• cli role based to access control --parser formation

    I have defined 2 users restricted authority to access certain there .you can port security active - deactive . conf t enable password xxxx aaa new-model aaa authentication login default local aaa authorization exe...
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  • issue with points in CLN?

    I currently do not see my messages from the last 12 hours in my user profile in "reputation" and also i got no pints for that messages. Is there currently an issue with the system of reputation in CLN?
    Juergen Ilse CCNA R&S
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  • Help assigning appropiate IP subnet addresses

    Hello! I need some help assigning IP addresses to the following sub networks. The base IP address is and these are the conditions for the sub networks: N1: 96 IP addresses N2: 104 IP addresses N3: 32 ...
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  • Load balancing with IP SLA

    So I have been playing with IP SLA and found that you could have two default routes installed in the routing table at once. This seemed like a great way to load balance all traffic, then using PBR I could instruct cer...
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  • Expired CCNA RS

    Good Morning!   My CCNA RS is expired if I will take collaboration and pass does it renew my CCNA RS?   Thanks
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    Hi, I currently have a CCNA R&S that is up for recertification this year. I'd like to get the NPDEV certification. Will the NPDEV count towards my CCNA recertification, and is my CCNA a valid prerequisite for th...
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  • Cisco Security Express Exams  700-150 and 700-551

    Hi folks,   I'm looking for the exam topics and study materials of the below security express exams Introduction to Cisco Sales Exam 700-150 Express Security for Account Manager Exam 700-551   I found th...
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  • Cisco 1841 router  - IOS Version

    Hi Cisco Community,   This is my first ever post on here, just began the process of studying for CCNA R&S. So I have a couple 1841 routers handy, they currently have 12.4 IOS installed. In order to get the m...
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  • About CCNA recertification and CCNP

    Hello people.   I have the next "problem" In 12/28/2015 i pass the certification test of CCNA R&S, now 12/28/2018 the cerfification expires.   I study for the exam 300-115 and i going to take the test...
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  • IP route permanent is not applied

    Hi guys   I faced A problem when I tried to permanent an ip route in a lab environment with c3600 router it is not applied in spite of it is applied in c7200 router in the same lab   thanks in advance
    Husam Eldin Elbagir
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  • cli role basedo access cntrol parser

    I have defined 2 users restricted authority to access certain ports there .you can port security active - deactive . conf t enable password xxxx aaa new-model aaa authentication login default local aaa authorization ...
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  • Learning IPSEC Site-To-Site VPN - No Joy

    Hello Everyone   I am currently learning and practicing Ipsec VPN and have read and implemented a few configs that have never worked at all. I currently have two lab routers that I am using to connect the VPN a...
    Joseph - CCNA R&S
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  • Gigabit VPN Firewall Router for my lab?

    I have a 300mb internet connection at the house.   I am looking for the best options for a home VPN that can do a gigabit link.   I had bought a RV325 but it was awful (firmware update bricked it, took two n...
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  • BGP route recursive lookup prevention

    Hi People,   I have the following scenario:   R1: router bgp 1 neigh x.x.x.x remote-as 1   R2: router bgp 1    network x.x.x.x mask z.z.z.z    neigh y.y.y.y remote-as 1 &n...
    Anivaldo Malungo
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  • 300-115 not retired and updated.

    I took and passed 300-115 exam in 2016 and next year I need to re certify.   Can I take the same exam again ?   Surprised it's not retired and updated.
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  • Config MAC Address report to NMS ,When have the new device connected.

    I want to config MAC Address report to NMS, When have the new device connected. But i not sure the configure correct or not, Please suggest me if the config incorrect.     Switch(config)#mac address-table ...
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  • Enterprise License

    Hi Team, We plan to build a lab for education & prototyping purposes in our company and need access to IOSv and ASAv images.   Do you have a specific corporate license or buying the Personal License makes ...
    Vas Themelidis
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  • Difference between "Total Allocated BW" and "BW LOCKED" in MPLS TE CLIs

    Hi,   I am currently learning MPLS TE and was trying some hands on with the related CLIs on Cisco 7200, release Version 12.4(15)T13b.   While going through some Cisco documentation, I came across below two...
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  • Exceeded quota(s): {'VCPUS': {'available': 12.0, 'required': 30}}

    Two issues that I am having after re-installing Cisco Virl; 1. When I launched the VMMaestro 1.2.8-434, an error message appears; "Failed Authentication", I go to the VM preference\Web Services and all web services a...
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  • Default route on a stub router ?

    Hello friends, I am preparing for a CCENT certification and while training I crossed a statement mentioning that in large entreprises , a stub router should be configured with a default route if routing is needed. a...
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