• CCNP next version

    When is the next CCNP routing and switching certification iteration due?   I assume that since CCIE has dropped Frame Relay that CCNP will follow suit.
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  • CCNA Wireless

    I am currently working on CCNA Wireless. Assuming I pass the exam before the retire date, what will be my certification once the new certifcations are live? I am assuming that passing CCNA Wireless WIFUND would be hal...
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  • DNS Server setup on Router, but hosts still cant ping using their names

    Hey, I tried to configure DNS on my Router and i am able to ping the hosts using their names on Router. But when i tried to ping Host A from Host B, it is not working. Am i doing anything wrong? As i want my PC hosts...
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  • Cisco ID Pending at Pearson VUE - nobody is able to sort this out

    hello,   I'm having an issue that on my Pearson VUE account it's saying CSCO ID is pending.   I called Pearson VUe to open a case and they said its a problem with myCisco account. then I called Cisco and ...
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  • Cisco Icons Library

    Dear CLN, Can anybody share with me the link to download Cisco Icons library for drawing.   Regards, Thiyagarajan
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  • CCENT practice exams

    I have been studying for the CCENT/ICND1 for awhile now and using the pearson test prep that came with the cisco book and doing well on the practice tests, I took the actual test on March 26th and the exam looked noth...
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  • Pearson Prep test - weird answer

    Hi , I've run into a weird answer when practicing the 210-260 exam. I had picked "The cipher" as an answer and have no idea of what a "VPN router type" is. Can someone explain this to me ?   Thanks
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  • How to become CCAI

    Good day all,   I'm searching for information about how can I became CCAI.   At the moment I work as trainer for a company who provides CISCO academy training, and they asked me to became CCAI, but I can&a...
    Jose Cabral
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  • Cisco ID pending

    HI I just booked CCNA exam 2 hours ago and on Pearson vue after processing the exam center and payment it is showing CIsco ID Pending.   Any body can advise what should I do to solve this issue?   Thanks
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  • Question

    I am currently writing my CCNA1 exam. I have written the eleven chapters already but my browser has been unable to connect to the Packet Tracer Skills Assessment exam even when I must have downloaded the .jnlp file. I...
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  • Cisco 867vae-k9 incorrect checksum error

    Hi, My router crashed and now when I start it up I get this error message:     System Bootstrap, Version 15.1(4r)M2, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1) Technical Support: http://www.cisco.com/techsupport Copyright (...
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  • dBm to mW and vise versa practise exsersies

    Hi ,   Anyone who can help me with some practice questions for dBm to mW and vise versa conversion calculations ?
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  • Exam in Test Center without Cisco ID? Only with Pearson VUE account?

    Hello, it was planned that i take my ccent exam tomorrow in a test center. they would manually book me in the system and ask me about the cisco id. I think i dont have this.   So i create a pearson vue account...
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  • Cisco ID (CSCO ID) Pending

    Hey Guys   I have just registered for Cisco at Pearsons VUE(TODAY 3 hours ago) .As i have never taken an exam before woth Cisco ,i did not have an cisco ID (CSCO ID) so i selected "I dont have a Cisco ID" .Now a...
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  • ClientLink on Autonomous APs

    Hi,   Jerome Henry says this is enabled by default, but "Implementing Cisco Wireless Network Fundamentals (WIFUND) v1.0" says it's disabled.   Can someone please confirm?   I find it strange that the...
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  • Standard Practices for Router Hardening

    Dear All,   It would be greatful if anybody could share documents/links regarding standard practices for Router Hardening.   Regards, Thiyagarajan
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  • User Acceptence Testing for DataCenter

    Dear Team, Currently, I am doing the User AcceptenceTesting for the datacenter. I am doing this testing for the first time.   If any body has experience on this, Please share with me the important testing sho...
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  • Cisco id pending issue

    Hello! This is my first time as a test taker i am facing problem while logging into my pearson account although i  have my pearson id but at the time of sign up i forgot to insert cisco id and i scheduled my exam...
    Syed Usama
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  • CCNA R&S Simulator

    Can anyone recommend a good (free  ) simulator for CCNA routing and switching?   I've just started to play around with Cisco Packet Tracer but there doesn't appear to include layer 3 switches so cannot comp...
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    Hello Networking Experts,   I'm new in This Website, I want to take my CCNA Routing & Switching Exam(200-125), but I'm confused that how can i buy Voucher or Process for buying Exam Voucher, So Please Help m...
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