• CIPTV1 renewal

    Hi, i have CIPTV1 that is valid until the 22nd of December 2019. I am planning in taking/passing CIPTV2 before that date. Will that renew my CIPTV1 as well.   Thanks Antonis
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  • OSPF Cost.

    Hello, friends! I forget important thing about cost in OSPF. Please forgwt me. I want to do ICMP from PC1 to PC2. I want to do such Route (PC1->Router2->Router3->Router1-PC1) For this I changed bandwidth for...
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  • New Certification Requirements

    Does anyone know if it would be sufficient to only pass the Core exam to renew the CCNP certification? Now that CCNA is no longer a pre-requisite will this certification be renewed when renewing the CCNP?
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  • Issue with packet tracer lab configuration

    https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/cisco-premium.jspa atuser19 https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/content?filterID=all~objecttype~objecttype%5Bthread%5D   Hello all,   I have an issue with my current lab c...
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  • Does the Cisco CCNP Switch Exam (300-115) Currently Allow The Use of ? And Tab?

    Posing this question to the learning community since there doesn't seem to be much information recently out there on this topic. Does any know if the Cisco CCNP switch exam (300-115) currently allows the use of ? <...
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  • Errors in the packet tracer training module

    Hello to the group!   I am by no means a novice to IT, but need some certs to further my career. So here I am learning about Cisco's products.   So I am in packet tracer training module part "Creat...
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  • No CCIE lab dates anywhere?!?!

    Hi, I was hoping to make another attempt at the lab in the next couple months but I see there's no availability ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD?!?!   Does anyone know if they will be adding more capacity? It seems like th...
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  • how to simulate internet access in Packet Tracer

    Hi,   I am new to Cisco and to network issues so i'm not sure, if my question will be in the right place...   I'm practicing in Packet Tracer 5.3. I have build a network that the image shows... My question...
    Andrej G.
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  • Packet Tracer 7.2.2

    Just replaced my computer and do not want to install Java. I am running Windows 10 - 1903 and Packet Tracer   I see that the latest version of Packet Tracer 7.2.2 no longer requires Java. when I am in...
    Kevin Clark
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    hi, My name is Bahjasra and my cisco Id  CSCO13429855,, i am certified on March 13, 2019,  and in history i can see as mailed on April 3.... but i didnt received anything..... i didnt recieved the hard co...
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  • How to prepare 350-701 SCOR

    Good morning, how can I start preparing for the exam 350-701 SCOR? The CCNA Security (210-260) program could be useful? Thank you. Best Regards, LS
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  • Tshoot certification isues

    Hi there, I have taken tshoot exam 8 times but failed every time. In the exam, i have repeated questions in the trouble tickets and i selected the correct options. Did this ever happen to anyone? I have raised a tick...
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  • what is the difference CCNA 200-301 Official Cert Guide, Volume 1 Vs CCNA 200-301 Official Cert Guide Library

    Hello, what is the difference CCNA 200-301 Official Cert Guide, Volume 1 Vs CCNA 200-301 Official Cert Guide Library?      at the novice level - which one do we start with or both at the same time...
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  • Enable secret and ssh configuration

    Good afternoon,   I was trying to set up a simple configuration on a 2960, including configuring ssh. At first, it wasn't working with just plan enable password (global), but when I switch to enable secret, all ...
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  • How does packetisation happen when a packet is sent to Loopback address on a different router?

    Say I have a topo like +-----------+g0/0                          &nb...
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  • CCNP certification not showing up in Publish Credentials

    Hi   I am CCNP certified but my certification expired in 2016. Now I am applying for evaluation by ACS [Australian Computer Society] and they want my credentials to be sent via Publish Credentials.   Bu...
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    I am continually getting the below error message after IOSvL2 images have loaded.   -Traceback= 2419158z 9605E5z 989BFEz 989920z 98972Dz 9858B5z 9864EBz 98647Fz 2325CC8z 23258C9z 232575Cz 23255C0z 2325573z - Pro...
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  • Tshoot certification exam issues

    Hi       I appeared in Cisco T shoot exam today to recertify my existing CCNP certification. As per results I did not score enough to pass the exam. However I can see that there is 1 ticket repeated...
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  • Cisco Certificate

    Hello, What is the Difference in attending a Course, and getting a Certificate? Isn't the Certificate earned by attending a Course and getting the Knowledge of it?   Kind Regards
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  • Explain the Connection process for an Enterprise network using WAN service and Applications?

    Explain the Connection process for an Enterprise network using WAN service and Applications?
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