• How to capture traffic on Nexus 2k without physical access

    Hello everyone,   I'm looking for a way to capture traffic on a N2K-C2248TP-1GE box without physical access. This FEX is connected to Nexus 5596 without available port - lets just say all ports are in use. The...
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  • Trunk ports lit orange

    Hello Guys, I'd like to ask for everyone expertise. I'm having trouble with those 2 trunk ports from F0/2 and F0/4. If you will notice the other end of those 2 trunk ports are lit on orange, although I've already conf...
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  • DHCP Assist

    MLS1 is DHCP server and PC 1-4 get and address just fine, but I can't seem to get PC 5 or 6 to get an IP (PC 7-8 I haven't touched yet). From MLS2 I can ping everything as normal, but I can't ping it from Switch03, wh...
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  • DHCP Assist

    Greetings all,   I was practicing STP and it kind of works, but no PC can get a DHCP address. The PCs can ping each other, but nothing seems to be able to ping to the router or from the router. HSRP Standby ...
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  • IPSEC site to site vpn not working

    I am having problems with L2L ipsec VPN, as the tunnel is not initiating at all... I have ASA 5510 on the A-end and Fortigate on B-end on ASA : interface GigabitEthernet0/1 nameif inside security-level 100 i...
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  • Cannot connect to SALTServer

    Does anyone have any experience installing VIRL? I am getting the following error messages in Salt Configuration and status - Reset key and ID:     Failed to collect current salt contact status: Cisco conta...
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  • About Certification

    Hi ,   As I am going to write my CCNA R&S certification in 2 day, I have a doubt that what is the next step for certification after 24th feb-2020. Bcoz I want to take security certification . Can I get dire...
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  • Error when updating the config via autonetkit

    Hey Guys, I searched but couldn't find that this issue had been addressed before. I'm getting the following error when updating the config via autonetkit     thanks,   Mike
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  • Nat in Meraki MX64

    Hello Lovely Folks,   I want to know if it's even possible to do two port forwardings on a same protocol with a Meraki firewall? so I want to implement this Cisco CLI command on Meraki MX64 GUI, we have two val...
    created by George
  • VIRL bare-metal failed Executing 'grub-install /dev/nvme0n1'. failed. this is a fatal error

    I'm having trouble performing a baremetal install of VIRL 1.6.65 on my Dell Server.  I keep getting " failed Executing 'grub-install /dev/nvme0n1'. failed. this is a fatal error"  I suspect it has something ...
    created by Eric
  • VIRL licensing issues

    Hello,   I am running a VIRL appliance on a baremetal server but I am running into issues while activating my product with a valid license. I am receiving the following error.   [Errno 2] No such file or d...
    created by Gavino
  • Packet Tracer: Set up DNS-server for forwarding a request

    Hello,   in Cisco Packet Tracer ( I would like to have a DNS-server that aks another DNS-server if he doesn't know a requested domain name. Just like in reality.   All I found was a video on You...
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  • Re-certify CCNP before New Cert Overhaul in Feb 2020

    Hello all...   Just want to clarify... I'm a current CCNP R/S holder....until early Feb 2020....just before the new track overhaul. Is it safe to say the legacy style of re-certifying is still applicable? In oth...
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  • Difference between Topology-based switching, Demand-based Switching, Route Caching, Flow-Based Switching?

    Hi All,   Can somebody please brief me about and differences between Topology-Based Switching, Demand-Based Switching, Route Caching and Flow-Based Switching?     Thanks & Regards, S. Dada Khalan...
    Dada Khalander
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  • Certificate Recertification on Expiry Date

    Hi All,   Apologies - I know this conversation has been had a couple of times before, though I want to get some clarification as there is conflicting information. My Cisco certificates expire on a Monday, w...
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  • Suggest New Certification for future growth

    i had my CCNP-R&S and confuse which certification next will help to boost my career and taking me to next level. In Current Job iam working on Network infrastructure [Routing/Switching,Voice CUCM,wireless and net...
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  • CCIE Routing and Switching v5.0: Preferred Bundle Extension

    Hi Everyone,   I am not able to launch Cisco Expert-Level Training for CCIE Routing and Switching v5.0: Preferred Bundle Extension, Could you please guide me how to launch this training.   Regards,   ...
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  • What is the difference between the CCNA Security and CCNA CyberOps certifications?

    What is the difference between the CCNA Security and CCNA CyberOps certifications?   Could someone provide a descriptive explanation between the two? What are the driving thoughts behind having two separate secu...
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  • Questions on Recertification for CCIE

    Forgive me if these are repetitive questions but I haven't been able to search for exact answers.   I have CCIE certs that will expire circa mid 2021 (dates taken off pearsoncred and olsm). My questions are: &nb...
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  • packet tracer pka downloads

    I just started studying for my CCNA and I am taking classes via the Cisco Learning Academy but I had to drop one of my classes.  I have a packet tracer challenge that I downloaded from the class I just dropped vi...
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