• Cisco Firepower module  (Sensor)  back up

    Firepower module is management by FMC Well i am preparing to upgrade my Sensor to new version as V6.1.0.7   Current Version as below   Cisco Fire linux v6.1.0.6 Cisco ASA5585-SSP-10  v6.1.0.6  ...
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  • Can I turn on a 4506e and have fully functionality with only one PSU?

    Can I turn on a 4506e and have fully functionality with only one PSU?
    created by George
  • nxosv9k does not show up in maestro

    Hello,   I'm new to VIRL, finally got a server that can run it. I had a few problems that I was able to work through; however, having one I am stuck on and do not see anyone else having this issue in the forums...
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  • Recertification - Expert Level Exam?

    Hi all,   Saw in the new recert policy that you can recertify by "taking an Expert Level Exam"... What does it mean? Looks like they're neither the "new written" (Core technologies) exam nor the Lab exam as they...
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  • IPSEC Identification Payload with NAT

    Hi All, I have a question which may seem a bit weird to you but it it stuck in my head. When we have PAT device in front of VPN gateway we have to use one of the workarounds which is NAT-T. But my question is in Mess...
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  • New Netacad material

    hello everyone , Do cisco is going to change the Netacad materail ? I'm so much worried because im preparing for my CCNA routing and switching .... through netacad !
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  • VIRL failed to collect salt contact status but connection is working

    This is the 2nd time I've had my UWM salt status say down - but upon analysis everything is connected to the attached vsm...please  help.  
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  • MPLS discoversy shows Ethernet0/0 (ldp): xmit, why?

    Topology: Questions: Why R2's MPLS discovery not showing "recv" like on R1?   R1 Config:   interface Loopback0 ip address ! interface Ethernet0/0 ip address 255.25...
    created by Kai
  • Can anyone troubleshoot my lab?

    The CLI for routers has a password, the only way you can change the IPs is through the configuration tabs. i have included the lab here.
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  • Sending routes to BGP routing Table

    what is the recommended way of advertising routes into BGP Network ???
    Waisudin Farzam
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  • Packet Tracer Skills Assessment problem

    Does anyone else have problems with the Packet Tracer Skills Assessment? I just took the CCNA2 Packet Tracer Skills Assessment for Chapter 7. Score: 33. (This is the second Packet Tracer Skills Assessment I have pro...
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  • No connection between PC in packet tracer

    How can I get connection between for example PC2 and PC9? Could someone help with it quickly,  got test coming soon and I realised that I can't ping PC's from different routers.   What should I put in rout...
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  • Virl images on Eve-ng giving license errors with security context value Zero?

    Hello, I added ASAv 9.8 Virl image to EVE-NG VM. After successful ASA boot, I started getting warning message as: ASAv platform license state is Unlicensed. Install ASAv platform license for full functionality. Where...
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  • VLSM Subnetting ( Packet Tracer Lab ) struggling with finding correct Serial IP Addresses

    What would be the serial connection Ip Addresses ( Task 4 ) ??? I have the Packet Tracer Lab included if anyone can help. Thank you.
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  • Packet Trace Advance Troubleshooting Problem

    I've linked the Packet Tracer file here,
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  • Issues with connectivity between 3560 & 2960

    Hi All,   Hoping I can get some help on this. I've been racking my brain on what I am doing wrong. Essentially I have an amber dot between my switches one connection coming from 3560 is green however the other c...
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  • MSTP

    I am using MSTP on my Cisco CGS2520 and IE2000 switches. All switches are in the same MSTP region. That is:- 61850_MTSP region The instances defined are as follows:-   instance 1 - vlan 420-422, 460-462 insta...
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  • Book Deals from Cisco Press -U.S. Memorial Day

    Happy Memorial Day! every major US Holiday and Some World Holidays we have special discounts from Cisco Press.     What would You buy or recommend to get? What's your favorite book or author?
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  • [Auto-RP] "x.x.x.x not willing to be RP" question

    All routers are running OSPF (r1-r9 in process 1, R6-R9-R10 is in process 2)   All interfaces in this topology chooes sparse-dense mode.   R3 is MA, R5 is C-RP.   When I try to ping from Se...
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  • As a MSP Engineer what Cisco L3 Switches you are mostly dealt with in the field?

    What L3 series switches of Cisco are more common in most medium to large businesses in the US market right now? What about other brands like Meraki, what series?
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