• Total output drop in UDP stream

    Hi everyone. I have a problem and will try to explain it as much briefly as possible. I have a 2960 series switch which ports are all attached to different devices. All traffic is UDP because it is all video stream. H...
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  • Layer 2 extension from customer to go out our internet

    Hello,   We have customers in our building that have routers/firewalls that are connected to our cisco switches .Each customer has their own vlan on our switches so they can access data that we host for them. Is...
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  • Nat Prefix Length

    Studying for CCNA Routing and Switching, and I am on configuring a NAT. One of the parameters for an address pool is either the subnet mask, or prefix length.   What exactly is a prefix length, and how do I c...
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  • Will passing one CCNP exam renew all Associate certifications?

    I currently hold Routing and Switching CCNP but thinking of working on CCNA Wireless and CCDA. Let's say I got certified and now have CCNP, CCNA Wireless and CCDA. When time comes to renew my CCNP, and let's say I pas...
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  • Seeking Recommendations for 300-070 Study Material

    Seeking Recommendations for 300-070 CIPTV-1 Study Material. Books Labs E-Books   Just passed CCNA Collab and ready to start into CCNP Collab requirements.   Respectfully
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  • How can I configure 887va to work with Sky Fibre Connection

    Hi all,   I am currently trying to set my 887 up to work with Sky FTTC connection.   If anyone happens to know how Sky's network is configured to work and what is required to config up on my end would be v...
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  • Core switch redundancy

    Hi, school with around 800 users having one core switch 6509-E sup-720 (inter-vlan routing) collapsed core design connected to - 30 layer 3 HP switches with 10G and 1G backup links - 2 juniper WLCs 120 APs and VMware...
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  • CCIE Suspended Status - How many times

    Hi Team,   Any idea how many  times CCIE suspended mode is allowed, I have already went through  suspended mode a year back and got recertified. Now the expiry time is approaching in few weeks.   ...
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  • Cisco ID not registered - pending

    Hello every one,   Today I wanted to schedule my cyberops exam, but I totally have forgoten to register my cisco ID, now my pearson vue account is almost ready but in the Cisco ID it says "pending", but I cannot...
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    Hi, i few moths ago a got the Wireless CCNA certification and I´m planning to get the Wireless CCNP certification and I want to start with the exam 300-360 WIDESIGN but i couldn´t find the study guide, can...
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  • Shaping and Policing 1Gb Internet Link to 500Mbps

    I need to throttle inbound and outbound traffic on a full 1Gb Internet link to 500Mb.  We want to ease this in to make sure our firewall doesn't get overworked.  Below is what I have configured so far. ...
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  • CCIE suspended status

    Hi,   Can I pass any of CCIE written exam to recertify CCIE status if it now suspended? Or I must take only CCIE written exam of specified certification? Could'nt find answer for it in official resources. It's ...
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  • Certificate Recertification on Expiry Date

    Hi All,   Apologies - I know this conversation has been had a couple of times before, though I want to get some clarification as there is conflicting information. My Cisco certificates expire on a Monday, w...
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  • RIPv2 Truncating Network Addresses?

    I am trying to build this simple network in packet tracer:     I activated RIPv2 on both of the routers and added the each network they were directly connected to, to it. The problem I am having is that w...
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  • IP SLA Route Flap

    Site 1   ip sla 1 icmp echo source interface vlan 3111 threshold 2000 timeout 2000 frequency 5 ip sla schedule 1 life forever start-time now   track 1 ip sla 1 reachability route 0.0....
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  • CCNP not completed with CCNA expiring

    Hello all,   I recived my CCNA R&S certification Sep 27, 2013. Successively i enrolled in CCNP R&S. On Jan 15, 2015 i got the CCNP Route certification that re-enable my CCNA untill 15/01/2018. I still hav...
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  • Misconfigured Network devices ISE and AAA config

    As many have found, there is an issue with ISE and it constantly reporting " 12929 NAS sends RADIUS accounting update messages too frequently NAS sends RADIUS accounting update messages too frequently Verify NAS con...
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  • Question on Access Lists

    access-list 135 deny tcp eq 20 any access-list 135 deny tcp eq 21 any   I don't understand what this does. Is it the same as: access-list 135 deny tcp 0.0.0....
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  • Question regarding emeritus, active, suspended?

    Hello, All   I have question regarding emeritus, active, suspended.   My CCIE was valid and active until Oct 8, 2017. I was also recognized as emeritus since 2014 and joined to emeritus.   I hasn't t...
    James Ko
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  • when I see Output drops on an Interface or the drops from the server that is connected to the interface or are they from the network to the server?

    when I see Output drops on an Interface or the drops from the server that is connected to the interface or are they from the network to the server?
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