• Packet Tracer 7.1.1 with Ubuntu 16.04 and higher

    I have Packet Tracer on Windows but I wanted to try it on my Linux workstation.   I could not get it to start and found an answer on Stack Exchange: Cisco Packet Tracer 7.1 won't start - Ask Ubuntu   In s...
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  • Internet line vs leased line vs frame relay vs atm vs mpls

    Why do we look for MPLS or frame relay when IPSec can serve the purpose for it ?
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  • Routing and Switching value

    If everything is going to software based. So what will be the value of routing and switching in near future? Do network engineer loose jobs in future if they only did CCNA, CCNP and CCIE routing and switching? and is ...
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  • IPv6 FF02::1 and FF02::2

    Hi, As per documentation :   FF02::1 is all node address to reach out all nodes in the same link FF02::2 is all routers to reach all routers on the same link.   What is the differenve between all nodes a...
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  • Can I ask when I can select sessions for Cisco Live US 2018?

    Just wonder when can I go ahead to schedule my sessions for Cisco live 2018? It only shows scheduler is opening for NetVets but when will it open for other registered attendees?   Thanks, /S
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  • Connecting a Cisco IP phone to a switch or router, cable type.

    Preface: I understand that nearly all modern network devices support Auto-MDIX.   Speaking strictly academically, and if we are working in a lab environment where Auto-MDIX is disabled,   1) If I connect a...
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  • StackWise 480-Gbps - ACTUAL throughput

    Hi,   I was recently questioning a colleague of mine (CCIE level) why he chose a pair of Nexus switches as the core with 2x aggregated (VPC) 40GbE links between, instead of say a few stacked 3850 switches with 4...
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  • RP/0/RSP0/CPU0

    On the ASR9K I always see: RP/0/RSP0/CPU0 or something like that.  Not sure what an RP is.  What does all of it mean?  I saw rack/slot/module but I'm now sure how that works.  Are there virtual rou...
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  • Certificate Recertification on Expiry Date

    Hi All,   Apologies - I know this conversation has been had a couple of times before, though I want to get some clarification as there is conflicting information. My Cisco certificates expire on a Monday, w...
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  • What are the best self-study materials to pass 200-125?

    Hello Community,   I'm looking for the best , most accurate study materials to pass CCNA 200-125. I previously passed the older version of the CCENT exam using Wendell Odom's book. Recently I've attempted to pas...
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  • How to verify boot image from 2 of the available

    Anyone please help me how to confirm or the command to confirm that from which image file my Cisco switch will boot after reload if I have 2 images available in flash ?
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  • the CCNP V6

    hello , can someone give me the CCNP V6 previous version link on Netacad please example: https://static-course-assets.s3.amazonaws.com/............/ en/ index.html   and thank you for your answer
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  • redundancy-Switch

    Hi all   I have two catalyst 9407, and I want to make one of them (active) and the other (standby). which technology is recommended ??
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  • CCNA CyberOps Scholarship Cohort 6 not received any email

    Hi, I've been selected for Cohort 6 (April Cohort) but last email i received was in  November 2017 stating to update my profile and once again reminding that my cohort is starting at April 6. Until the date i di...
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    Hi, i few moths ago a got the Wireless CCNA certification and I´m planning to get the Wireless CCNP certification and I want to start with the exam 300-360 WIDESIGN but i couldn´t find the study guide, can...
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  • VIRL to test Cisco Nexus Data Broker?

    Hi All, I'm trying to get some hands-on with Cisco Data Broker.   https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/net_mgmt/xnc/nexus_data_broker/nexus_data_broker_embedded/deployment_guide/b_Nexus…   However,...
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  • What is the best path for CCNA Certification?

    I have been looking online and it is a bit overwhelming to even know where to begin. I am looking for help and pushes in the right direction. I'd like to know what study course material is best for CCNA (routing and s...
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  • Did anybody passed CCIE R&S Lab by only using simulator?

    I wonder if you passed CCIE R&S lab without any real device! Is that possible?
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  • Cisco switch 3560 Can't POST

    I have a Cisco Switch 3560 Switch configured remotely. Was rebooted and after reboot the Syst LED is Sold Green only and all other leds is off appreciate your support
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  • CCNP certification question

    Hello ,   I took my CCNP route exam on 28 April 2015 , So from my understanding I have to finish both Switching and TSHOOT exams before 27 April 2018 , I booked my Switching Exam on 7 April 2018 ,   So My...
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