• Should I Start With CCNP Switch Now?

    Hello,   I got my CCNA R&S a month ago and I would like to continue with the CCNP. On the current CCNP exam's site it is stated that when the new exam rolls out, one will receive credit for the parts of the...
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  • CCNP next version

    When is the next CCNP routing and switching certification iteration due?   I assume that since CCIE has dropped Frame Relay that CCNP will follow suit.
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  • CCNA Wireless

    I am currently working on CCNA Wireless. Assuming I pass the exam before the retire date, what will be my certification once the new certifcations are live? I am assuming that passing CCNA Wireless WIFUND would be hal...
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  • DNS Server setup on Router, but hosts still cant ping using their names

    Hey, I tried to configure DNS on my Router and i am able to ping the hosts using their names on Router. But when i tried to ping Host A from Host B, it is not working. Am i doing anything wrong? As i want my PC hosts...
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  • Cisco ID Pending at Pearson VUE - nobody is able to sort this out

    hello,   I'm having an issue that on my Pearson VUE account it's saying CSCO ID is pending.   I called Pearson VUe to open a case and they said its a problem with myCisco account. then I called Cisco and ...
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  • Cisco Icons Library

    Dear CLN, Can anybody share with me the link to download Cisco Icons library for drawing.   Regards, Thiyagarajan
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  • CCENT practice exams

    I have been studying for the CCENT/ICND1 for awhile now and using the pearson test prep that came with the cisco book and doing well on the practice tests, I took the actual test on March 26th and the exam looked noth...
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  • Pearson Prep test - weird answer

    Hi , I've run into a weird answer when practicing the 210-260 exam. I had picked "The cipher" as an answer and have no idea of what a "VPN router type" is. Can someone explain this to me ?   Thanks
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  • How to become CCAI

    Good day all,   I'm searching for information about how can I became CCAI.   At the moment I work as trainer for a company who provides CISCO academy training, and they asked me to became CCAI, but I can&a...
    Jose Cabral
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  • Cisco ID pending

    HI I just booked CCNA exam 2 hours ago and on Pearson vue after processing the exam center and payment it is showing CIsco ID Pending.   Any body can advise what should I do to solve this issue?   Thanks
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  • Question

    I am currently writing my CCNA1 exam. I have written the eleven chapters already but my browser has been unable to connect to the Packet Tracer Skills Assessment exam even when I must have downloaded the .jnlp file. I...
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  • Cisco 867vae-k9 incorrect checksum error

    Hi, My router crashed and now when I start it up I get this error message:     System Bootstrap, Version 15.1(4r)M2, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1) Technical Support: http://www.cisco.com/techsupport Copyright (...
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  • dBm to mW and vise versa practise exsersies

    Hi ,   Anyone who can help me with some practice questions for dBm to mW and vise versa conversion calculations ?
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  • Exam in Test Center without Cisco ID? Only with Pearson VUE account?

    Hello, it was planned that i take my ccent exam tomorrow in a test center. they would manually book me in the system and ask me about the cisco id. I think i dont have this.   So i create a pearson vue account...
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  • Cisco ID (CSCO ID) Pending

    Hey Guys   I have just registered for Cisco at Pearsons VUE(TODAY 3 hours ago) .As i have never taken an exam before woth Cisco ,i did not have an cisco ID (CSCO ID) so i selected "I dont have a Cisco ID" .Now a...
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  • ClientLink on Autonomous APs

    Hi,   Jerome Henry says this is enabled by default, but "Implementing Cisco Wireless Network Fundamentals (WIFUND) v1.0" says it's disabled.   Can someone please confirm?   I find it strange that the...
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  • Standard Practices for Router Hardening

    Dear All,   It would be greatful if anybody could share documents/links regarding standard practices for Router Hardening.   Regards, Thiyagarajan
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  • User Acceptence Testing for DataCenter

    Dear Team, Currently, I am doing the User AcceptenceTesting for the datacenter. I am doing this testing for the first time.   If any body has experience on this, Please share with me the important testing sho...
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  • Cisco id pending issue

    Hello! This is my first time as a test taker i am facing problem while logging into my pearson account although i  have my pearson id but at the time of sign up i forgot to insert cisco id and i scheduled my exam...
    Syed Usama
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  • CCNA R&S Simulator

    Can anyone recommend a good (free  ) simulator for CCNA routing and switching?   I've just started to play around with Cisco Packet Tracer but there doesn't appear to include layer 3 switches so cannot comp...
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