• Weight vs Local Preference

    Hi All,   In my below topology, is it possible for ONLY R3 to take best path for prefix (which is loopback of R6) via R4. And remaining two routers(R2 & R4) to go via R2 to reach prefix, this...
    Nitesh Arbale
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  • Wanting to take an cisco exam in a different country.

    Hi, I wanted to ask if I can take Cisco certified like CCNA exam in a different country. I have read the policies in taking a Cisco exam and I saw that I need to show two forms of personal identification. Both must ha...
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  • CCNP enterprise certification

    Hello Experts,   As Cisco have announced major changes in all their tracks, i just wanted a suggestion and also have a question   I have cleared CCNP switch exam on JAN 2019, now i have been preparing for ...
    Nitesh Arbale
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  • Configure two VTP domains: Domain VTP1, from which DLS1 is the server and domain VTP2, from which DLS2 is the server

    Hello All,   Four switches as shown below   DLS1=====DLS2    ||                 || ALS1    &n...
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  • PPTP Configuration Cisco 2900 Series

    Hello everyone I have an issue with PPTP configuration on my Cisco router 2900 Series In fact during the configuration, the router didn't recognize the command ppp encrypt tmppe 128  and I decided to skip that ...
    Kingsly Mbekug
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  • Question about certification exam

    I have a question about the ccnp switch exam that I failed a couple of weeks ago and it has been bugging me since. I don't want to post the question, so is there someone that I can talk to about it privately through e...
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  • Describe the sub layers of the data link layer?

    Can someone please help me understand the sub layers of the data link layer? Thanks in advance
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  • Design

    Hi guys, I'm proposing a design for 3 buildings. First Building: Core Layer must at least relay data at speeds of 120 gigabit Distribution Layer must relay at speeds of 60 gigabit Access must relay at speeds ...
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  • New 2020 CLOUD Cetrifications

    Hello, this is Simone, I'm very interested in following CLOUD certification path. I know that Cisco is renewing the overall paths: unfortunately, even if I like so much Cisco new paths, I cannot see any link regard...
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  • Students Exam Vouchers Status: Ineligible

    I hope this is the right platform to post this.   I am a NetAcad Instructor. I have delivered the CCNA 4: Connecting Networks course on NetAcad and all my students' Discount Vouchers status is: "Ineligible". How...
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  • My CCNP certificate is expired

    Dear ..   My CCNP R&S certificate is expired since August 24 ,2018 is there any way to recertificate it. I passed CCIE R&S writing paper this year successfully and during the new Cisco path, I will delay ...
    sameer al balushi
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  • Cisco On-premise and Cloud Solution Exam Result

    Hi, I would like to ask how to get the certificate for the cisco 500-551 examination. The testing center did not print any examination result. They just told me that, their will be an email for the result. I really n...
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  • Cisco Networking: On-Premise and Cloud Solutions (500-551 OCSE)

    Hi I passed 500-551 OCSE on April 4th but I have not yet received mail from Cisco to download the certificate. Please can you help me? Many thanks
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  • CCNA security voucher

    hello friends   I have a CCNA Security Exam discount voucher expaier on 24-6-2019.   I want to schedule my exam for Augest the problem that is can't choose a date for the exam in augest it has to be in Ju...
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  • Activity Wizard. Variable value check.

    Greetings! I have a question about Activity Wizard. Is there any possible way to CHECK value from variables? Like: there is 30 variants for people and depending on this variants people should pick one which theirs and...
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  • Wildcard exclusions in AMP

    Hello,   I have a question about the Wild Card Exclusions in AMP.   When i was going trough the documentation of AMP i saw a screenshot that it was possible to use a "*" in the leading of the exclusion(see...
    created by Dieter
  • 2 issues, Topology startup and Nodes going between Reachable and Unreachable

    Hello everyone, (I've sent this message to Karlo, but thought I'd also put it out to the network) I have two issues that need attention and would appreciate your assistance in resolving them so I can get onto my Cisc...
    Jerry Gums
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  • How to use customised XRv iso image in VIRL

    How to use customised XRv iso image in VIRL
    created by KK
  • CCNP R&S Renew

    Hi, My CCNP R&S is due for renewal end of the year, I don't do much networking (had enough after 15 years of it), I'm into Cyber Security but I would like to keep and renew my CCNP R&S. I would like to know i...
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  • How do I delete an object like a switch on packet tracer 7.2.1?

    How do I delete an object in packet tracer.  In the videos I've seen there is a toolbar on the right that I don't have.  I've looked through all the menus to see if it's turned off.  If I put a device...
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