• stack and hsrp connected to each other

    Hello Guys   Need your help putting this to work. Currently i have 3 location with the same specific vender networks with router-Firewall(DMZ)-L3(whith HSRP)-L2Switches The board decided that we should have all l...
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    What are the CSU/DSU?   Is it Router type or something?   Could you please explain the CSU/DSU 
    Suresh Rewar
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  • About CCNA recertification and CCNP

    Hello people.   I have the next "problem" In 12/28/2015 i pass the certification test of CCNA R&S, now 12/28/2018 the cerfification expires.   I study for the exam 300-115 and i going to take the test...
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  • Newbie Advice Please

    Hi, all, Quick intro, I am new to the networking, I have thrown myself into the deep end since Jan 2019 including using practice labs to get hands on experience, so far so good.   I am, however struggling with ...
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  • What Cisco switches employs the most people?

    What is the most ubiquitous switches that employee the most people in the USA as of 2019?
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  • Certification Renew

    I have CCNA R&S and security. It will expire in Dec this year. Can I renew it by clearing CCNP Switch (300-115) only?   Recertification CCNA Routing and Switching certifications are valid for three years. To ...
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  • question

    if we want to connect a Fibre Channel storage array to Cisco UCS What is a prerequisite: i saw in document FCOE vlan and vlan must be different but how about VSAN vs FCOE VLAN? is this possible we use the same id for...
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  • route-maps don't have an implicit deny?

    I did a lot of searches and found many people referencing route-maps having an implicit deny at the end, just like ACLs. For all my 20 years of network engineering I also thought this was the case. However based on be...
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  • cannot move from one interface to another

    hello everyone ,this is my first time to use this platform and I really hope I will get some answer, my question is as follow , I'm doing my ICND1, so now I'm doing some practice but I'm lost, when configuring a termi...
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  • Test Model-Driven Telemetry for ASR907 & ASR920 (IOS-XE) on VIRL ?

    Hello,   I've successfully set up and tested Cisco's telemetry solution (Pipeline Collector + InfluxDB + Grafana) with an IOS-XR and was now taksed with preparing the setup to work with IOS-XE devices ASR907 &am...
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  • Pass the 200-125 YOU CAN DO IT!

    I JUST passed my CCNA exam today! Im here to tell anyone who is reading this that IT'S POSSIBLE, dont give up, believe in yourself, YOU DONT NEED TO CHEAT, and most importantly keep fighting! Some background on me... ...
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  • for installation of VIRL

    could not install the VIRL successfully
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  • Network and Security Design - Study Materials/Certs

    Hi Cisco Community,   I hope everyone is doing well.   I'm looking to dig deep in to the world of network design.  I would like to pick up the skills and knowledge with network design and security as a ...
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  • Cisco 3850 USB IOS Upgrade

    I uploaded a new IOS .bin on to a single switch while it was connected to our network. I had trouble because I was using a USB for the first time, and I kept getting an error saying I needed an ip domain-name before I...
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  • Can some explain the differences between IP, access-group, and access-class?  I know the differences between standard and extended

    I'm trying to apply an access list to my console interface only allowing one management device static IP access.   I created the a named acl and it appears in the show access-lists, it's applied to the console a...
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  • Traffic Shaping Internet Traffic

    Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen,        Here is the issue that I am having. My enterprise uses a shared internet circuit for several locations. We have been getting tons of complaints of ...
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  • VTP dos attack ?

    Hello experts ! as am reading ICND2 book in the VTP chapter , Wendell Odom , mentioned that when using VTP its recommanded to disable DTP "switchport nonegotiate"  on unknown trunks, since a hacker could deny th...
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  • dynamic auto and stp

    So I'm in packet switcher and I take several switches and I link them together and then watch them elect a root bridge.   My question is how are they doing that when the ports are all set to dynamic auto?  ...
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  • UCCX Certified

    Does the Contact Center Express certification still exist, or is UCCE the only option?   Thanks.
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  • List of available images images for ViRL

    Is there a list of images currently available for ViRL use that I can review?   Thanks, John
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