• API.virl

    Where can I get the API.virl file that is used in the VIRL documentation tutorial ?
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  • Urgent !!! Question on FirePower. Help !!!

    Hi guys,   I have a question regarding ASA with FirePower. Let's say I have 5 users in my company: A, B, C, D and E. And suppose for a moment, I have two PCs: and  The following tas...
    Amil Akhundoff
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  • Redistribution of default route and static route into ospf fail

    Hello guys, I have 2 cases and both of them are fail.   When i add red colored configuration into Core router 2. Communication between TDB-server and failed Communication between Internet-Server and...
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  • IP Static routes with "permanent" word in the syntax

    Hello ,   I've just read in the ICND! 100-105 book about the method with "permanent" ip static route .   My question is , as in packet tracer we can't do this exercise , do the route appears in the routing...
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  • Start the self-taught course for CCNA 200-125

    Hi, as the title suggests, I started yesterday to study from the official Wendell Odom guide (ICND1 100-105 and ICND2) as I would like to take the CCNA 200-125 certificate. I am currently a student of Computer Enginee...
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  • Link ID on "show ip ospf database"

    Hello all,   I'm trying to make sense of link ID from the output of "show ip ospf database".   Below is a topology that Mr Andre used in his CCNA video class.   I added R5 (area 1) so that R1 can hav...
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  • EIGRP Named Configuration - Available in Packet Tracer

    I wanted to practice EIGRP Named Configurations but after looking at all routers (and MLS) in Packet Tracer, I can't find one that supports any parameter except an AS number after the "router eigrp" command (in global...
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  • ICND 1: Exam Prep (R&S)

    Hi,   My ICND 1 exam is in 100 days. Yes, I am counting away. Does anyone have great study tips?
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  • CCIE/CCDE Evolving Technologies Study Guide (100% Free)

    Hi everyone,   This is a study guide for the new Evolving Technologies section of the CCIE/CCDE blueprint. This is a FREE document with no copyright or distribution restrictions, so feel free to share it with yo...
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  • Can't believe I just noticed this - NAT for v6 isn't on the lab exam topic list?

    Can that be right?  I've been stressing out about NAT-PT and NAT64 and it's not even on the lab topic list????  I'm a bit   
    Steven Davidson
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  • Interface numbers in switch stack

    Hello Guys,   I have one question, after doing some switch stack stuff interface numbers are marked with 3 numbers e.g. fa1/0/10......Is there some way how to revert it back to 2 number mark e.g fa0/10?   ...
    Matej Meleg
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  • ACI Lab Setup

    Hi All, Hope you are doing fine!   i'm learning Cisco ACI and to do practice lab i have no setup available so can any tell me how to do ACI lab practice is there any tool available over internet.   Regard...
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  • Passed CCNA SECURITY this morning feels really good!!!

    I am glad to share my joy with y'll about my successful score on passing CCNA SECURITY exam I got 942, kinda nice. I got bad score on IPS but no surprise there since I've never worked with Cisco IPS:) Otherwise, m...
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  • BGP route should be inaccessible but is not

    Dear,   I have some different bgp entries in the table for most of the destination subnets. For most of my routes 1 of the 3 entries is marked as inaccessible , because the associated next-hop is unreachable. ...
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  • Cisco Configuration Professional (CCP) vs Adaptive Security Device Manager (ASDM)

    Hello All,   I'm studying for my Security exam and I'm being introduced to Cisco Configuration Professional and Adaptive Security Device Manager.  Which one of these tools is relevant and what's the differe...
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  • Is ASA5506 required in a lab?

    Good day,   This may have been asked and debated before but I am reaching critical mass here and would like to here some final words: I have an ASA 5505 with security plus license and ASA v9.2(4) software. I a...
    Talal M. Abbas
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  • Cisco ASA 5510 which one to buy?

    Hi, all. I want to get Cisco ASA for my lab to start building VPN's and try different policies. So, Cisco ASA 5510 goes about 100-150 bucks on eBay, but I've noticed there is different version v5, v7, v9 also seller ...
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  • CCENT/CCNA Explained: Lesson 1: ICND1 100-101 Exam Topics

      ICND1 100-101 Exam Topics Cisco Press Author - Wendell Odom   Go to: Cisco Press Meet the Authors Live   Next Lesson   Join a Study Group Visit the Study/Learn Overview Page
    Nicole Pfeiffer
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  • BGP Attributes

    Dear All,   Can anybody please explain the difference in applying attributes on inbound and outboud prefixes,   WEight Local pref AS path prepend Med   Thanks in advance Srikanth
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  • I passed my ICND1 with first try - how to prepare for ICND2.

    I took my ICND1 yesterday and it was gruelingly difficult. As I worked through it I was like "there is no way I am going to pass" - I read online that you have a ton of time so I didn't have much time toward the end. ...
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