• CCIE Datacenter Written Exam

    Guys, I am looking for some good resources/books for CCIE datacenter written exam. also Looking for good study partners either online or somewhere in Nashville, TN. I am planning to take the written exam in the next ...
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  • Question About EIGRP -3

    hi everyone into this topology iam running eigrp into r1 r2 and r3 and r1 have interfaces loopbacks from 0---->9 i make this :- r1)#int fa 0 )#ip summary-address eigrp 100 now r2 rc...
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  • MPLS Data Plane

    Hi All,   Need your help to understand the different ways to troubleshoot  in MPLS network  routers data plane if it's control plane is working with no issues.
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  • Sometimes the wrong router is elected as the DR/BDR

    Good day everybody, Is it weird or normal if the router keeps flapping between DR and BDR ? There are only two routers participating in ospf: R1 and R2.  
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  • ASA packet-tracer

    Hello,   I'm new to ASA. I'm just wondering if it's possible to use the ip address of the inside interface as a source and any destination ip to test the packet flow using packet-tracer? Please explain why? &nbs...
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  • Integrating Hypervisors with ACI: Lesson 3: Demo and Questions

        Demo and Questions Presented by Joey Ristaino   Go to: ACI Training Videos   Previous Lesson
    Nicole Pfeiffer
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  • Quick question re: subnets

    Recently just got into subnetting, and been looking to practice them online. However,  I've run into these types of questions ...http://www.subnetting.net/Subnetting.aspx?mode=practice   What subnet mask wo...
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  • Which switch's support netflow

    Hi im trying to find out the cheapest switch that supports netflow, and 802.1x authentication.   I've had a look round and i think somthing like a 3560 or 3750 would support it - but anyone got any firm ideas ? ...
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  • CCDA passed

    Hi all, I passed 200-310 last week. I thought I would share the study materials I used as the OCG is still not out. I used the following and have listed them in order of significance: Designing for Cisco Internetwork...
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          Hello folks! How are you doing?        I have some doubts regarding snmp in NX-OS.       While managing an N7K i receive an alarm showing 9...
    Ismael da Silva Mariano
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  • OSPF fun on a Sunday

    Time for a little Sunday OSPF challenge in a very simple topology:   Rules and restrictions You must use OSPF as the routing protocol. You are not allowed to configure any additional addressing, including an...
    Mark Holm - 3xCCIE #34763
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  • PASSED ICND1!!!!

    Thank you CLN and OCG after 3 hard months of studying today i passed the ICND1 exam with a score of 903 out of 1000!!! on to ICND2 next!
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  • Telnet

    Hello , If I type telnet ( ip address ) the tcp destination port number will be 23 the default telnet destination port number , what if I type telnet (ip address) 80 ? what will be the destination port number ? and is...
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  • CCDA 200-310 - Cert Guide (?)

    Hi everybody, I read around the forum that someone passed the 200-310 CCDA exam, however seems that the official cert guide will be launched in June. I would like to know which training material I can use for the e...
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  • SPNGN2

    Hi All   Can anyone recommend some books for the SPNGN2 part of the CCNA SP exam? or whitepapers/websites that would be useful as well?   Cheers
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  • Weekly topic

    Can I propose that we start a weekly discussion series. Either: Monday, we post a couple possible problem scenarios and by end of the day we take a vote then rest off the week we wish on that topic/problem. Or we t...
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  • Switches stops responding

    Dear All,   I have really weird issue with all of my switches in our Company. Suddenly all the switches gets hang and i have to restart all one by one. During this hang period i cant even ping any switch. It hap...
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  • Has anybody heard of LAN/WAN Professional?

    I stumbled upon a school called LAN/WAN Professional and I wonder if anyone has any experience/information about their program & credibility. It is highly intensive which sounds like it would be good for me. &nbs...
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  • ¿como hago el pedido de mi certificado impreso CCNA?

    Hola amigos, El pasado jueves 30 de Junio me certifiqué como CCNA. Luego accesé a la pagina www.cisco.com/go/certifications/login y decidí obtener el certificado impreso, pero mi duda es..¿a...
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  • Anyone used the Revolabs FLX Wireless conference phone?

    Hi CCNA Collaboration Study Group!   I have a Cisco VOIP network and Cisco Meraki MR42 and MR26 access points for WIFI. I am looking at replacing the CIsco 8831 conference phone with the Revolabs FLX Wirelesss c...
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