• How can I setup wireless communication between two mcus on packet tracer

    I want to send/receive data between several MCUS on packet tracer. I have added PT-IOT-NM-1W-AC module on each mcu but I don't know what to do next and how can I use visual programming to make the needed for this comm...
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  • Next Test to Take

    I had passed the CCENT exam in 2015. I am up for a renewal soon and want to know what test to take next to get a CCNA. I heard Cisco changed the test structure up.
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    Hello,   could you please advise about SPLTE exam 600-212
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  • ZBFW and the use of ACL?

    Hello   I am studying zone based firewall and have googled a few things that show how to configure it but there are things left out that seem be very important.   One location was this IOS Zone-Based Firew...
    Joseph - CCNA R&S
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  • CCNP CIPTV2 - CPLL acquiring badges

    I´m taking the digital learning CIPTV2 on Cisco Premium Learning Library (CPLL) but even though I have completed 4 sections I´m not getting the completion badges.   I have acquired the medals but no ...
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  • Manual DHCP binding not obeyed

    First of all, yes I know DHCP on a router is not a great idea, however needs must.   I'm creating manual pools linked to the client identifier. Sometimes these work, sometimes they don't and just get given an IP...
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  • cisco certificate

    hi ... i have one dowte regarding cisco certificate time gap.. i have done my ccna r and s certificate on auguest 2017 ,would like to give write ccna data center in december 2017.. is it possible to write the ccna ...
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  • Recertification of CCNP Routing and switching

    Hi Chaps, I am CCNP Routing and switching certified.Earlier I appeared for 642-XXX exams after which I achieved current CCNP certification but now these exams has been retired((last day to test 1/29/2015). So can I ...
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  • Password Recovery.

    montheruk1CCENT/CCNA R&S Study Group i have catalyst 3750 switch PoE 48 . its mode button broke. and i want to recover password as well. can anyone suggest me that how to recover its password  please.
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  • becoming CISCO Instructor

        Hello,   I'm CCNP R/S since 2012 with 15 years of experience in ICT an VOIP systems right now studying for CCIE R/S. there is a University asking me to instruct CISCO system for CCNA R/S, is t...
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  • study materials

    Hi everybody.   I have a question about studying for CCENT. I am new to the community and i am trying to get my CCENT certification. I was advised to get a safaribooksonline.com account because i would have a ...
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  • router

    hi i dont how i can set internet in router cisco ?
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  • Cisco Switch Port Problem

    Dear All, I have Core Switch 4506 and i have 2 vlan : vlan 2 : vlan 10 : and no switchport uplink to firewall router My problem is : If i connect any ...
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  • Problem to saving my labs with the Network Simulator Routing and Switching 200-125

    Hi Community,   I am preparing for my CCNA R&S Exam so i bought the Network Simulator R&S 200-125. If i try to save my labs by klicking the "Save Lab"-Button i got the following failure: "Error in writi...
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  • CCNP Recertificate ?!!

    Hi nice cisco community,   Today my ccna, ccnp R/S will be expired, i tried to re-certificate them by studying and attending for CCNP-Switch 300-115 exam yesterday, but unfortunately i failed. The examinatio...
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  • What is the difference or relationship between WMI, SNMP and CDP ?

    How are these related WMI, SNMP, CDP ?
    Benson Davis
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  • Regarding CCDP

    Dear All,   need your help urgently actually i have schedule my CCDP today but unfortunately i failed with 665 score and now my CCNP also going to expire soon please help me to renew my CCNP and let me know how ...
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  • Path of a Packet

    Hi, I have a theoretical setup that I wanted someone to break down for me.  Could someone tell me what the path of this packet would be?  I would like to send data from a host with IP to a ho...
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  • Virl external telnet to console

    Hi,   Currently looking to console into to my Virl devices via telnet from work using my  public address, I have 1-1 NAT setup which translates my public ip address to my internal virl server is this possib...
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  • Trying to setup router

    Hello All I have been working on setting up my 3845 with the 48 port module installed.. Here is my basic setup Cable Modem (>3845 Int G0/1 (> Switch module (router int G4/0)>work s...
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