• I can't access to Cisco Packet Tracer

    Hello guys,   I need your support, a few month ago, and exactly, after the last Cisco NetAcad Update and the roll out of the SSO system. I can´t access to log in to Packet Tracer.   I have problem h...
    Christian Lazarte
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  • Issue from Todd Lammle's CCNA book

    Hello, everyone   This figure is from Todd Lammle's 200-125 CCNA (ICND1 and ICND2) book. There are IPs which overlap each others. Is that right, or I'm still too weak in subnetting?   Can someone tell me,...
    Rustam Karimov
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  • Wildcard Mask in EIGRP

    Is a wildcard mask necessary when advertising a network in Class C?
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  • Joining LWAP(with static IP) to WLC(no DHCP)

    Hi,   I am using Cisco packet tracer v  I am using following topology.   |LAP|------------(ethernet)--------------|3560 multilayer switch|-----------------(ethernet)---------------|WLC| &n...
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  • CCNA R&S Study Preparation Materials

    Hello everyone,   I am about to start preparation for the CCNA R&S certification.  Does anyone have a specific resource that they found really well?  Unfortunately, I'm unable to take online class...
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  • ICND1 and ICND2 Exams or 200-125 Exam

    What is the advised best route to follow?  The two separate exams or the single exam? 
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  • Ehternet Frame type field

    Please, Does anyone know when "type" field of ethernet frame assumes value 0x1 ? Thanks
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  • Cannot login PT7.2 with my account,appear autentication with Cisco OneID

    Hi everyone   I have a problem, my situation is :     I have a netacad user, i can to access and donwloaded the PacketTracer v 7.2, from here all ok.     With i start the PT there is a wind...
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  • Netacad Discount Voucher Problem

    It's been already 27 days since I requested for Discount Voucher and until now the status is still pending. I badly need to take the exam as soon as possible please help me fix my problem. I have already contacted net...
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  • I didn't receive the congratulations email and is not listed as a certificate on cisco.pearsoncred.com

    Realizei o exame ccnp switch no dia 14 de agosto e ainda não recebi o email de parabéns e não consta no site da cisco como certificado.   Publish Credentials:   Supporting Requirements, J&...
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  • Etherchannel Configuration

    Hi,   This Etherchannel exercise is different from Lab  I found this document via google search only, so I'm having trouble to complete it because it doesn't have any .pka files. I hope someone can...
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  • Recertification on expiration date

    Hello,   My CCNA R&S will expire on August 21.   Can I take the CCNA Security exam on August 21 and that would make both of them valid?   I've seen some posts that says it would be okay but sinc...
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  • CCIE lab - dates availability

    Hi Guys, I'm trying to schedule CCIE lab in Nov month but all dates are grey out. trying to check few times in a day for last few days but no luck yet.  One time one day was available and then gone.  should ...
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  • Results voided

    Hi everyone, I just sat my CCNA R&S this month and was so excited that I passed it. After a couple of days, I received an email that my results were voided for some reason. I believe that I have valid ground for ...
    created by Lubajo
  • Configuring statically assigned IP via DHCP

    How do I assign the same IP address to a host via DHCP?   I want to have clients that gets an IP via DHCP, but I want my Cisco Router to always assign the same IP address to the specified clients every time. H...
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  • I need help in network address for me to create OSPF between router and switch

    !DLSw2 int vlan 30 ip ospf 1 area 0 int vlan 60 ip ospf 1 area 0   int fa 0/15 ip ospf 1 area 0   !Server-Farm !   int fa0/0 Ip add
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  • How to Get Cisco Networking Academy ID

    I am trying to register for Cisco OCSE 500-551 ,while i was registering through pearsonvue,it is asking mu Ntwork Academy ID   I am new to cisco ,please assist ,how can i get my Ntwork Academy ID ?
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  • New Cisco CCNP Certification

    Hi,   My CCNP certifcation has expired recently along with my CCNA.  Currently I do not have any Cisco cert, I wish to get my CCNP back however I do not want to take CCNA exam again to earn my CCNP. In the ...
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  • InterVLAN

    I need little help for me to practice. Please check my .pkt file   Trunk between ALSw1 and the Company Provider Edge (CPE) router. I've done trunking but it doesn't work InterVLAN Routing using “router...
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  • CCIE Security LAB

    Hi,   From past 2 weeks I am trying to find a slot for my CCIE - Security Lab exam in October or November, and there is no date available . Please let me know if anyone is cancelling there Lab Exam.   Pre...
    Irfan Ahamed
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