• Does Cisco sell more learning LABs than they can support?

    Hi Regarding Cisco Self Paced, On demand Learning, ondemandlearning.cisco.com   New to the On Demand training, but have done many real classes/labs The On demand content is pretty good, the labs are good as we...
    David Willey
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  • Where can I find the Cisco Terminal Installer File

    I just bought a lab for the first time and the instructions state it's on the main page.  I can't find it there or with a search.  tried google and it only lead me to others with the same question and no ans...
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  • ciso vWLC

    Hi I have installed virtual wireless controller on vmware  and it is visible on the network but the APs are not visible on the controller . AP get Ip address and i can ping controller from AP.
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  • Incorrect Answer Text in the 210-255 OCG "DIKTA" Quiz Solution - Chapter 2 Q 4

    In the OCG, in the Chapter 2 DIKTA Quiz, question 4 asks:   4. Which of the following is not true regarding the use of digital evidence?   a. Digital forensics evidence provides implications and extrapolat...
    created by Erick
  • Cisco Renewals Manager Certification

    All,   I was hoping that someone could pass on where to find content to prepare for the CRM Exam 700-805. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
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  • Why not use PPP over ethernet

    Hi,   I have very basic Doubt in WAN Connections and protocols used.   I am aware that HDLC is used for Serial connection and PPPoE is used for Ethernet connections in WAN. But my doubt what is the reason ...
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  • Can HWIC-4ESW I/Fs be assigned as to member of ZBFW zone?

    I am trying to prototype a config in Packet Tracer with the 2811 router including HWIC-4ESW module. PT says that it is emulating IOS Version 12.1(3r)T2.   I have created two zones. INSIDE and OUTSIDE.   No...
    Ron Loftus
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  • How to capture traffic on Nexus 2k without physical access

    Hello everyone,   I'm looking for a way to capture traffic on a N2K-C2248TP-1GE box without physical access. This FEX is connected to Nexus 5596 without available port - lets just say all ports are in use. The...
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  • DHCP Assist

    Greetings all,   I was practicing STP and it kind of works, but no PC can get a DHCP address. The PCs can ping each other, but nothing seems to be able to ping to the router or from the router. HSRP Standby ...
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  • Cannot connect to SALTServer

    Does anyone have any experience installing VIRL? I am getting the following error messages in Salt Configuration and status - Reset key and ID:     Failed to collect current salt contact status: Cisco conta...
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  • About Certification

    Hi ,   As I am going to write my CCNA R&S certification in 2 day, I have a doubt that what is the next step for certification after 24th feb-2020. Bcoz I want to take security certification . Can I get dire...
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  • Error when updating the config via autonetkit

    Hey Guys, I searched but couldn't find that this issue had been addressed before. I'm getting the following error when updating the config via autonetkit     thanks,   Mike
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  • Suggest New Certification for future growth

    i had my CCNP-R&S and confuse which certification next will help to boost my career and taking me to next level. In Current Job iam working on Network infrastructure [Routing/Switching,Voice CUCM,wireless and net...
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  • CCIE Routing and Switching v5.0: Preferred Bundle Extension

    Hi Everyone,   I am not able to launch Cisco Expert-Level Training for CCIE Routing and Switching v5.0: Preferred Bundle Extension, Could you please guide me how to launch this training.   Regards,   ...
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  • packet tracer pka downloads

    I just started studying for my CCNA and I am taking classes via the Cisco Learning Academy but I had to drop one of my classes.  I have a packet tracer challenge that I downloaded from the class I just dropped vi...
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  • error when accessing cisco learning lab

    H All,   I am following a course on cisco learnng https://ondemandelearning.cisco.com/ Describing Cisco Nexus 9000 NX-OS Solution. However i am having difficulties working with the LABS. I could connect one tim...
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  • Problem VPC Type-2 consistency reasons on N9K (New Deployment)

    Hi Master,   We have a couple new deployment nexus 93180YC with NX-OS 7.0.3.I7.6. We have configuring the vpc domain, and vlan database. Its like and must be same with peer switch, but i have still facing Pleas...
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  • uCCXD for V12

    Hi   Is there any comment on whether Cisco will be releasing an updated uCCXD class for v12?  Quite a number of changes.....
    tony knight
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  • CyberOps vs Security Learning Path

    Hi folks. I must preface this by saying that I have always considered Cisco Certifications to be one of the best out there for any IT professional. I am strongly considering picking up the ball that I dropped a long t...
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  • How do I display my Cisco Certification badges in Cisco Learning Network Profile?

    I'm unable to get my Cisco certification badges to display on my Cisco Learning Network Profile.For some reason it seems like my Acclaim profile is not linked with my Cisco Learning Network account. I just I do not se...
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