• Recommendations

    Now that I have passed CCNA Security what should be my next step ?   I am torn between CCNP Routing and Switching, and CCNP Security.   Anybody got any recommendations ?
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  • Can someone tell if this issue is a bug or not ?

    Good day all,   I have a strange issue with my 2960 Cisco switch. It triggered port security by a MAC address that won't exit. When I do lookup to the bogus MAC address it showed no vendor. The legit MAC address ...
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  • Need Help with Back to Back Router Configuration.

    I have two 3825 Routers and both have a VWIC2-2MFT-T1/E1 card in them. They are connected via serial crossover cable with Pins 1/2 and 4/5 being used on one end and swapped on the other end. I am not quite at the poin...
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  • Question - EXAM 810 - 403

    This exam is retired on 29th December 2017.Anyone know what the replacement is for this? thanks
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  • CCNP. lab or no lab

    I dont get the definite reason why i need cisco routers and swithes for a home lab. YES packet tracer doesnt support OSPFV3 or route maps or lots of other ipv6 stuff, but 3 routers and 3 switches frome ebay does not a...
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    Al encender el switch y conectarse via consola salte esto: May 15 09:40:03.416: %ILPOWER-3-CONTROLLER_PORT_ERR: Controller port error, Interface Gi1/0/24: Power Controller reports power supply VEE under voltage and lo...
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  • Cisco ASDM 6.2 for ASA help

    Hi, I am facing an weird issue in our environment. We have a ASDM cisco router+VPN configured in the environment.   From last couple of days, I am seeing an unknown IP (192.x.y.z) is sending no. of ping reque...
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  • CCIE badge pull replacement

    Does anyone know where or who i can contact to request a new CCIE badge pull? The one that i got in the CCIE package just broke. I want to replace it as I use it everyday at work. The Cisco online shop only has a "che...
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  • disable tab assessment items or activity results button

    Hi ,   I want to create Quiz using Packet tracer, I know how do that but i need to disable the button for Assessment Items so that the student have to complete his Assessment time or press end button, then he ca...
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  • Does any one know the big picture of Cisco Virl ???

    Hi everybody...   For me as CCNA r&s holder, trying to do ccnp, I have this ambiguity about VIRL in terms of the below, taking that I have my Viral installed over a VM workstation pro 12:   How to acce...
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  • Is EIGRP on the CCNP Switch Exam at all?

    Curious to know
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  • Help regarding VPN Tunnel with an ASA

    Hello   I have a Cisco ASA Virtual Appliance in Azure running 9.9.2 OS Version.   I configured a VPN Tunnel using VTI with IKEv2, the tunnel is up and running, however I am unable to access a resource in A...
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  • Migrate from static to OSPF multi-area

    Hi all,   I have a mid-size network. Core switch 3 Distribution switches many Access Switches.   currntly we're using static route and we want to migrate to OSPF multi-area. To avoid any down time how ...
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  • CCIE Routing and Switching as a career path? Future Prospects?

    Hi,   I just completed my bachelor's degree in Computer Science. I consider myself a good programmer, not excellent, but good. but, I don't want programming as a future career. So, I am looking into Networking. ...
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  • Subnetting principles

    can someone explain subnetting principles
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  • IP Addressing

    the University of Sydney is currently planning to form a network with 1800 hosts. As the network administrator, you have been allocated with the task of proposing the IP Address scheme using the best possible techniqu...
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  • can't ssh from the outside

    Hi, I recently enabled ssh on my router 4431. If I am on a switch inside my network at I can ssh to the internal facing interface on my router   However, when I am outside of the route...
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  • IP Addressing Setup

    universities are currently planning to form a network with 1800 hosts. As the network administrator, you have been allocated with the task of proposing the IP Address scheme using the best possible techniques availabl...
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  • Anyone in London studying for DC Lab to form a study group ?

    Anyone in London studying for DC Lab to form  study group ?
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  • Another Network Design one

         Site 1                               ...
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