• ICND1 Exam Preparation

    Greetings everyone! I am preparing to write ICND1 and ICND2 exams. However, when I am reading through ICND1 textbook Getting Started subtopic. The textbook keeps on referring to the installation of Sim Lite or Si...
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  • VIRL downloads are unavailable

    Purchased access to VIRL today and cannot access the download.   I am met with this message on the learning network page;   "New VIRL Users: If you were required to update your address in your Cisco.co...
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  • I am enrolled this week and attending online class via New Horizons, Cisco® Interconnecting Cisco® Networking Devices Part 1 v3.0 (ICND1) (ILT/OLL) (Evening) (M-Th). But I am in need of the lab material that goes with it. Anyone know how to proceed?

    I am enrolled this week and attending online class via New Horizons, Cisco® Interconnecting Cisco® Networking Devices Part 1 v3.0 (ICND1) (ILT/OLL) (Evening) (M-Th). But I am in need of the lab material that g...
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  • Recommended resources for a newcomer

    Hi all!   I bought the official cert premium guide with practice tests for ICND1. I am fairly new to networking, I've got an Associates degree in a related field but I am pretty rusty. Does anybody here recommen...
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  • Rejecting license of newly purchased product

    Failed to check licensing status: Cisco contact was not established. This may be temporary. Please make sure the VIRL server is connected to the Internet and capable of reaching the configured Cisco master. Also make ...
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  • Partner certificate

    Hi Team Our company is partnered with cisco, so they selected me to write some partner certificate to bring cisco status up. So am wondering if these are correct certificate to choose from; Select, Premier, & Go...
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    Morning my name is Nondumiso Am doing a  Advance in  Computer Network at UNISA  so am lost because when  I do my research i found  CCNA  WHAT IS DIFFERENT between COMPUTER NETWORK AND CCNA
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  • Can anyone from Cisco confirm where to find the V2 tshoot topology

    Can anyone from Cisco confirm where to find the current tshoot exam topology I understand it's supposed to be available but the link doesn't seem to be easy to find
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  • First step of CCNP Wireless

    HI, I would like to start with CCNP Wireless but I have couple of questions for you guys which exam I have to start first? where I can find good and cheap meteria? Thanks
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  • CCENT ICND1 quick question

    Hello people,   I was wondering if during the Cisco CCENT (or any exam for that matter) we are allowed to use a physical piece of paper to write notes or calculate stuff, for example some binary to aid for subne...
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  • Where to start or how can I be good at CCNA Switching and Routing? Anyone please?

    I just recently started to learn CCNA Switching and Routing but I wanted to get certified, can somebody help me learn it and how to pass certification please? Thanks in advance.
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  • Select Partner Certification

    Hello guys, I´m trying to guide a company to get the Select partner Certification, it is apparently so easy following the well-know steps, register your company, certificate trhee individuals to ge get the Cisc...
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  • Which path should i choose CCNA cyber ops or CCNA security.

    hi, I have recently achieved my CCNA R&S and I am looking forward to gain expertise in another technology and security is the one in which I want to gain expertise. Since I have little bit knowledge of security ...
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  • Narbik's EVE

    I'm studying Narbik's training using his EVE configuration. Looks awesome!
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  • IP Routing on IOSvL2

    Trying to set up a simulation for an upcoming build in our production network.  We have Cisco Catalyst 9300 with IOS XE code that will be each end of a new circuit.  Need to create an L3 interface to support...
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  • Help Needed With Cisco SG300 - Multiple Subnets

    I apologize for my ignorance, but this issue has been racking my brain for some time and I just cant seem to get it to work. I have Synology NAS with two LAN interfaces both connected to a Cisco SG-300. One Lan inter...
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  • Cant ping hosts through router

    Hi All,   I am new to CCNA and just getting started with some simulators.   So far I have been able to get some basic things working. However, I am stuck on what should be a simple set up.   I had se...
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  • Select Partner Registration

    Hello   I am a Distributor and my 2tier parts had passed the Select Exam, I am trying to register them as Select partner .   Please advise how do I do this ?   Ronen
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  • 500-451 Study Tips

    Hello!   I am planning to take the ENUAE 500-451 Exam next week, I took a course and there were a lot of labs in the course but I'm wondering how much of the actual exam questions are labs vs. multiple choice. &...
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  • What is Cisco CSI V2 exam 642-541?

    Hello, I have run across a study course on my Skillport page for Cisco CSI Version 2.0 exam 642-541. It revolves around security but I can't find an exam with this number nor any information on this. Here is the nam...
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