover

    Hi,       I have the above scenario ,  I wan't make use of both isp .But the problem is  ASA1 and ASA2   are in active standby mode . I can send the traffic to only one router at a...
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  • Difference MST - PVLAN

    Hello Team, Please can someone explain the difference between Multiple Spanning Tree and Per V Lan Spanning Tree. How they work and when you would choose one over the other. Kind Regards Kevin
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  • CCIE Collaboration- Preperation start for IST time zone

    @ !Hello Friends , I am located in Delhi/NCR, Pls join and help me on the preparation of CCIE Collaboration both exam and lab.   my email id is anilkusi@gmail.com   I am following Lab blueprint via Cisco S...
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  • Study Group for CCIE Collab in PST timezone

    I'm looking for a small group of dedicated folks to study together.  This could be an existing group for me to join or organize a few motivated individuals to form a new group.  I'd like to discuss training ...
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  • about wireless lan controller failover

    hey I just involved in a project that install the whole network in a resort. They requires each room has single AP and the following is the topology.   [Fortigate for NAT and firewall] <-----> [one Cisco 3...
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  • CCIE Study plans

    Hi All,   Good Day...!!   I started to learn for CCIE Collaboration, is anyone have study plans, recommended reading and videos please share with me.. Thank you.
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  • Making the Most Out of Cisco Live

    Cisco Live is an action-packed event, the one most of the Cisco user community looks forward to attending every year, where can you get education, exposure and make connections at the same time all in one place! You c...
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  • Exception occurred while invoking Autonetkit: Already connected

    Hello there, I am unable to configure devices via autonetkit an error is coming "The following exception occurred while invoking Autonetkit: Already connected". Even if I want to configure without Autonetkit usin...
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  • Difference Between ESP & AH in IPsec

    Dear All, Kindly let me know , what is the diferrence between ESP protocol And AH protocol when they do hashing and other diffrences also. Sahib
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  • PVST+ and Rapid PVST+

    Hi guys,   first i thank to Cisco for create such a learning network community, i feel happy to share my knowledge and got other people helpful thought on my question, keep it up guys     so now my que...
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  • CCNA Voice to CCNA Collaboration migration

    Hello,   How do I achieve a CCNA Collaboration certification if I already have a CCNA Voice certification?   Thanks.
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  • Subnet security

    Hello! I'm looking for a way to isolate a subnet. We have a computer lab, 30 PC's, all connected via wired Ethernet. They are running a separate physical subnet - they have their own 48 port switch. This subnet is 19...
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  • Network Engineer with Linux/Script

    Good Day,   I am looking to get in the field of Network Engineer or Technician.  I am seeing some job posting asking about Linux and/or script. So with Linux, is it like Ubuntu or Redhat, CLI?  Just w...
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  • Hi This is all about the Cisco routing website

    Hi  every one I would like to know When I search the Cisco website about the Cisco Routers exactly What is suit for my business requirements I found the Cisco Product documentation and hudge files which is very...
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  • about dns server

    If I manually set the IP address/subnet mask/default router, seems I do not need to rely on DHCP server. But how the client find the DNS server as show in picture? From textbook I only learn that we can set the dns se...
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  • Encapsulation Ethernet in HDLC

    Hi, This question originated after reading the process of encapsulation and re-encapsulation of the routers (CCNA Datacenter) Please see attached image The ethernet frame encapsulates the source MAC and the d...
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