• OSPF Summary route

    Hi,   why is showing as a Type 5 LSA type when in fact it is an IA OSPF route?     Thanks!
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    I just read from Jeff Doyle`s Routing TCP/IP VOL1 second edition, he wrote about that EIGRP has four components namely 1 .Protocol Dependent Modules 2. Dual Update Algorithm 3 Neighbor Discovery /Rediscovery 4.Rel...
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  • Question about VPSL IDs

    Hi! I'm reading about VPLS implementation on IOS-XR and I'm not able to completely understand difference between VE-ID, VPLS-ID, VPN-ID Below is the info I found... VE-ID VPLS Edge Identifier (VE ID). Each PE involved...
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  • Confusing about the rolls of PPP and PPPoE in real life

    Hi guys , I have a few questions that I'm still confusing :   1) PPP is used by Serial Interface to establish the connection between 2 points ? The most for organizations to connect their sites , branches toget...
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    What is the technical diiference between Router and Layer 3 switch why we choose layer 3 switch as a router kindly brief the advantages of layer 3 switch over router??
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  • QoS study

    Hi all,     as i'm preparing for CCIE, i reached QoS, the problem is i know 0 about QoS, i need your help and guidance to start my QoS learning, please share with me your experience and advice and suggestio...
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  • WCCP in cisco 6513 switch

    Hi Friends, I ve configured WCCP in my cisco 6513 switch for redirect traffics to content filtering engine & wccp is also working fine. My problem is that one web site is not opening through wcccp but when i am ...
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  • cisco privilege level

    hi guys, i know there is 16 levels and know we use levels 1 and 15.and know we can edit these levels and other levels by privilege command.i want to know about other levels such as 2 to 14.for example i assign user X ...
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  • How to change IOS background in Packet Tracer 7 from white to black?

    Hi. I have just downloaded the newest version of packet tracer 7. It seems like the option to change the background colour has changed in Packet Tracer in CLI. Previously, in older versions such as Packet Tracer 6, I ...
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  • Is CCNA Security harder to learn than CCNP R&S?

    Hi.  I am currently studying for my cisco CCNA. I would like to start on another certificate after getting my CCNA RS. I have heard some people suggest that it's better to do CCNP RS as it's easier to grasp than ...
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  • CCNA 200-125

    Greetings, I was wondering from where I can get self-study material for CCNA 200-125. As I have no job, so I am looking for material for free or in cheap price. Could you please take your time out for answering my qu...
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  • VIRL Installation options

    I was just watching a CBT web seminar on VIRL. One of the presenters mentioned the possibility of users having the option of installing VIRL directly on the computers. What are the pros and cons of installation option...
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  • upgrade stuck

    folks     i'm trying to upgrade a new vm install     the install was virl.1.2.64.esxi and I've applied the system upgrade to get all the updates and patches however it has stuck at the upgrade fo...
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  • IOSvL2 Update

    Hi We have been on IOSvL2 - 15.2.4055 for some time now. Support  for  QinQ, Private Vlan, SPAN and Layer 3 Etherchannel support was meant to be in the next release!!!   When is this likely to be upda...
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  • Upgrade failing

    Hello group,   I'm new to VIRL so expect a disinct lack of relevant information.   Long time user of GNS3 but thought i'd try VIRL. Installed on ESX host and succesfully had a simulation running.   A...
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  • I am wondering if i have installed my VIRL correct?

    Anyone can help me saying what do i need to look at to know if my VIRL has been installed correctly?
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  • Dear Matt Saunders

    I need to know the following :   My Marks. I am in / out Cisco CCNA Cyber security OPS. Pass or Fail. Is this course enough to work abroad , I want to leave KSA. My Email : computer_engineer2000@outlook.sa ...
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  • SITCS Exam v1.5 Study Materials

    Welcome to the 300-210 SITCS Study Material page This page is designed to help you quickly find what you are looking for by organizing the content according to the exam topics. These resources are meant to supplement ...
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  • IINS v3.0 Study

    Welcome to the Study/Learn table for the 210-260 IINS Exam page. This page is designed to help you quickly find what you are looking for by organizing the content according to the exam topics. These resources are mean...
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  • Cisco Learning Network Premium Subscription Resources

    Whether you are pursuing a Cisco certification or working in a network operations or support role, a Cisco Learning Network Premium subscription is a valuable study asset. Choose between a monthly or annual subscripti...
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