• BGP & EIGRP routing

    R1 runs bgp on the WAN side and EIGRP on the LAN side. R1 learns subnet via BGP from R0. It also learns that subnet from EIGRP via Sw3. So I have 2 routing tables, 1 for bgp and 1 for eigrp. In R1, EI...
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  • Cohort 5 - Passed SECOPS today

    Hi all,   Just some quick note to encourage fellow cohort members: This exam is much more in line with the course materials than SECFND and, IMHO, a lot easier. Went through in under 30 minutes and there was not...
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  • apic-em

    following the kevin wallace Network Programmability video, and devnet lab pages i managed to get through a number of labs, and after installs of github, python and requests i was able to access the sandboxapic success...
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  • Topic connected with Packet tracer, networking for master thesis.

    Hi all,   I am pursuing my masters degree and need to write my thesis, but having hard time finding one. I wanted to do it in Packet Tracer, so any ideas are welcome. The mentor gave some ideas of making some pr...
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  • laptop spec for gns3

    Hi ,   I would like to seek expertise advise for laptop spec for installation of gns 3.Let's say, If I will use i7 8th generation  CPU and memory 8gb for gns 3, is it enough? or should I upgrade ram to 16gb...
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  • Route redistribution question

    Is it true that when we do route redistribution, all known routes from one routing protocol are redistributed into another routing protocol?   What I mean to say is, there is no way to just pick certain routes t...
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  • CCIE - Electronic Certificate

    Hi Experts,   I did my CCIE R/S in 2013. Is there anyway to get the e-certificate online now?
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  • Active and Standby HUB DMVPN

    Dear Friends !   how can i have active and standby HUBs in a DMVPN network which ip address should the Spokes  set their tunnel destination to select one hub as active and another as backup ? what is the ...
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  • Cisco Tetration Platform Index Page

    はじめに  ・Tetrationとは?  ・なぜTetrationが必要なのか?Tetration登場の背景   Tetrationが解決する課題とその利用例   利用例毎の機能紹介 アプリケーションの可視化  ・マシンラーニングによるセグメンテーション(クラスタリング)  ・セグメント間の通信ポリシー(ホワイトリストポリシー)の生成  ・サーバ内のプロセスと通信ポート番号の見える化  ...
    Hayato Mizushima
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  • Python for Networking

    Hi everyone,   I'm interested in learning network automation using python, please suggest me some books and sites for learning.   PS: I'm a fresher to python and have a very little knowledge on programming.
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  • Static Routing | Access-Lists | Policy-Based Routing: Lesson 4: Where are the Default Routes? ‐ Task 1 ‐ Part 1

      Where are the Default Routes? ‐ Task 1 ‐ Part 1 With André Laurent - 3xCCIE and CCDE   The fourth lesson in this session continues the live demonstration and concentrates on the first troubleshooti...
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  • CCNA Routing and Switching: A Comprehensive Overview: Session 1: Digitalization of Enterprises and the Impact on the Network

      Digitalization of Enterprises and the Impact on the Network   Go to: CCNA Routing and Switching Overview and Preparation   Next Session
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  • NTLM2 and Kerberos vs NTLMv1

    NTLMv1 is said to be vulnerable to the pass-the-hash attacks. How do NTLM2 and Kerberos do differently to make user authentication secure?
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  • TELNET or SSH to specific interface

    Hi, how to restrict SSH or TELNET to access specific interface? For example, if I have two active interface on router, I want to allow access  to only one?   How can I accomplish that?
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  • Failed cyber ops secfnd

    Back to the drawing board. I'm in the global cyber ops program. cohort 5. I thought I had a pretty good grasp of the material. passed all sections with gold, reviewed all sections, watched the mentor session. Also pra...
    Frank Henderson
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  • IP summary & Static route conflict

    HI guys! I found out that if we have both:      - Static route      - EIGRP Summary We have a conflict and has precedence the static route. For example in my case I have th...
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  • New Study Group for CCIE RS-Slack

    Started a new Slack group- cciersteam.slack.com This is study group focusing on CCIE RS track with INE as primary resource for Prep,   Let me know if anyone is interested, i can send invite, currently i have 3 ...
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  • CCIE v5 Study Group (R&S)

    Hey all. I started up a new study group where we can all gather, put our materials together, come up with a game plan, and get our CCIE's. I know different people will be at various points in their studies, but I figu...
    Chaz (CCNAx2 / CCNP)
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  • MACSec

    Hello, I've started studying for CCNP Security, and I'm spending quite a bit of time on trying to understand MACSec as this subject is new to me.  I've read some contradictory information about the traffic types ...
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  • Cisco aironet 1852i

    Buenos días. Dispongo de 9 cisco aironet 1852i todas venian con me instalada por defecto, los puse en modo CAPWAP. Tambien dispongo de la siguiente controladora:      Entity Description: ...
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