• Help with setting up interfaces of 871W router for SOHO setup

    Hello all,   I have seen much tutorials for this topic but nothing has so far help get around this particular issue. I have a 871W router out of the box and I want to set up a lab at home. So, when I tried set...
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  • Ospf in tunnel over MPLS link

    Dear Friends, MY ** & BO are connected with MPLS link and static routes are configured both sides.Tunnels are created also both sides,If i will run ospf over the tunnel interface on both side then it will work or...
    created by Rashmiranjan
  • ospf priotity

    Dear Friends,   My branch office is connected with head office and i have one lease link and other is mpls link with ospf routing.how can i make priority to lease link and when it's down mpls link will take over...
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  • Suggestions: Ipexpert, INE, etc ?

    So I am looking for suggestions on what sites are worth using.   If any others could shed some light on what they have used and supply pros and cons as to why, that would be very helpful.   Thanks George
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  • WAN Switch vs Core Routers in ISPs

    Hi there,   How would you describe the functional distinction between WAN Switch with Core Routers in an ISP? (Please refer to the picture below)     I take notes, so I'd be thankful for terse infor...
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  • Packet Tracer

    Prezados bom dia,   Como não sei onde obter a informação que preciso, estou postando aqui a minha dúvida. Como posso obter informações sobre o uso (licença) do software P...
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  • Packet Tracer

    Prezados bom dia,   Como não sei onde obter a informação que preciso, estou postando aqui a minha dúvida. Como posso obter informações sobre o uso (licença) do software P...
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  • Network and programming

    I've just thought if there is any possibility to merge this two fields? Are there any positions that require both deep knowledge of network's and programming issues? If so, which programming languages would be conveni...
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  • Port security question

    Afrer reading an article a couple days ago I decided to play around with port security on my home lab, I used a 2950 and a 3560 switch with the same results. I set up port security on one port, I used the defaults at ...
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  • asa5500 and cisco2800 features

    hi guys,   would like to know what are the features from asa5500 that can be done with cisco2800 router. i have limited budget so maybe practicing some of the existing feature from asa55000 that is available wi...
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  • Just failed 300-115 because of a SIM problem

    All,   I have to say that I'm more than frustrated with the exam environment at this point. This was my 3rd time taking the exam and I failed because the SIM, Etherchannel in this case failed to function as expe...
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  • Global Unicast Address Hierarchical Structure.

    Hi guys,   Could a CCNA student make sense out this picture regarding the hierarchical structure of a GUA? What would you add?   Let me rephrase the question: Hey CCNA students! If you already know a bit...
  • What is the best way to train and study for CCNA certification and CCNP certification?

    What would be the best training tools for CCNA Data Center and then CCNP Data center certification? Do not have alot of money to spend. Thanks
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  • Failed switch today

    Ugh...Just got home from the testing center with a 731/1000. I feel comfortable with most of the material to be honest, but it's those Cisco questions that trip me up. There were some very odd questions that got me s...
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  • Reference Material for Evolving Technology section

    Cisco Press books Designing Networks and Services for the Cloud: Delivering business-grade cloud applications and services (ISBN-10: 1-58714-294-5) Understanding Cisco Cloud Fundamentals video lessons (ISBN-10: 1-...
    Madhukar: Cisco Team
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  • CCIE Written Test

    Hello all,   I am writing to gather some information about the Written test.  I have the Official Certification Library for Version 5 of he R&S Written exam.  I also have the INE workbook for the l...
    Morton(CCNP R&S)
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  • OSPF Process

    I have two routers( in GNS ) with OSPF process 1 on  R1 and  Process 1 & Process 2 on R2 having same network advertised. when I am romoving OSPF process 1 from R2, as usual neighborship goes down but nev...
    created by Faz100
  • Organising your notes

    Hi all, Mostly focusing on the Route exam topics, I've read materials and worked on labs. I have electronic notes here, hand written notes there and... well its a mess I followed the Cisco Press book, making not...
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  • Router connection to Nexus 5k

    Hey,   This is my first post in the Data Center group but I felt you guys would be best suited to help me understand this. I have a simple topology I'm working on and want to understand the best practices for co...
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  • Crashinfo

    Dear all   Why does cisco router 1841 write crashinfo in flash.it is becoming the cause to stop routing,every time i have to reload the router.
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