• CCNA Recertification Inquiry

    Hi All,   I have a simple question that need to be clarified. I have 3 CCNA(Introduction, R&S, Security) and all of them are from different dates, January, July and December. All of them are from the same y...
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  • can we change the port number 80 to random port let say 8880 through telnet? if so how can we do

    please help me out
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  • Nat Prefix Length

    Studying for CCNA Routing and Switching, and I am on configuring a NAT. One of the parameters for an address pool is either the subnet mask, or prefix length.   What exactly is a prefix length, and how do I c...
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  • Is It Me or My ISP?

    I'm trying to get my router online. So i set a static route [R1(config)#ip route xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx] on e1/0 but I can't ping outside my network. I can ping any and everything inside of my network any wh...
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  • Real time Trouble shooting

    how to gain real time Trouble shooting Scenario   Pls guide me
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  • VPN Tunnel

    I need to do a VPN tunnel between Router-A and Router-B, so that Area0 OSPF equipment can access Server0 and PC10. Can anyone help?
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  • PacketTracer 7.1 on Debian 9 Stretch does not work.

    I'm running Debian 9 with xfce4 in my lab. We are using the PacketTracer71_64bit_linux.tar.gz file. Steps: - decompress.  tar -xzf PacketTracer71_64bit_linux.tar.gz -chmod +x install ./instsll The install...
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  • I have completed a certification on CCNA CYBER OPS. would i get the certification to home? Is their any process should i do to get it to home or they only provide badge?

    Hi, I have completed a certification on CCNA CYBER OPS. would i get the certification to home? Is their any process should i do to get it to home or they only provide badge?. Hoping for your reply soon
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  • HSRP and Telephony-service

    Hello everybody. I have some problems...   1 - HSRP: I used HSRP on the switches SW-D1 (active) and SW-D2 (standby). With the SW-D1 active, all vlans are intercommunicated normally. If I turn off SW-D1, SW-D...
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  • Setting up IP phones in packet tracer using OSPF on a three-layer hierarchical model

    Hello, I'm a beginner in networking and I am having trouble configuring ip phones in my topology. I know that for some of you this should be very easy. Can someone help me?
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  • For the Field Engineer 1 Unified Computing (FE) Post-sales engineer responsible for Data Center Architecture unif ied computing solutions and considerations.

    For these requirements, Do we have to pass the CCNA datacenter before taking these test?   Implementing Cisco Data Center Unified Computing (DCUCI, #300-175) Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Infrastructure...
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  • Continuing Education Credit

    Does Cisco count any non-Cisco training or certification towards the CE credit program?  I don't see that as of right now but was hoping the community could help push this with Cisco.  The purpose of CE cred...
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  • OTV AED Election Scenario

    Hi All,     I want ask something about OTV, I have multi AED or dual OTV on one site. Assume, the first box with hostname DC-OTV1 and the second box with hostname DC-OTV2. Ok the question is: 1) I know t...
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  • What would happen to data packet during holddown timer & Invalid timer in RIP?

    Whether data would flow between source and destination during holddown timer as how router behave during invalid timer.
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  • Printed reference for Online Courses

    I'm considering "Implementing Cisco Collaboration Devices", and signed up for the trial version. Is there a companion printed reference for this course? If I attempt screen captures of sections I find noteworthy, I'...
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  • access-session port-control vs dot1x port-control

    What is the difference between the command access-session port-control and dot1x port-control? It is not very clear to me. They seem to do the same thing.   Thanks
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  • TShoot topology

    Hi All   Does anyone know where I can find the current tshoot topology? The only one I can find is from 2010 and I don't know if it's still valid   Thanks
    Ilyas Mohammed
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  • Diferencia entre AP1852i

    Buenas tardes, querría saber la diferencia entre estos dos modelos de Cisco, AIR-AP1852I-E-K9C y AIR-AP1852I-E-K9. En la hoja de características solo marca la diferencia de configurable. Ya dispongo de...
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  • How to Configure Jumbo Frame on Nexus 7000 to UCS / Fabric interconnect

    Hii all, please help me.   I want to ask about jumbo frame, this my topology:         So, in agg1 and agg2 have port-channel 20 with vpc 20, connect to fabric interconnect. when ucs blad...
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  • Where should be firewalls should be placed??

    Mean for the best result where should be firewalls should be placed?
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