• VLAN,  DTP and switchport nonegotiate command

    switchport nonegotiate prevents the interface from generating DTP and it is only used when the interface switchport mode is "access" or "trunk". DTP is used for negotiating trunking on a link between two devices. If t...
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  • What purpose the distribution layer has in a campus set up if each building is its own VLAN?

    I'm working on a small project where I'll be simulating a campus network. Cisco suggests a three layered architecture (access/distribution/core). At first glance, I thought it made sense but not so much after re-exami...
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  • Packet Tracer VLAN & Routing

    Hello!   This is my first post here, as i am new to Cisco and networking in general so i hope i don't ask too many stupid questions . I am trying to learn as much as i can with the help of Packet Tracer, and hop...
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  • Status of port-channel if LACP is misconfigured

    Hi . What is the status of port-channel if LACP is misconfigured?  Error-disabled or Disabled? And why?
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  • PC/ laptop terminal command prompt not working

    Hello!   This is my first post here, really desperate for some assistance on this   Unfortunately, I can't move on with my assignment until this is fixed   This is the overall topology I'm working on:...
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  • Routing & IP question

    Hello! I have a small question regarding my networks assignment, I'm still new to networks so do forgive any obvious questions asked I was supposed to do the following: Create DHCP pools on all routers at each site ...
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  • Subnets

    Hello, first let me just state that i am a total beginner to the subject and therefore this might be a dumb question.   My question is regarding subnets.   I am trying out some " real life scenarios" in p...
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    Hi, i few moths ago a got the Wireless CCNA certification and I´m planning to get the Wireless CCNP certification and I want to start with the exam 300-360 WIDESIGN but i couldn´t find the study guide, can...
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  • Understanding Redistribute Direct on Nexus

    Hi expert,   I want to ask about redistribute direct on my nexus, this is the topology:     In box EXT you can see there is configure redistribute direct to OSPF. What I am undestanding is only dis...
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  • ccnp off ccna on?

    Dear Cisco!   My CCNA Routing and Switching Cisco Certification will expire on Oct 13, 2018. I have these valid certifications: Associate: (642-436) Cisco Voice over IP (640-802) Cisco Certified Network Associ...
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  • PacketTracer 7.1 on Debian 9 Stretch does not work.

    I'm running Debian 9 with xfce4 in my lab. We are using the PacketTracer71_64bit_linux.tar.gz file. Steps: - decompress.  tar -xzf PacketTracer71_64bit_linux.tar.gz -chmod +x install ./instsll The install...
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  • Cisco VIRL - Status check is failing. It may be temporary and resolve itself after a few minutes, or else should be fixed by resetting the configuration.

    I had to reinstall VIRL due to a corrupted VMWare issue. VIRL was working previously the day before, but since I created a new VM for VIRL, I keep getting this error message. My license info is SVsf4dXm.virl.info, ...
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  • My customer (external) is trying to download. Is there a link I can send him?

    My customer (external) is trying to download. Is there a link I can send him that contains the images?
    John Donoghue
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  • Study Partner Wanted!

    Hey Guys / Gals   I passed my CCNA Routing and switching last month and would like to start CCNA Security, I would like to study and partner up with someone(s) so we can motivate and help each other, share infor...
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  • No free Certification Kit for CyberOps?

    No free Certification kit for CCNA Cyber Ops? I got my CCNA R&S certification kit for free before, now i cannot see any free option.
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  • looking for training institute

    hi, please cant someone help me am looking for a ccie security training center eitherin Canada, Usa Uk or Dubai
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  • CCNA CyberOps Scholarship Cohort 6 not received any email

    Hi, I've been selected for Cohort 6 (April Cohort) but last email i received was in  November 2017 stating to update my profile and once again reminding that my cohort is starting at April 6. Until the date i di...
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  • understanding ip bgp summary state prefix

    hi expert,     can you explain what exactly of the value 146 state/pfxrcd from show ip bgp summary?     I know there is number of receiving prefix from neighbor, but its not same v...
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  • Connecting to the Console of a Catalyst 3750 with a Rollover cable

    Hello,   I'm trying to connect to a Catalyst 3750 with a Rollover cable I made that's RJ-45 to RJ-45 but it's not working.  I also tried a straight through cable RJ-45 to RJ-45 and no luck.  I verified...
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  • Yes i know.. Another question about a CCNA lab setup

    Dear community, I am faced with a small dilemma which I unfortunately can not find a good answer to. I hope that one of you can give me an answer to this. I am preparing my "CCNA" lab. This is what I bought: ...
    Steven Christiaanen
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